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 The internet has significantly impacted our lifestyles. Be it in the way we shop or the way we learn, the internet has always been there to make life simpler and easier. Talking about making life simpler and easier, the internet has now made inroads into the television space with internet protocol television (IPTV).

IPTV is the latest among the digital TV transmission. Initially, only a handful companies in India provided this service. However, with the increase in broadband penetration, newer companies such as Airtel have also started IPTV services.

We all have seen advertisements along the highway or during the commercial breaks, informing about the quality and great features of Airtel’s IPTV service. We got a chance to experience this service and tell you about the pros and cons of this service. Here goes.

First, the Airtel IPTV service is not available everywhereAt the end of reading this review although many people would want to get this service, they may not be able to. 
Installing this is a simple 30 minute to an hour’s process, because it involves cabling work. The installation personnel drill holes in your walls, but fortunately after the installation all the cables were nicely tied up and nailed to a corner of a wall. 

IPTV setup is no different than a broadband connection setup, and the modem that accompanies it is Wi-Fi enabled. If you have more than two computers or notebooks in your house, you will not have to invest more for other hardware.

Features and performance
The good part about Airtel’s service is the performance part. Unlike BSNL and MTNL, Airtel IPTV is better and gives fewer problems. When talking about internet speed, unlike others, the TV quality is not affected by your internet usage. 
As far as features go, this IPTV service is a mixed bunch – with some good, bad and ugly features. 
The good: It features time-shift TV, along with having up to 130 channels and you can also order food while enjoying your pay-per-view movies.
The bad: It has limited number of channels. However, Airtel promises to add more to the bouquet.
The Ugly: Time Shift TV works only for a meagre 16 channels in total.

The initial cost would be Rs. 4,000. This includes installation charges. You will then be charged based on the plans which are:
1.Magic @ home Rs. 999: 135 channel IPTV, 256 kbps internet unlimited download plus landline phone
2.Interactive Combo Rs. 599: 117 channel IPTV, 256 kbps internet 2.5-GB download limit
3.Premium Pack Rs. 399: 135 channel IPTV (Available as an upgrade for current broadband and landline users)

Summing it all up, Airtel IPTV has an edge over the others. However, at the same time it cannot be considered to be completely flawless. This service is basically meant for those who are looking for an all-in-one solution for their TV, Internet and landline phone usage. Although the price for this service might become a restricting factor for people to not use this service. 

Finally, Airtel IPTV offers good features and performance but if it were to be popular in a country like ours then we would suggest Airtel to seriously reconsider pricing and add more channels that people would like to watch.

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