WhatsApp to drop support for Blackberry 10 OS, Windows Phone 8.0 on December 31

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 26 Dec 2017
WhatsApp to drop support for Blackberry 10 OS, Windows Phone 8.0 on December 31
  • WhatsApp will not be supported on devices running Windows Phone 8.0, Blackberry 10 OS, and Nokia S40 starting 2018.

WhatsApp has announced that it will cease support for Blackberry 10 OS, Windows Phone 8.0 and Nokia phones running on Symbian 40 OS starting December 31, 2017. The app will also stop working on devices running Android 2.3.7 and older after February 1, 2020.


WhatsApp, in its ‘support for mobile devices’ page, said, “Because we will no longer actively develop for these platforms, some features may stop functioning at any time.” Earlier, the company had extended support for Nokia S40 and S60, after ending it for both back in 2016. WhatsApp finally stopped supporting Nokia smartphones running on Symbian 60 operating system after June 30, 2017, and as mentioned above, will stop working on Nokia Symbian 40 smartphones starting next year. 

WhatsApp said that users who are still using the app on the aforementioned unsupported operating systems should be “upgrading to a newer OS version, or to a newer Android running OS 4.0+, iPhone running iOS 7+, or Windows Phone 8.1+  to continue using WhatsApp.” The app also stopped working on Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7, and iOS 6 operating systems back in 2016.

WhatsApp recently unveiled WhatsApp Business, a standalone app which can be installed and used alongside the regular WhatsApp application. The company had published new FAQs on its website which shed some light on how verified and unverified business accounts would be distinguished on the WhatsApp Business app. As per the FAQ, profiles of contacts using a business account will display a Verified, Confirmed or a Business Account badge supplemented with a green and a grey question mark badge respectively. You can read more about the WhatsApp Business app here.

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