WhatsApp to add Call Back, Zip sharing and Voicemail

By Nithya Palaniyappan | Updated 29 Apr 2016
WhatsApp to add Call Back, Zip sharing and Voicemail
  • According to a report by Phoneradar, WhatsApp for iOS and Android will soon get Call Back, Zip sharing, and Voicemail features

On Wednesday, Phoneradar reported that WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, will add more features in the coming weeks. WhatsApp has recently added new features including end-to-end encryption and file sharing features. Undoubtedly, the aim is to provide an all-inclusive service platform to users. On this note, Facebook-owned WhatsApp will soon have ‘Callback’, Zip sharing and Voicemail features.


WhatsApp for iOS and Android will soon get a ‘call back’ feature. This enables users to call back people with one tap, without having to open the app. The button will appear in the notification panel, next to the WhatsApp missed call notification. 

The new Voicemail feature will enable users to record and send voicemails to contacts, which will show up even when the user is on a WhatsApp voice call. In addition, this feature will allow to record and share ‘in-call audio’.

Lastly, after allowing users to send PDFs, DOCs, Sheets and Slide, WhatsApp will soon have a zip file sharing feature. Zip files are compressed folders that compress large files, and this will make WhatsApp more versatile. Alongside these, the much anticipated video calling feature might turn up in the next update, starting with iOS devices.


At present, there is no news on when exactly WhatsApp will roll out these new features, but we may expect them soon.


Nithya Palaniyappan

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