'Tappd' helps you find apps that you really need on your iPhone

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 7 May 2014
'Tappd' helps you find apps that you really need on your iPhone
  • A Melbourne based designer has developed an app that helps users discover new apps in case you get bored with your old apps on their iPhones.

Tappd helps you discover new apps from the one million apps on the Apple app store. The app lets users select topics of interest, such as books, finance or sports, and get recommendations from mobile app experts, friends and other users of that app.


There are over a million apps in the Google Play Store, Apple app store and Windows store and it becomes difficult for people to find what they are looking for. According to global information and measurement company Nielsen, people discover new apps through their friends and family's recommendations. However this is very difficult for new apps that are not so popular to surface.

The first time you run Tappd, you will be asked to select app categories based on your interest, and the app will then give recommendations based on your interests. Users will be able to view recommendations as they see which apps others are using. You can also leave a little mini review after you have used the app for others. The app has been launched for iOS for now and is expected to be launched on Android and Windows stores soon.

David Duncan, co-founder of Tappd said: "It changes the discovery process away from what's being downloaded the most to what friends, experts and people with the same interests are talking about right now. As many apps are now free, it's not about the price of the app, but the time you have to invest," he noted. "I don't want to invest a lot of time into an app and find out it's not right for me.


Apps social is another app that works the same way for Windows Phone and gives you recommendations from friends. Another web and Android app called Quixey lets you search for apps based on what they are trying to do. So searching for “book a flight” yields apps relating to your query. Quixey lists apps from Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry apps.

Source: CNET

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