Show off your style with Snapchat’s new Bitmoji drop with Adidas

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 06 Dec 2022 19:30 IST
  • Snapchat has launched its first-ever Bitmoji drop with Adidas

  • You can dress up your Avatar in exclusive items from the “Into the Metaverse” collection.

  • To wear the new jacket, you need to pay 250 Snap Tokens.

Show off your style with Snapchat’s new Bitmoji drop with Adidas
Show off your style with Snapchat’s new Bitmoji drop with Adidas

Snapchat has announced that it has partnered with Bitmoji and Adidas to bring an exciting experience to users who want to show off their fashion sense. Snapchatters can use Tokens in order to claim track jackets that are a part of the exclusive “Into the Metaverse” collection. The feature will let you unlock different clothing options to show off your style, and will bring a more significant level of personalisation to the Bitmoji and Snapchat experience. 

More about Snapchat’s new Bitmoji and Adidas drop 

Talking about this feature, Lakshya Malu, the interim head of Snap Inc India, said "Indian Snapchatters love engaging with their Bitmoji avatars. Today we are thrilled to introduce this first-of-its-kind Bitmoji Drop in partnership with Adidas and introduce new and cool ways Snapchatters can express themselves. Unlocking new Bitmoji Fashion experiences presents an exciting opportunity for Snapchatters to get access to exclusive digital fashion and express their unique digital identity, and a new frontier for innovative brand partnerships at Bitmoji scale.",

Erika Wykes-Sneyd, Vice President of the Adidas /// studio (The Three Stripes Studio), said "In November Adidas launched its first-ever collection of wearable NFTs to meet our community's desire for profile picture styling. This represents a new product category called 'Virtual Gear'. Today, in partnership with Snapchat, we add to a growing collection of virtual styling with the opportunity for anyone to style their Bitmoji with the Adidas "Into The Metaverse" (ITM) track jacket to flex their three-stripe life virtually.",

How to get your Bitmoji to wear the new jackets? 

To start donning track jackets from the “Into the Metaverse” collection, all you need to do is tap the Bitmoji avatar. A drop-down banner will appear, showing the Adidas collection. Tap on that and select the outfit that you want to wear. To claim the jacket, you need to pay 250 Snap Tokens. You can buy Snap Tokens from the Token Shop on Snapchat. 

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