Microsoft to launch Outlook web app for Android

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 2 Apr 2014
Microsoft to launch Outlook web app for Android
  • The new app will help Android users to organize their inbox and keep it tidy.

Microsoft has announced a new Outlook Web App for Android. The company stated the announcement in a blog post but did not provide an exact release date. The Outlook Web App would let users experience all of the Microsoft Office 365 features including three new, 'Clutter', 'Enhanced Document Collaboration', and 'Groups' features. The Outlook Web App has already been available for iOS users since July 2013.


According to the blog post, Clutter will allow users to clear unwanted emails. "People need a simple - but accurate - way to manage the high volume of email messages they receive. There should be a way to separate out the unimportant items from important ones without having to set up and manage large numbers of inbox rules... which can get complicated very quickly," states Microsoft's Steve Chew in the blog post.

Users can also change the settings and mark some emails as important which will show up as top priority in the mailbox. Enhanced Document collaboration "includes full integration with OneDrive for Business, allowing you to easily share files stored in the cloud as attachments in your email."

The Office Online feature, offers direct email integration, and will let users "view and edit documents side-by-side with the original email conversation." The app also offers improved Group collaboration and now users can perform "real time co-authoring" using Microsoft Office Online. The blog post adds that, "Images are also shown in this same side-by-side view, allowing you to read the contents of the email as you browse the pictures you've received." The Outlook Web App Groups are Public in default but can be made private through settings.


Microsoft stated, "We're really excited to deliver these enhanced email and collaboration experiences in Outlook Web App and across mobile devices. We're bringing an entirely new way to think about email as a continued enabler to how people get work done whether in the office or on the go."

Last week Microsoft unveiled its suite of Office apps for iPad along with some new features. The latest update for Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone and Android, makes editing Office files free for 'home use'.


Source: Microsoft

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