Instagram Reels’ Duration Rises To 90 Seconds Along With Other New Features

Instagram Reels’ Duration Rises To 90 Seconds Along With Other New Features

Instagram users can add interactive stickers to the Reels.

Instagram Reels are gaining polls, quizzes, emoji sliders, and the option to add your own audio.

But the biggest Instagram news is that Reels can be recorded for up to 90 seconds now.

Instagram, in an attempt to improve user engagement and creator expression, has added a raft of new options to its Reels feature. The latest Instagram update, for one, increases the Reels duration to 90 seconds from the previous limit of 60 seconds. And while Instagram creators will get more time to express their creative intent, the users will have a larger piece of content to consume. But, that’s just one of the many new features available on the latest Instagram update. Here’s all there’s new on Instagram Reels—

Top 5 New Instagram Reels features in 2022

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1. 90 seconds Reels: Instagram Reels can last up to 90 seconds or one and a half minutes. This was previously 60 seconds. So now, you can create longer Reels. Nowhere close to the current Tiktok duration of 10 minutes, but the Meta brand is getting there. 

2. Polls: These new stickers on Reels will allow you to get your audience’s opinion on any question or topic you float.

3. Emoji Slider: You can gauge how the audience are liking your content through an emoji slider.

4. Quizzes: For more viewer engagement, you can post a quiz on the Reels now.

5. Templates: It is a feature that lets you repurpose an older Reel format, but with newer material. 

All these new features of Reels are rolling out to Instagram users from June 2, 2022. So, check out the latest Instagram Reels and try to make your own Reels on Instagram now with these features.

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Besides these, there are other new Instagram features introduced recently like Suggested Reels, Instagram video clipping tools, Instagram Audio sync, scheduling reels from desktop, Amber Alerts, and a new typeface. 

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