Google rolls out The Feed in India, adds support for Hindi

By Prasid Banerjee | Updated 8 Sept 2017
Google rolls out The Feed in India, adds support for Hindi
  • The Feed is Google's take on the News Feed, and it's available through the Google app. It starts rolling out in India today.

Google’s take on the news feed, known simply as “The Feed”, is being rolled out to users in India right now. The company first announced The Feed in December last year, and brought it to global markets in July this year. Today, The Feed is being rolled out to users in India, with support for Hindi. So, the Google app will now be showing you cards about news, sports, music, videos etc. in both English and Hindi. The choice of language will of course depend on the user using The Feed.


The Feed shows information based on the user’s interest, which Google acquired from various sources. In addition, you will see a “Follow” button in search results, that tells the company’s machine learning algorithms that you’re interested in a particular topic. The Follow button is essentially Google’s version of Facebook’s “Like”, though the Search giant doesn’t have alternatives to Facebook’s “See First” option just yet. It’s possible that Google’s machine learning algorithms already have a way of determining just how interested you are on a particular topic.

The Feed also takes trends into consideration, which is again based on the user’s interests and location. Further, for each card The Feed presents you, there will also be related links, so as to cover different viewpoints and sources.

The feature will be rolling out to Indian users from today, although it’s likely to be a phased rollout, and may take a few days to get to you.

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