Google Maps update lets you hail Uber cabs from app

By Karthekayan Iyer | Updated 16 Jan 2017
Google Maps update lets you hail Uber cabs from app
  • Google Maps will now help you start and finish a ride from within the app

Google is making it easier to hail an Uber from Google Maps with the new update. The latest version of Google Maps being rolled out for Android and iOS starting today offers an option to request an Uber within the app.


Earlier, Google Maps would show price estimates for Uber but the request process had to be finished from the Uber app. With the new update, Google Maps becomes the one stop shop for both checking directions as well as hailing the cab. In the latest version of Google Maps, users only need to fill their Uber account details which automatically pulls up payment and other account details.

Google Maps' new ride sharing section is being called as ride services and it is essentially aimed to set your next ride from start to finish. The updated ride services section shows an on-screen map with listing of nearby cabs. It is not clear whether the option is also applicable for Ola.

Uber also recently introduced an updated app with quick shortcuts to frequent destinations. The updated version of Google Maps makes the Uber app almost redundant by integrating features within the app.

Karthekayan Iyer

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