Google Lens now rolling out to all Android users in Google Photos, iOS rollout to begin soon

By Adamya Sharma | Updated 7 Mar 2018
Google Lens now rolling out to all Android users in Google Photos, iOS rollout to begin soon
  • Google Lens was earlier available to only Pixel users. The feature will now be available to all Android users who use Google Photos. Google has also promised that the feature will roll out to iOS users soon.

Google Lens, a feature which allows users to recognise and bring up information about objects, places and images as well as scan business cards, will be rolling out to all Android users within the Google Photos app. Google has made the announcement via the Google Photos twitter handle and has also said that Lens will rollout for Google Photos on iOS soon.


Earlier, Google Lens was only available to users of Pixel smartphones, but Google has now made it available more widely. Lens on Pixel phones also functions with Google Assistant on Pixel devices, but this functionality is still not available for all Android users.

Google Lens can currently understand and recognise many different objects like text, landmarks, art, books, movies, and barcodes. It also lets users connect to a Wi-Fi network by scanning the password at the back of a Wi-Fi router.

While Google Lens is available on Google Photos, it also works with Google Assistant. The Google Assistant an icon on the bottom-right corner, tapping which opens up the Google Lens camera viewfinder. Tapping the screen in the Viewfinder freezes the view and Google Lens begins searching for the object, address or place in view. The results are then displayed as cards on a carousel along with links to perform a web search, open other apps, and more.

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