Facebook updates and renames its iOS camera app

By Kul Bhushan | Published on 13 Jun 2012
Facebook updates and renames its iOS camera app

Amid reports of Facebook and Apple strengthening their partnership, the social networking website has updated its standalone iOS camera app to version 1.0.2 . The update brings in a new screen name for the app which involves inclusion of a bullet point. Apart from new name, the update is said to bring more reliable uploads.

It's learnt that when Facebook released its standalone camera app last month, it appeared with a screen name - “Camera.”. Apple's own built-in camera app also has “Camera.” screen name. To distinguish its app from the iOS camera app, Facebook rolled out the update, which gives the app a new name - “Camera•”.

Other upgrades that the app brings include detailed information of location services; though Facebook says the app works better when the location services are turned off. The update also fixes quite a few bugs that caused multiple posts on Timeline. After the update, the photos appear in an arranged manner.

Facebook had launched its standalone camera-app last month, which allowed users to add Instagram-like filters and post multiple images from their phone, among other features. The application also has a newsfeed, similar to the full-fledge Facebook app, but focusses on friends' photos.

Users can like or comment on friends' pictures through the app, like one would do on full-fledged Facebook. The app also has a “Me” tab, which shows pictures in which you are tagged. To know more about Facebook's camera app, click here.

Source: Engadget

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