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Facebook launches 'Facebook Camera' app with Instagram-like features

By Kul Bhushan | Published on 25 May 2012
Facebook launches 'Facebook Camera' app with Instagram-like features

Well, it looks like Facebook has started reaping benefits of its $1 billion take over of Instagram. The social networking giant has announced a similar app of its own called “Facebook Camera”. Launching initially for the Apple App Store, Facebook App helps you filter and post multiple pictures from a phone, similar to what Instagram does.

Facebook in a statement said “Facebook Camera” makes using Facebook photos much easier and faster. The app features a newsfeed focussing on photos of your friends on the social networking. You can also “Like” and “Comment” on the pictures through the app – like you can do on the Facebook website. The “Me” tab shows all the pictures in which you have been tagged.

Tap the filmstrip row of photos on the top bar to access photos on your mobile phone. The row will expand to display all available images. To post on the social network, all you need to do is tap the image. The app also allows you to post multiple pictures to a single post. If you want to take a new photo and directly post to the site, click the camera icon on the top left of the application.

The Instagram-styled application has a range of photo editing features, including photo cropping and photo filters.To know more about the new Facebook app, click here.

Facebook Camera app lets you share multiple photos

Earlier this month, the social networking giant had added “photo filter” feature to one of its mobile applications, Every Phone. Like the Facebook Camera app, Facebook For Every Phone can now users tweak their photos into Black & White and Sepia.

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