Apple announces Apps and Games of the Year along with best of 2017 top charts for iOS

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 8 Dec 2017
Apple announces Apps and Games of the Year along with best of 2017 top charts for iOS
  • Apple has released its list of the top apps and games for iPhones and iPads, for the year 2017. Take a look

Apple has announced the top charts for the most popular apps and games of 2017 for iOS. The company has also announced the app and game of the year. The top charts mention apps and games for both India and the US. Let’s start with the list tailored for India. 


iPhone App of the Year: Enlight Videoleap
Enlight Videoleap is a video editing app which allows users to take cut and combine clips and also comes with some high end editing features. 

iPhone Game of the Year: Splitter Critters
The game is based on guiding some “Critters” back to their spaceship by splitting the current level into 4 parts and rearranging them.

iPad App of the Year: Affinity Photo
The app is a photo editing tool which allows users to work with layers, filters, masks, effects and more. 


iPad Game of the Year: Old Man’s Journey
As per the game’s description, the game designed for iPad takes players through an old man’s life which is depicted through beautiful vignettes of his memories. One needs to solve puzzles and work around the landscape to create “the old man’s path forward.”

For the US, the 2017 iPhone Game of the Year and the 2017 iPad app of the year is same as above. The iPhone App of the Year for US is Calm, whereas the iPad Game of the Year was taken home by The Witness. You can take a look at the complete list of top apps charts for India here and top games charts here.  Google recently announced its "Best of 2017" list mentioning the top apps, games, movies, books, and music on the Play store for 2017. You can check them out here

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