A quick look at the benefits of Airtel Wi-Fi Calling

A quick look at the benefits of Airtel Wi-Fi Calling

The modern smartphone is a miracle of technology. It’s a camera, music player, multimedia player, and other useful technologies rolled into one. In fact, it almost too easy to forget that the main job of a smartphone is to be a phone. As such, telecom companies are doing their bit to ensure that users enjoy a seamless calling experience with high voice clarity on both ends of the call. As such, operators like Airtel started started harnessing the power of 4G LTE to improve the quality of voice calls, and hence we got VoLTE, or Voice Over LTE.

However, telecom operators do not plan on simply stopping at VoLTE and are in fact building upon it. This is how we’ve come to VoWiFi. As the name suggests, Voice Over Wi-Fi will use Wi-Fi connectivity to help make the call. While there are apps that use an internet connection to make the call, they need the call to be made through the app itself. VoWiFI would use the phone’s own dialer to make the call. So users do not have to download any specific app. Airtel has now started rolling out VoWiFi services it calls, Airtel Wi-Fi Calling. Here are a few ways it can benefit consumers.

Improve indoor connectivity

Voice quality indoors can be lower than outdoors simply because there are too many physical barriers for the radio waves to pass through. Since most people already have Wi-Fi connectivity setup in their homes or offices, Airtel Wi-Fi Calling can help ensure improved voice quality indoors. 

Faster call connection

Unlike traditional calls, Airtel Wi-Fi Calling promises faster call connections. This means that users don’t have to wait too long for a call to be made. This means they can spend less time waiting for a call to connect which can be vital during an emergency. 

HD voice quality   

VoWiFi, and by extension VoLTE can transmit a higher quantity of data as compared to traditional 2G and 3G networks. As such, the calls made using the technology offer clearer audio as it allows for a wide-range of frequencies to be transmitted.

Lower battery consumption

VoWiFi and by extension Airtel Wi-Fi Calling, is also said to improve battery life as it is said to use less resources as compared to over-the-top services that may require more resources. And a longer battery life is something everyone can appreciate. 

No extra apps needed

One of the neatest features of VoWiFi is that you do not have to download and install any separate app in order to use it. If it is available in your area, and you have an appropriate smartphone then you can use it. All you have to do is turn on Wi-Fi Calling and you are good to go. 

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