Honor 9 Lite: Quad camera setup at a budget

By Sponsored | Published on 01 Feb 2018
Honor 9 Lite: Quad camera setup at a budget
  • The Honor 9 Lite offers a dual-camera setup on the front and back, and also sports an 18:9 display aspect ratio

The Honor 9 Lite is the newest smartphone by Honor and with it, the company sticks by its tradition of offering high-end features at a very reasonable price. With the Honor 9i, the company had introduced the world’s first smartphone to offer a quad-camera setup and an 18:9 display aspect ratio. With the Honor 9 Lite, the company takes that same concept, and brings it down to an even lower price point. This means that the new phone is the only device in its price range to offer dual cameras on the front and rear of the device. Let’s take a quick look at the cameras offered by the Honor 9 Lite.

Rear Camera

The rear camera setup of the phone consists of a 13MP camera and a 2MP camera. The secondary 2MP camera is used to gauge depth. This information is then used to create bokeh  images in which the background is blurred, but the subject is in focus. Since, this setup achieves this effect through hardware and not software, the effect is more pronounced.

Front camera

Unlike most other smartphones in the market, the Honor 9 Lite offers you the same camera setup on the front and back. So you get the same quality of images, regardless of the camera you use. So you get the same 13MP+2MP camera setup with the same bokeh effects as you would get if you used the year camera.

Hardware + software = Impressive  pictures

While having a dual-front camera that offers bokeh effects is pretty cool, Honor has ensures that isn’t the only extra you get to enjoy when taking a selfie. The phone has a bunch of software tricks up its sleeve. These include an improved beautify algorithm called Portrait Mode 2.0 that helps you look better on each selfie. Further, there is also Gender Beauty Mode that can automatically recognise the gender of the subject and automatically apply the correct beauty features.

All these features come together to offer an impressive imaging experience, especially when you consider the price. On top of this, you also get to enjoy an 18:9 display aspect ratio and a dual-glass body that looks and feels quite premium. With such features, the Honor 9 Lite is definitely a worthy contender if you are looking for a phone that offers good value for money.

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