5 Premium Laptops You Can Buy when Price is not a consideration

5 Premium Laptops You Can Buy when Price is not a consideration

Some laptops fall in that elite premier category for a reason. You may have to pay a high price for them but the devices offer the ultimate experience. Use the laptop for gaming, or run a heavy software where you simulate. Collapse it to carry in your bag or detach the display to use it as a touchscreen tablet. The premier laptops can do almost anything and come with the best of processors and functionalities. And if you are looking to make such an investment, look no further than these 5 premium laptop options available on Amazon.

Dell Alienware 17 9th Generation Gaming Laptop

This laptop is meant for professional gamers who prefer to carry their passion with them. By no means is it a lightweight device as it packs everything you need for those latest games. The processor is Intel’s latest Core i9-9900HK. The display is 17.3-inch FHD powered an 8GB RTX 2080 Graphics. Combined with a 32 GB RAM, this laptop can run almost all games without any buffer. The battery life is massive as well which allows you to play almost anywhere.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701 Gaming Laptop

The ASUS ROG brings similar features as the Dell Alienware and the only difference lies in its battery backup. In the ROG Zephyrus, you get power from 4 Lithium-ion batteries as compared to 6 in the Dell but apart from this, every other aspect is meant for gaming. Here as well, you get the Intel Core i9-9900 processor along with a 32 GB RAM and 4.50GHz processor speed. The Graphics comes from the RTX 2080 Max-Q and almost 8 blades work in tandem to cool this laptop down.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 1793

If you like your laptops to be sleek and lightweight, start with the Microsoft Surface Book 2. The device brings all the premier functionalities by weighing only 1.6 kgs and also gives you touchscreen features on the display with a 270 degrees hinge and an inking pen. Plus, you get Intel’s Core i7 as the processor, Windows 10 Pro as the OS, and integrated Graphics on the 15-inch display. The battery runs for almost 17 hours upon full charge according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 1796 2019

This laptop is the economical version of the Surface Book 2 and naturally, tones down a few of the premier features which you get on the latter. But the price comes down considerably as well and you get all the specs you can expect from a mere 0.77 kg laptop. The laptop is powered by the Intel i5 processor and the disk size is limited to 128 GB. The screen is 12.3-inch with integrated Graphics and Windows 10 Home runs it. As for the battery, you get a solid 13.5 hours backup Microsoft claims.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 20LDA00CIG

Lenovo named this laptop Yoga to remind you of its 270 degrees hinge feature that allows it to sit comfortably, making the display more prominent. Apart from that, the laptop weighs only 1.4 kg even with a 14-inch screen, a 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD hard disk. Intel i7 works as the processor and you get Windows 10 Professional as the OS. Lenovo states that the battery lasts for a decent 15.4 hours and comes with a fast-charging facility.

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