WardWiz brings World of Tanks open PC gaming tournament to Pune

By Promotion | Updated 21 Jan 2015
WardWiz brings World of Tanks open PC gaming tournament to Pune
  • PROMOTION: WardWiz Antivirus and Wargaming.net oraganizes World of Tanks open PC gaming tournament in Pune at JW Marriot from 19th January to 30th January. Registrations are open.

WardWiz antivirus and Wargaming.net are collaborating and organizing a World of Tanks tournament in Pune. Participants will get to play competitive World of Tanks games on dedicated machines at the event. The event, which started on 19th January with training sessions, is moving towards league matches with random matches going on till 24th January. The event is free for all and all you have to do is register to be part of the event.



World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game. In this game you can commander from more than 200 distinct tanks from around the world and take on the enemy team. The game offers various terrains and locations for your epic armored battles.The game offers deep squad-based gameplay, is free to play and is developed by Wargaming.net.

An epic world of war and tanks awaits you, where you will need to gather every bit of strategy and strength to destroy the enemy and capture their base camp. The competition is managed by WardWiz, in collaboration with Wargaming.net, with a three-tier team structure. This event carried out by WardWiz will first happen in Pune. "Our motto is to help the gamers to play World of Tanks uninterrupted by securing it with WardWiz – Total System Security." There are loads of exciting prizes and goodies to be won!!

Venue: JW Marriott, S.B. Road, Pune
19th Jan, 2015 – 30th Jan, 2015 and will commence at 11.00 a.m.


  1. There is no Entry Fee for participation in the Event.
  2. Gamers can enroll themselves for free on www.wardwiz.com or at the on-site registration area.
  3. All players must get a photo ID proof in order to complete their registration

Bracket Format 

  1. All players will first start with a training session.
  2. Players will go through Random battles in order to get a feel of the match.
  3. Registered Players can form a team for the League matches and compete against the other.
  4. The teams that qualify the League matches will compete against each other in the Finale


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