Team Fortress 2 vs Loadout

By Mithun Mohandas | Updated 3 Aug 2015
Team Fortress 2 vs Loadout
  • When two SKOAR! writers disagree over a game,they settle it in the most sane manner possible – A Rap Battle! Mithun "Barbarian_Monkey" Mohandas and Prakrit "The Pony" Dhondiyal battle it out for what they believe is the better of the two.

We don't know what to call these games...these humour-infested FPS titles. They are innovative and some of the most popular games on PC. One of them has hats and the other has lewd gestures as downloadable content. So some of our writers got fragging and soon enough there had to be a clash at the water-cooler regarding which one was the better title. We being way-below-amateur rappers as well as way-way-below-amateur gamers decided to duke it out in the only way we know - an epic supposedly-rap battle.

Team Fortress 2 Loadout
 Mithun "Barbarian_Monkey" Mohandas  Prakrit "The Pony" Dhondiyal
Look who’s come up to pick a bone,
Loadout is nothing but another TF2 clone.
TF2’s had it’s time, brotha
Look out, boys, Loadout’s like no other


Your tag line says customize but everything’s the same,
even for mediocrity that’s such a shame.
You’ve got no fortress, just a rich boy’s cabin
Loadout’s Free to Play, not Pay to Win


Loadout tries to sell itself on profanity,
With TF2 it’s just gameplay in totality.
‘Gameplay’? Hah! Oh, you’re makin’ a funny!
You got nothing, player if you got no money


What d’you know about weapon-crafting son,
Check out TF2 and see how it’s done.
Sure, you guys got the bigger-looking guns
But Loadout’s got power. Yeah, that’s how it’s done


When it lags you have to manually calculate,
With TF2 we got lag auto-compensate.
We FPS gamers can deal with the occasional lag
Than play with the likes of wimps playing tag


Talking about maps, we have about seventy,
You pea-brains must think six is plenty.
Maps don’t make the game, you klutz
It’s game types that leave TF2 in the dust


Only four, thought there’d be more,
We’ve got 13 and yet we want more.
With Deathsnatch, Jackhammer, Exctaction and Blitz
You may as well be playing in a park with kids


Those crates drop unusuals which are baller,
some of which sell for upwards of 6000 dollars.
Spacebux are a luxury, Loadout’s got blutes,
Of TF2’s crates who gives a hoot?


Another dumb Loadout player to my dismay,
Didn’t you know hats don’t affect gameplay?
You say mediocrity, at least we’ve got that
All TF2’s got are grown men in dopey hats


Enough boy! I hate to see you cry,
Why don’t you stop and give TF2 a try?
If you ain’t convinced with the Fortress’ Annihilation
Pop your bubble and try Loadout 2.0: That’s Domination!




Mithun Mohandas
While not dishing out lethal doses of sarcasm, this curious creature can often be found tinkering with tech, playing vidya' games or exploring the darkest corners of the Internets. #PCMasterRace

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