It's a Steam Summer! What PC Games deals you should keep your eye on

By Nikhil Pradhan | Updated 2 Feb 2015
It's a Steam Summer! What PC Games deals you should keep your eye on
  • Don't waste your summer away doing outdoorsy things. Check out these awesome deals for PC games on Steam and relax in the glow of your PC monitor.

It’s that time of the year again when your wallet looks up at you with tears in its eyes pleading for mercy. Why, you ask? Just head on over to the Steam website or open the Steam client on your PC and you’ll see the reason. The Steam Summer Sale is one of those annual events that keeps PC gamers glued to the screen with an out for discounts on popular games and underappreciated gems. But surely, if you’re a PC gamer, you don’t need me to tell you that. However, even if you’ve missed out on a particular title, don’t worry. As previous Steam Sales have shown, most games that have gone on sale at any point of time, will again be discounted by the time the sale period ends.

So, if you’re planning to unload some extra cash or burden your credit card with some extra debt, make sure you keep your eyes on these games:

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

The game that made many veteran PC gamers run to their mommies because of its sadistic difficulty. Dark Souls is a game that many will love to hate but few will absolutely love, once they get the hang of it. If you’re into fantasy games with oppressive, moody atmosphere and a killer difficulty curve, get a hold of Dark Souls. Just make sure you have an Xbox controller for your PC.

Dark Souls is currently going for $.7.49 (Rs. 450 approx.) on Steam. That’s the equivalent of five cappuccinos at CCD for over 30 hours of gameplay.



Never understood why gamers all over the world are going ga-ga for indie games? Play Bastion and be prepared to fall in love with games that don’t have multi-million dollar development budgets. Bastion plays somewhat like the Diablo games but also has a great story, is actually funny and is beautiful to look at.

Bastion is currently at $2.24 (Rs. 130 approx.) on Steam. That’s the equivalent of a cup of cappuccino and a chicken puff at CCD for 10 hours of gameplay.


Saints Row III: The Full Package

If you’re easily offended by the sight of toys and don’t have an appreciation for the absurd, don’t buy Saints Row III and also, give up gaming and take up knitting as a full-time hobby. The rest of you, download Saints Row III: The Full Package immediately. Not only will this give you a sandbox game that’s hilarious and much better than the overwrought GTA IV, but also the dozens of DLCs that were released for the game.

Saints Row III: The Full Package is on sale right now for $7.49 (Rs. 450 approx.). That’s the equivalent of two smoked chicken sandwiches and two cups of cold coffee at CCD for over 30 hours of gameplay.

Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition

Do I really need to tell you why you should download this game? You play as the goddamn Batman, romance Catwoman and beat up thugs. Isn’t that enough?

Batman Arkham City: GOTY Edition is selling on Steam right now for $7.49 (Rs. 450 approx.). That’s the equivalent of whatever I wrote for the game above for over 20 hours of gameplay.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution

In this era of bro-shooters where any hints of original story and character development are snuffed out by headshots and quick-time events, Deus Ex: HR is a refreshingly intelligent game. Of course, it still has headshots, cool kill moves and great graphics. It just makes you question the value of humanity and the cost of evolution right before you ram an eight-inch blade down the throat of an unsuspecting guard.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is currently selling on Steam for an unbelievably low $2.99 (Rs. 180 approx.). That’s the equivalent know what? Just go buy it. You know you can afford to spend 180 bucks.


Another indie gem that’s been unfairly maligned by the perceived douche-iness of its creator. Fez is like the gaming version of ‘Flatland’, a marvellous book published all the way back in 1884. You star as a pixellated person in a 2D universe who suddenly discovers the third dimension. The game has great retro graphics and a whimsical soundtrack, things that will certainly help you attain hipster status.

Fez is on sale for $4.99 (Rs. 300 approx.). That’s the equivalent of three crappy Chetan Bhagat books for about 7 hours of awesome gameplay.


Grand Theft Auto: Complete Pack

This pack contains every single (not free) GTA game EVER. That’s right, for $12.49 (Rs. 750 approx.), you get to play as Tommy Vercetti, CJ Johnson, Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez as they rampage through piles of cocaine, cash and cars, all set to a kick-ass soundtrack.

For the Rs. 750 bucks that this costs, you could buy a blu-ray of the new Agneepath movie but I’m not sure if your mental asylum allows patients to get deliveries. On the other hand, if you get the GTA pack, you can expect slightly under a million hours of gameplay. So, there’s that. 

Main image courtesy: ReclusiarchGrimaldus on YouTube

Think I missed out on an awesome Steam deal today? Tell me what I’m the equivalent of on Twitter @postwar or in the comments section below.

Nikhil Pradhan

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