Indiagames releases Shivam Gupta's 26/11 game, Terror Attack: Project Fateh, for free

By Abhinav Lal | Updated 27 Nov 2018
Indiagames releases Shivam Gupta's 26/11 game, Terror Attack: Project Fateh, for free

The entirely India-developed first person shooter previously known as Mission Fateh has now been released as Terror Attack: Project Fateh. It is available from Indiagames for free, and can be downloaded from here.


Developed by young animation prodigy, 14 year old Shivam Sai Gupta, the 3D FPS game is based around the horrific events of 26/11/2008. Terror Attack: Project Fateh was developed on DarkBASIC, and sports some rather great graphics, especially for a free game, up to the mark of the massively popular CounterStrike.

This is the author’s description of the game:

The sole purpose of this game is to unite you all to stand up against terrorism. This is a war we need to win. The catastrophic incident on the 26 November 2008 the day when Mumbai was attacked with massive explosions and brutal gunfire which took the lives of 195 fellow citizens and injured many, is still painful. This is our effort to tell them, We will not fall; We will stand tall. Kasab, the only terrorist caught alive will be sentenced to death and her-eon, all such anti-social elements will be exterminated from our society. We salute to all our policemen and NSG Commandos who risked their lives to keep us safe. Let’s all unite and put an end to this, for now; and forever. * Jai Hind *

Check out the launch trailer below:


Abhinav Lal

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