Five not so great mobile games-based on Bollywood films

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 31 Jul 2013
Five not so great mobile games-based on Bollywood films
  • We list some games based on Bollywood films. Be warned - they aren't worth checking out!

When games are based on Hollywood films, they suck 99.99% of the times. We have games like Iron Man, Tron Legacy, Batman Begins, Star Trek and many more to site as examples here. There has however been the occasional game launched on a mobile platform that’s worth checking out such as Temple Run Brave.


Bollywood it seems isn’t ready to learn from Hollywood’s mistakes and has decided to launch games based on Bollywood flicks. Since a game-based on the upcoming Shahrukh Khan film recently went live on the Google Play store, we thought we’d list games here that are based on Bollywood films.

Now, we haven’t played all the games here, so we while we shouldn't be passing judgment on all of them, we are still not recommending them. We are just listing them so that you know which movies were converted into not-so-great games.


1. Chennai Express

The game looks like a direct copy of Subway Surfers and the lead protagonist doesn’t look anything like SRK. A rather dark fellow with a large mustache chases the protagonist. The game doesn’t even offer a tutorial and expects you to know what to do. It does have some interesting elements such as giving you a glider and some power-ups but the novelty wears of almost instantly.

2. Ra One

As if the movie wasn’t bad enough, a game based on another SRK movie, Ra One, was made for the PS2. Put simply, the game sucked and ironically, the movie was based on videogame character that come out of the game and cause havoc in the real world. Sounds like Virtuosity, doesn’t it?


3. Krrish

I never bothered with the game, so I’m not going to bother justifying its existence. From the little footage that I’ve seen of the game, I’d rather go back and play good old Super Mario Brothers and I think I would probably have more fun. The movie though however was a fun experience. One of the better superhero movies since the day Amitabh Bachchan took on the role of a caped crusader – Toofan (seriously, that is a movie – and a must watch, I must add. It’s like a desi-Robin Hood with a crossbow.).

4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The ZNMD game is WAP-based, and centered on the 'La Tomatina' festival in the movie. The game lets the user play as Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar or Abhay Deol, participating in the festival. The movie was pretty good and the game, well try your hands on it and find out.


5. Ghajini

First there was Memento, which is to date an awesome movie. Then there was the South Indian movie and a Bollywood movie with the same name, Ghajini. The lead protagonist in the game is Aamir Khan, whose perfectionist nature when it comes to movies, was unfortunately not carried forward for the game. The game is of the third-person action variety, and is really bad.

So, there you have it. Five games based on Bollywood movies. There have been more game-based on Bollywood films such as Dhoom 2, Singham, Love Story 2050, Don and more. What do you think? Can Bollywood pull off a half-decent game based on a movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

Sameer Mitha
Sameer Mitha lives for gaming and technology is his muse. When he isn’t busy playing with gadgets or video games he delves into the world of fantasy novels.

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