E3 2014: 10 highlights from Day 2

By Nikhil Pradhan | Updated 11 Jun 2014
E3 2014: 10 highlights from Day 2
  • Nintendo absolutely ruled day two of E3 2014 but there were some great announcements from other publishers as well.

After the absolute tsunami of news on day one, it was only inevitable that day two of E3 2014 would appear relatively subdued in comparison. However, the second day had some amazing announcements especially from Nintendo, a company that sadly has little to no focus on Indian gamers.


Before I get into the round-up, I should point out that I’ve included some announcements I missed  from day one as well. So, here we go:

It’s Nintendo’s world, baby!

Amidst the hue and cry and fanboy wars between PC, Xbox One and PS4 enthusiasts, it’s easy to forget that Nintendo’s Wii U is part of this new generation of gaming hardware as well. After last night’s impressive ‘digital event’, it will be tough for anyone to ignore the Japanese game maker.


The Legend of Zelda goes open-world

One of the most loved gaming franchises in history will be getting a new installment next year and it looks like the most ambitious one yet. The new Zelda game will be the first 3D game in the series to be set in a truly open-world in the mould of Skyrim. The trailer revealed by Nintendo shows colourful, high fidelity visuals and all the charm and innovation one expects from a Zelda game.

Super Smash Bros. gets Pac-Man, all kinds of features

Everyone’s favourite brawler, Super Smash Bros. is getting a new game by the end of this year. Apart from Nintendo characters like Link, Mario and Sonic, it was revealed at E3 that Pac-Man (yes, that Pac-Man) will also be a playable character. Apart from that, you will also be able to fight as your Mii avatar and buy NFC enabled model toys of Nintendo characters, called Amiibos, which will save your characters progress as you fight with them and allow you to use your specific character with a friend’s console by just scanning the figurine.


There’s no party like a Mario Party

The Mario Party series is quite popular for its co-op style gameplay using which players run through a large set of mini-games. Mario Party 10, revealed at E3, will make use of the Wii U’s control pad/tablet to allow one player to control Bowser and run all the mini-games for the other players.

Check out the Mario Party 10 trailer below:

Make your own Mario level with Mario Maker


Ever played through a Super Mario game and wanted to make your very own level for Mario (or Luigi) to run through? Well, Mario Maker is just the game for you. Using the Wii U gamepad, you will be able to draw Mario levels and change things like the length of pipes, the placement of coins and power-ups etc.

Watch Mario Maker in action below:

Okay, now moving away from all the Nintendo goodness, there were some other fantastic reveals as well.


Mortal Kombat X revels in gore and bone splintering

There’s a new Mortal Kombat game coming to town and like its predecessors, it may just be the goriest and most brutal game you can play. Apart from standard gameplay elements, Mortal Kombat X will let you play as three versions of any character and will also set up a persistent online tournament in which anyone from across the world can play.

The new Batmobile is both a car of justice and a tank of justice

Pretty much everyone is excited about the return of Rocksteady at the helm of a Batman game. The upcoming Batman Arkham Knight will, for the first time, let you drive the Batmobile around Gotham and the trailer released at E3 2014 shows that not only will the mythic vehicle be able to roar at incredibly fast speeds but it will also be able to change into a tank.

Why? Because Batman, that’s why.

Shadow of Mordor is a villain’s tale

So far, everything revealed about upcoming (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360) game Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor made it appear to be an Assassin’s Creed game set in Tolkien’s universe. However, the trailer revealed at E3 shows that the developers have actually designed the game with a heavy focus on the villains and the bosses you fight. Shadow of Mordor has an interesting take on how villains react to your character coming back to life after a failed mission and how they’re strengthened by their successes against you.

Watch the trailer of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor below:

Alien: Isolation could be the Alien game we’ve been waiting for

Forget gun battles, forget stealth takedowns, forget health packs and experience points, if you want to survive in the Alien: Isolation all you can do is run, hide and hold your breath. If the initial media impressions and the trailer shown off at E3 are accurate representations of the game, then Alien: Isolation could just be the scariest game you’ll play all year.

The game will hit PC, new-gen and last-gen consoles in October this year.

Dreadnought- for the space captain in you

Dreadnought is a game that came out of nowhere and is being developed by Yager, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Spec Ops: The Line. So far only an impressive cinematic trailer of the game has been shown off but according to the developer, the PC exclusive game will let you manage and micromanage a massive city-sized spacecraft termed the ‘Dreadnought’ and fight against other ships in space.

Watch the trailer below:

And finally, here’s some Metal Gear Solid

Everyone who cares knows that there’s a new MGS game coming to the PS4, this one titled “The Phantom Pain” which will be an open-world action-stealth title with base building as well and will also feature rideable horses with functioning digestive systems. MGS V is expected to launch at the absolute end of 2014 and here’s a long cinematic trailer to keep you satiated till that moment:

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