10 must-try classic games of all time

By Team Digit | Updated 28 May 2014
10 must-try classic games of all time
  • Every gamer must play these classics (if you haven't) to call themselves a real gamer.

According to Reuters, the video-game industry was worth $66 billion last year and each day it keeps growing.

Now, we are witnessing the release of multiple gaming titles every month spanning across all platforms. No matter how much bigger the gaming industry gets, there are some classic games that will always go down in history books as the most influential games of all time. Here, we give you a list of 10 classic games that every gamer must have played. And if you haven't, don't call yourself a gamer.


1. Super Mario Bros.
If there is one character that can be said to be the face of gaming, it has to be Mario and Super Mario Bros. is his claim to fame.

2. Half-Life
Epic. Astonishing. Groundbreaking. Few games have, and will ever, match the true glory of this game.


3. Doom
Considered to be the most significant and influential title in the games industry, Doom is the game that brought FPS to the masses.

4. Duke Nukem
A heinous combination of badassery, debauchery, depravity and solid shooting mechanics somehow worked together to create this most beloved of shooting games.


5. Diablo
The birth of the hack n’ slash RPG genre can be laid at the feet of this game. You must rid the world of Diablo. It is your duty, your destiny.

6. Starcraft
Real-time strategies truly came of age the day Starcraft hit the gaming scene. There were many before it, but few as good.


7. Tetris
The iconic Tetris deserves its place in this list for three reasons– it’s insanely addictive, everyone’s played it and there were more than 143million official copies sold.

8. Pac Man
A billion dollars is a lot of money, but when you’ve made that much money in quarters (25cents) at an arcade, well, you’ve got a hit game on your hands.


9. Dangerous Dave
This side-scrolling masterpiece is one that almost every kid here must have played at some point in their lives.

10. Prince of Persia
While she’s no Princess Peach, the faceless prince’s quest to save his nameless princess has captured many a gamer’s heart.

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