Projector vs TV: The right platform to enjoy IPL 2019

Projector vs TV: The right platform to enjoy IPL 2019

IPL 2019 is just heating up and we are here to tell you how to enjoy it to its fullest potential. Be it a projector or a TV, here is how you make the right chose to enjoy the matches.

The best way to experience a cricket match is on a display that can immerse you with its spectacular visuals and fidelity that makes you feel like you are in the centre of the field. Today, you have the option of picking up a large screen TV or a projector that can give you a display the size of your wall. Since good TVs and projectors aren’t extremely expensive today, it can get confusing as to which one is right for you. So to clear your purchase dilemma, here is a guide to help you choose a projector or a TV to enjoy the IPL.

Size of the room

This is the most important thing to consider. If you are going to sit on your bed and enjoy the match, then chances are your room is no bigger than 10 feet by 12 feet. In this case, a TV makes more sense. However, if you have a living room with lots of space and are okay dedicating one wall to a home theatre setup then you can consider a projector. Remember, to make the most of a projector, you will need to ensure that the room can get relatively dark. This could mean investing in curtains or blinds. Also, the advantage of a projector over a TV comes with size. If you can't go beyond 60 or 70 inches, then it doesn't make sense to go in for a projector as the biggest advantage of a projector is the screen size. So keeping in mind the size of your room and the size at which you’d like your display to be, you should make your purchase decision. 

If you’d like a hundred-inch display and have space for it then go for a projector, otherwise, a large screen TV will do.

Ease of setup

Traditionally a TV is an easier product to set up. A lot of the newer smart TVs also double up as a piece of art so you aren’t staring at a black mirror all day when it isn’t in use. This adds an aesthetic appeal to them as well. When it comes to a projector, it does require some effort while installing, but it is a one-time effort. You can also invest in a motorized screen that can come down when you want, enabling you to use the wall for something else the rest of the time. The only downside, as mentioned above, is that you may need to invest in things like blinds to ensure the room is dark enough for you to enjoy the content on it.  

When it comes to the heat of a match it is easier to get things up and running if a TV is your weapon of choice. With a projector, getting things rolling can take some time. 

4K or FHD

This would be a critical decision if you were making a choice for enjoying movies or gaming but seeing as this is for sports content, the decision becomes a little easier. There is no 4K broadcast in India at a mass scale yet. 4K broadcast will take some time and until then most of the content on TV via DTH providers is standard definition or Full HD. You can get a very good FHD projector for about Rs 50,000. For the same price, you can get a good 4K TV. The catch is that the size of the two varies drastically. For 50k a projector can go beyond 100-inches and give you a good looking image. A TV, on the other hand, will only give you half that size. 

A 4K TV is good if you want to future proof yourself, but to get an immersive experience, a good FHD projector can give a budget 4K TV a run for its money. 


When the dust has settled and the IPL is over, you may want to repurpose this equipment for other applications. Since a TV and a projector are things you only upgrade once in a decade, you may want to carefully select your allegiance. A projector should be your go-to choice if you want to build a home theatre. A TV, if you want to watch more set-top-box content and enjoy gaming. Remember, when it comes to a projector there is no sound output so you will also be investing in a sound system. Budget TVs don't have great speakers but you can consider getting a budget soundbar with your TV to add to the experience.  


You can get TVs and projectors starting from a few thousand rupees going all the way to lakhs. Each bringing their own USP and compromises. A budget TV will not be a great smart TV experience and will compromise on the sound output but the panel will deliver acceptable sports viewing experience. You can also get a 4K TV on a tight budget. For projectors, you will get a decent 720p projector on a tight budget and may need to extend your budget for a 1080p or 4K one. The screen and sound system is an added cost to be kept in mind. 

50K is a good budget for a projector or a TV to get an experience worth sticking with for the next 5 years at least. 

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