Here are 3 cool features of the iBall Musi Twin speakers

Sponsored | Published 27 Sep 2019
Here are 3 cool features of the iBall Musi Twin speakers

If you are the type that prefers the outdoors to the confines of a house, then a portable Bluetooth speaker is something that you should definitely own. There are a whole host of Bluetooth speakers available in the market including those from iBall. The company already offers a range of such products and its newest addition is the Musi Twins Bluetooth speaker. Here’s a quick look at what the speaker has to offer.

Spatial separation technology

Unlike single speaker systems, the iBall Musi uses two spatially separated speakers. This helps to create stereo sound which attempts to mimic the illusion of hearing sound from various directions, similar to how you hear sounds naturally. 


The iBall Musi Twin speakers have also been designed with the outdoors in mind. As such, the speakers are designed to be rugged and should be able to take a few bumps or drops with ease.

IP67 certified

When you are outdoors, you never know when it might start raining. To ensure that nothing happens to your speakers, the iBall Musi Twin speakers are designed to be water resistant and are IP67 certified. Protection Status