5 neat features of the PTron Bass Buds TWS and PTron Bass Fest earphones

Sponsored | Published 22 Sep 2019
5 neat features of the PTron Bass Buds TWS and PTron Bass Fest earphones

PTron Bass Buds TWS

Bluetooth 5.0

The PTron Bass Buds TWS feature Bluetooth v5.0. This means better energy efficiency, better battery life and better range as compared to those powered by Bluetooth v4.2.

Mono earbud compatibility

There may be times when you do not want to wear both earbuds.  For example, when you are at work or walking your dog, you may need hands-free use of your phone while still being aware of your surroundings. The PTron Bass Buds TWS offers mono-earbud compatibility which means you can plug in one of them and it will work. 

Google Assistant Voice Command

With the PTron Bass Buds TWS earbuds, you can fire up Google Assistant without reaching for your phone. You can ask it to make calls, control the volume or ask questions. Further, it can also be used to control any Google Assistant enabled IoT devices that you might have at home.

Hands-free and music control

Of course, you can’t keep giving orders to the Google Assistant all the time so the PTron Bass Buds TWS also has controls through which you can receive calls or change music tracks.

4 hours of playback time

No one likes to charge their device all the time. The PTron Bass Buds TWS are said to offer 4 hours of battery life, with the case itself acting as a power bank for the earbuds. 

PTron Bass Fest

Bluetooth 5.0

The PTron Bass Fest earphones also features Bluetooth 5.0 so you'll have a great sound experience with this earphone too.

10mm drivers

With a name line Bass Fest, you need to offer good levels of bass. In order to help the Bass Fest earphones live up to its name, PTron has used reasonably large 10mm drives in the earphones.

Hands-free and music control

With the Ptron Bass Fest, you can leave your phone in your pocket. The earphones let you pick up calls, and even control the music without the need for you to reach for your phone.

In-ear ergonomic fit ear tips

Good quality eartips are a must when it comes to earphones. The PTron Bass Fest offers multiple tip options, so you can pick one that best fits you.