Unlock your phone in style with 91 Locker

By Promotion | Updated 28 Dec 2016
Unlock your phone in style with 91 Locker
  • 91 Locker is a customisable lockscreen app for Android with support for live wallpaper

Google’s Android operating system is the epitome of customizability. Almost every section of the phone can be customized. This ranges from the wallpaper (which is pretty common) to even the lock screen! With the amount of times we unlock our smartphones, one could argue that it’s the one section that we end up seeing the most on a smartphone. So, it can be pretty easy to get bored, staring at the same screen all the time. This is where the 91 Locker app comes in. By letting you customize the lock screen of your smartphone to your liking, the app provides you new and exciting ways to unlock your phone everyday. You can download the 91 Locker app for free via the Google Play Store by clicking here.


Choose your style

The most basic thing about unlocking your phone is the swiping motion. That is literally the first thing any of us do to unlock our personal smartphones. As such, it is the first thing you see when you install the app as well. You are essentially given the option to choose the kind of swiping motion that you can use to unlock the phone. So, if you like to swipe up to unlock your phone, you can do so. Or conversely, you could choose to swipe to the right. No matter which motion you choose, you can always change it later by going into the apps settings. One week you could be swiping up, the next you are swiping to the right.


Pick a template 

Once you choose the unlocking motion, you’ll be taken to the main page, where things are pretty straightforward. The first screen is the ‘Template’ screen when you can choose a template for the lock screen. Here, you can pick one of the pre-set templates and then change the main image to one from their camera. How cool is that! Once you find the one that you like, simply tap on "Apply" and you are done. To make it easier for you to find templates, the section is divided into ‘Latest’ and ‘Hot’ tabs. As you might have guessed, the Latest tab shows you all the latest templates, wheee  you can choose the newest uploaded images to use as your wallpaper. The Hot tab shows you the best templates, which essentially lets you can choose the best of the best. On the top right corner of the screen is the Downloads page. Here, you can access previously downloaded templates and use it once again. If you have limited storage space, you can also delete previously downloaded templates and free up some room.


Wallpapers galore

Next to "Template" is the Wallpaper section. This does exactly what you think it does. There are hundreds of wallpapers for you to pick and choose from. Just like the Templates section, you get the Latest and Hot tabs. So, you can either choose the latest images to use as wallpapers or the most popular ones. To help find images more easily, there's a nifty "categories" section, which has divided the entire wallpaper collection into groups. So if you love cars, there is a separate section where you can find images of some of the most droolworthy automobiles on the planet. If you are looking for a specific set of images, make use of the  search bar located right at the top. Just tap on the magnifying glass to open up a search field and simply search for whatever image you want to use for your desktop. The best part of the entire experience is that all the images are in high definition. So if you have a smartphone with a very good display, you can enjoy these beauties to their fullest potential.


Jazz that passcode screen up

There is also a passcode section that allows you to choose the type of passcode screen you would like. There are several funky looking passcode screens for you to choose from, so take your pick. Once you choose the one that you like, you’ll also get a chance to pick the images you want to use. These images will be used in place of the traditional numbers that usually make up a lock screen. So, instead of remembering numbers like every Tom, Dick and Harry, you can memorize your passwords based on people. Besides the run-of-the-mill numpad style keypad, there are a bunch of different designs for you to choose from. So pick one that will turn the most heads.


Prank time

Besides offering such cool features, you also have a chance to prank your friends. In the main menu of the app, there is an option that is aptly called ‘Play Prank’. This gives you the chance to give a cracked screen effect, when your friends use the device. You can also choose when you want to display this effect. It could happen when the screen is tapped, screen is woken up or when it is unlocked. The cracked screen prank comes with a sound effect for added realism so just hope that your friends don’t drop the phone for real when they are pranked!

To sum it all up, if you are looking for a fully featured lock screen app for your smartphone, you simply must give 91 Locker a shot. Not only does it offer a wide range of cool templates to try out, it also offers a plethora of wallpapers and even a bunch of passcode screens for your perusal. The Prank Screen also turns the fun factor up by a notch. All of these cool features and the fact that the app is completely free make 91 Locker a must-try.

Download 91 Locker for free via the Google Play Store by clicking here.

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