MeshCentral2 - Maps, Interfaces, Wake, Raspberry Pi

By Promotion | Updated 30 Aug 2017
MeshCentral2 - Maps, Interfaces, Wake, Raspberry Pi

MeshCentral2 development keeps moving forward. So much is going on, we have to just make a list of new features and changes.

MeshCentral2 is still very much in beta, lots work still to be done before it is ready for day-to-day use. This said, much progress is being made. Here is a main recap of the last few weeks:

  • Location and mapping support. The MeshAgent2 can now attempt to get its location using its public IP address. MeshCentral2 then records this information and can display location information on a live map along with colored pins showing the connectivity status of the device. Default mapping information uses OpenStreetMap.
  • Network interface information. The latest MeshAgent2 and MeshCentral2 now cooperate to gather device network interface information. This is useful for all sorts of usages including remote device wake-up.
  • Server Wake-on-LAN support. When MeshCentral2 is not in WAN-only mode, it will not send out wake-on-LAN packets upon request. For small deployments where an administrator manages computers on a local network. You can now wake computers from the web site.
  • Remote Desktop support on Raspberry Pi. Linux support as always been important and this week, we added improved support for the Raspberry Pi including new install script and remote desktop support. Really cool to remotely control such a small device.
  • MeshCentral2 now on GitHub. For the first time, the source code to MeshCentral2 is now on GitHub at: Just getting started at this, but should make it easier to collaborate with others on the project.

To install and try MeshCentral2, take a look at the tutorial videos on the web site at:

Ylian Saint-Hilaire
MeshCentral2 now supports displaying device location using OpenStreetMap.


Currently, only public IP address location is used, but sets the stage for more location systems.

MeshCentral2 will now collect device network interface information.

This is very useful for many features including Wake-on-LAN.


MeshCentral2 now have Wake-on-LAN server support.

When in LAN mode, the server can now send Wake-on-LAN packets on the local network.


MeshCentral2 now supports remote desktop on the Raspberry Pi.

Demonstrating remote control of really small devices.

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