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You Can Still Experience the IoT Skill-building Sessions,

Expert Presentations and Opportunities for Inspiration


If you missed the industry’s premier celebration of all things IoT – or, if you just want to relive its greatest moments – Intel invites you to view the talks online and enjoy the best of DevFest II.  This second virtual conference provided a global platform for IoT thought leaders, with continuous talks spanning two 16-hour days in early November.  

In addition to encore presentations of our many talks, the DevFest site also features a “welcome” videofrom Conference Chair Grace Metri, Internet of Things Community Evangelist at Intel, who introduces our four topic tracks and explains how to navigate to the IoT sessions you wish to view.


A big “thank you” to the more than 100 IoT professionals from 87 countries and 44 companies who participated – sharing their IoT journeys via keynotes, presentations and 1:1 mentoring.  DevFest II showcased cutting-edge research and real-world innovation as the developer community came together to advance the future of IoT applications.  

During the 32-hour continuous online training event, more than 100 IoT industry superstars delivered training and deep-dive presentations - followed by live Q&A sessions.  


A sampling of the key presenters included:

* Shai Monson, Manufacuring Domain Lead, Intel – “Intel Factory IoT Journey”

* David Formisano, Director of IoT Strategy, Intel – “Accelerating Solutions Deployment in the Rapidly Evolving World of IoT”

* Massimo Banzi, Co-Founder, Arduino – “Arduino Create, the simple path to Industrial IoT Development”


* Maciej Kranz, VP Strategic Innovation, Cisco – “Proven Roadmap to Develop a Successful IoT Journey”

* John Walicki, Watson Ecosystem, IBM – “IoT End to End: Turn your IoT Sensor Data into Insights”

* Lothar Schubert, Dir. Dev Relations and IoT, GE – “Industrial IoT: Building the Developer Ecosystem”

* Alex Wilson, Market Dev at Wind River – “Building Functional Safety Products with Wind River VxWorks RTOS”


* Faith McCreary, Ph.D, Principal Engineer UX, Intel – “UX Strategies for the New Ordinary: Designing for Privacy in the Age of Magic”

* Matthew Bailey, Global Ambassador, OpenFog – “Fog Computing is an imperative ICT technology for Smart Cities”

* Fabrizio Del Maffeo, Managing Director, AAEON – “From Getting Connected to Field Employment”

* Nick O’Leary, Co-Creator of Node-Red, IBM – “Wiring the Internet of Things with Node-RED”

* Jennifer Williams, Architecture/Development, Intel – “Enabling a Densely-Scalable Low-Power WSNs for Shipping and Industrial IoT”

* Rakesh Dodeja, Principal Engineer, Intel – “Containers to Deploy IoT Micro Services at the Fog and Edge Nodes”

* Christopher Kalkhof, IoT Business Development, Infosim – “Manage the World of IoT Gateways”

* Guy Vinograd, CEO, Softimize – “IoT = Device + Cloud. Best practices for End to End IoT Architecture” 

* Alok Batra, Chief Product Officer, Atomiton Inc. – “Data and Analytics Strategy in IIoT”

Thought leaders who presented at DevFest II shared their IoT expertise in four topic tracks:

* Developing IoT Solutions for a Connected, Smart, and Autonomous World introduced the three phases of IoT development, as well as an array of Intel IoT developer tools, SDKs, technologies and other resources. 

* Architecting, Integrating and Managing IoT Solutions examined how to enable the full potential of IoT by overcoming security and privacy challenges to make IoT a force for business transformation.

* Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence looked at how ever-greater amounts of data improves the learning environment and expands the possibilities of edge and cloud analytics.

* Uncovering Real Business Opportunities from the Evolution of IoT highlighted real-world use cases and disruptive new business models, as world’s most forward-thinking companies find IoT applications within their operation[Office1].

A Showcase for the Latest IoT Developer Tools and Products

In addition to training and mentoring opportunities, DevFest provided a forum for leading technology companies to showcase their IoT developer resources, including:

* Arduino* Create, an integrated online platform that enables makers and professional developers to write code, access content, configure boards, and share projects

* UP Squared* Grove IoT Development Kit with simple setup and configuration, pre-installed Ubuntu OS, and expanded I/O for rapid prototyping

* Intel® System Studio 2018 beta, a comprehensive cross-platform tool suite to help you move from prototype to product faster, with optimizing compilers, highly tuned libraries, analyzers, debug tools, custom workflows and code samples. 

* Intel® Secure Device Onboard service vastly accelerates trusted onboarding of IoT devices—from minutes to seconds—with a zero-touch, automated process that begins when the device is powered on and ends when the IoT platform takes control.

A Life Beyond the Event

Intel again thanks all speakers, companies and attendees who helped make Intel Global IoT DevFest a success!   We hope you gathered useful insights into the world of IoT today – and what we can make it in the future.

Was there a presentation you couldn’t attend or a speaker you’d love to hear again?  Catch up on all DevFest highlights anytime you want:  

* Check out the on-demand videos from this event, including the 'welcome' video from Conference Chair, Grace Metri, Internet of Things Community Evangelist at Intel. 

* In case you missed the inaugural event, view encore presentations from the first virtual online conference in June

* Sign up for the Intel® Software Developer Zone Newsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest IoT tools and trends

For more such intel IoT resources and tools from Intel, please visit the Intel® Developer Zone



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