Intel, Amazon, and seed collaborate on new Iot starter kit, powered by aws Iot

Intel, Amazon, and seed collaborate on new Iot starter kit, powered by aws Iot

Harnessing the power of the cloud is what Internet of Things is all about. The Intel® Edison module and the Intel® IoT Developer Kit provide necessary building blocks so developers can quickly iterate cloud-connected projects. With the announcement of the Amazon Web Services (AWS)* IoT offering, opportunities to solve real world problems using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit expand. Leveraging the strength of the AWS loud and accompanying AWS IoT Thing SDK, developers can now capitalize on the ease of use functionality and accelerate project development.

The IoT Starter Kit is comprised of the Intel Edison board, a Grove Indoor Environmental Kit from Seeed Studios, and uses AWS IoT. The Grove Indoor Environmental Kit includes wiring and a base shield which allows up to 11 sensors to be connected at once. Sensors for temperature, humidity, moisture, light, UV, and motion are included; the full list is found on Seeed’s web page. Verified for compatibility with the AWS IoT Thing SDK, this combination of board and sensors is built on secure bi-directional communication between Internet-connected things and the AWS cloud.  Using the I/O and sensor libraries provided by Intel, developers can now connect hundreds of industrial and consumer sensors to the AWS cloud using programming languages of their choice such as Python, Node.js, C++, and C.

The Intel® Edison board excels at getting data to the cloud utilizing its built-in wireless connectivity The AWS IoT Thing SDK extends the board’s functionality by improving capabilities to interact with other devices. Things refer to any clients or devices which use the SDK to connect to the AWS cloud.  The AWS IoT Thing SDK provides localized functionality to configure IoT systems through rules, simulation, and messaging. Combining these abilities with the versatility of the Intel Edison board lets developers tackle complex challenges.  .

Order one of these kits today to leverage the strength of Intel® IoT Technology, the flexibility of AWS IoT capabilities, and the plug-and-play features from Seeed Studios.


For more such intel IoT resources and tools from Intel, please visit the Intel® Developer Zone


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