Facebook for iPad: A look at the app that took a year and a half to make

Vishal Mathur | Published 13 Oct 2011
Facebook for iPad: A look at the app that took a year and a half to make

It is finally here, Facebook has finally released the official app for the iPad. iPad users until date had to make do with the iPhone version of the official Facebook app, and it is quite surprising it took the social networking giant almost a year and a half to make a dedicated iPad app.

The official Facebook for iPad app is now available for download from the Apple App Store. Here is what we think about it: 

Download, now!

It is here! The icon doesn’t betray the new goodness that awaits inside!

Ah, time to sign in. It feels different already.

Post signing in, this is the pop up asking you about how you want the push notifications served to you.


Have the patience to take the tour? Or just want to get on with the journey of discovery by yourself?

This is how the newsfeed looks. Pretty much replicating the new FB layout we see on the web browsers. Why I say this is because if you want the old style, get a Blackberry and install the Facebook app!

This is how someone else’s profile page looks.


There is the slide to side gesture that opens up the menu on the left side. You can either click on the icon on the blue bar, or just swipe the page to the right.


The Facebook Check-in feature is integrated as well. You can even zoom in on the map, and get a list of popular places around your location.


This is how events show up.

Sign out from one account and sign in from another. The sign-in page will show your profile pic from each account.


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