Create Agile IoT Solutions with the Intel IoT Developer Kit and Google Cloud Platform

By Promotion | Updated 31 May 2017
Create Agile IoT Solutions with the Intel IoT Developer Kit and Google Cloud Platform

Innovate Faster with an Expanded IoT Toolset from Intel and Google*  

Today, Intel and Google* announced their collaboration focused on providing developers with an expanded IoT toolset for development—from the edge to the cloud. With the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and the web-scale processing, analytics, and machine-learning capabilities of Google Cloud Platform*, developers can quickly move from prototype to product, and easily scale to meet their growing data needs.


Developers can seamlessly connect sensors, gather data, and analyze it with the latest resources from Intel and Google, as well as take advantage of their knowledgeable developer communities and service support.  

Intel® Technologies for IoT Developers

Intel® IoT Developer Kit

This kit enables developers to build innovative prototypes and refine them into production-ready products utilizing this collection of hardware and software assets. The IoT dev kit includes:


  • Intel® IoT Gateway Technology
  • Cloud connectors to enable analytics
  • Development boards and starter kits
  • IDEs to support a variety of programming languages
  • Libraries to support I/O and sensor interactions
  • Documentation and code samples

Intel® IoT Gateways and the Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite
Combine Intel® IoT Gateway Technology and the Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite to create innovative commercial solutions. This pair of gateway technologies from Intel makes it easier to develop scalable solutions that aggregate data from the edge to the cloud, as well as speed time to market.

Complementary Google Technologies for IoT Developers


Connect to the Google Cloud Platform* Service to leverage Google’s open-source infrastructure, security, and machine learning, as well as accelerate from prototype to production and onto the Google Cloud Platform. Utilize Google Cloud Platform SDK, which consists of gcloud, gsutil, and bq, to access an array of products and services from the command line, including Google Compute Engine*, Google Cloud Storage* service, and Google BigQuery*. Run these tools interactively or in your automated scripts.

For more such intel IoT resources and tools from Intel, please visit the Intel® Developer Zone




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