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Oye Golu was released on May 05, 2017 . This show is available in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages. You can watch the show online on Hotstar, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Oye Golu is available in Comedy, Kids and Animation genres.

Oye Golu Season and Episode Details

In order to win a bet with Khataas and gang Adi drinks a lot of magic potion for strength and turns into an elephant.

A prank on Sharmaji goes wrong and a magic-crazed Sharmaji starts stealing to fulfill Adi and Golu's wishes.

A ferocious dog turns out to be Adi's friend from his childhood, things get out of hand when Golu's magical jamun turn Adi's parents into dogs.

Adi is desperate to make more friends and asks Golu for his magical intervention to earn new friends but he only ends up befriending a teacher.

Golu gets carried away with all the attention he is getting and completely neglects Adi, until Adi comes back to save him.

A fancy dress surprise party goes out of control.

Adi's dad enters his name in a cycle race with high aspirations as he was the seven-time champion and now Adi is trying his best to win the race.

Sharma ji gets his extremely delicate niece Chiku to Adi and Golu.

A visit to the museum turned into Adi’s mother getting swapped with real mummy.

Adi seeks revenge as Khatas's frog ends up eating Adi's beloved beetle on 'bring your pet to school day'.

Putting yourself into others shoe is the only way to realize the responsibilities others take towards us.

A super strict teacher is ruining things at school and Adi asks Golu to use his magic and change the teacher.

Adi participates in a cooking competition. Golu is not there to help him with the magic but papa’s gulgule recipe makes him win the heart.

The wish to have a permanent servant turns into uncontrollable trouble.

Adi and Golu bring a mummy back to life to teach Khatas a lesson.

Adi finally tries to learn maths the hard way after a series of zeros, he is put through a grinding training by Golu the math genius.

Adi gets a ticket to a chocolate factory. He insists Golu go there and when they do reach, they realize that it was a trap.

Adi plans to gift Khushi two cute blue eggs on her birthday as pets which turns out to be fire breathing dragons.

Adi gets easily distracted and loses focus and to counter this Golu uses his powers and makes him a special magic focus biscuit.

A new rich boy tries to outshine everybody but Adi has different plans.

In trying to complete his ninja collection Adi asks for Golu’s magic which brings them to life.

A school field trip turns into time travel.

The mystery of the jungle, which had shocked the entire town, turns out to be a harmless tiny creature.

Dealing with your own self is the biggest challenge of life.

Everything needs to be taken in control. Overuse of anything can lead you into trouble.

Enjoy to the fullest – don’t be scared of happiness

What is relevant today, might not be tomorrow so don’t let your victories become your ego.

Adi wants a mobile phone like everyone else and when he gets it, his life turns into a digital bombardment of symbols and information.

Adi goes for a vacation to a resort in an unknown place with his family and realizes that the resort is not a normal one.

Golu gets a “call” from his native place. Golu and Adi visit the native place meeting magical creatures and unfolding the mystery of “the call”.

Adi wants to gift the best birthday gift (dream gift) to his mother and to make it happen he travels into her dream.

Adi saves ants from Khatash’s water attack and then Golu takes him to the fascinating world of ants.

Adi and Golu notice that Sharma ji is angry because he is alone. Golu gets him some magical friends but Sharma ji is shocked rather than being happy

Sharma ji’s garden gets destroyed in heavy rain. Golu restores his garden with magic but there is something else waiting for them.

Adi wants to be a superhero. Golu makes him a not so superhero.

Adi wants to be a genie like Golu. In order to fulfil that dream, he has to go through certain tests.

Adi orders something from a website, only to realize that the website owner is the kid his parents have order.

Adi's picnic to his parent’s favourite childhood spot is spoiled when he finds that the place is no more clean and beautiful.

Golu wants to know if Adi has any space for Golu in his dreams, he has to figure out by travelling there.

Golu and Adi have to go for golympics – a competition for genies.

Adi asks Golu to help track down his lost show, which has been taken by squirrels to their world.

People are wasting water around and the sea creature takes over the city.

An imaginary friend gazette takes over the people in Adi’s neighbourhood. Golu and his magical friend come for rescue.

Adi goes to witness Golu’s fitness competition in the galaxy.

Adi wins a ninja contest which allows him to go in ninja world and fight with all the different ninjas.

Golu takes Adi to a world where people have forgotten to use their imagination. Adi helps them to get back their creativity.

Golu’s long lost brother comes to visit him and becomes part of his body.

Adi unknowingly unleashes three mischievous ghosts that create havoc in the city.

Golu and Adi set out to find the meaning of Golu’s recurring dream.

Golu's magic goes wrong in an attempt to teach Sharmaji a lesson and Sharmaji's heart jumps out of his body (literally).

Mom takes Adi, Golu and dad for a camping trip, which turns out to be a magical memory.

Adi travels in the history.

Adi asks Golu to help Khushi with magic, but she turns into a completely different version of herself.

Adi helps Dabbu to get better in studies but Dabbu turns out to be ungrateful.

People in town realize that Golu is magical and now they all want him.

Adi is late for everything and Golu gives him a clock. The clock makes sure that Adi is on time.

Adi wants to grow his beard and get a magic potion from Golu to fulfil his desire.

Adi wants a sister and when he gets one, the baby goes missing.

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Oye Golu FAQ's

The release date of Oye Golu is May 05, 2017.

You can watch Oye Golu online on Hotstar.

This show is available in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages.

This show is available in Comedy, Kids and Animation genres.


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