Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Comedy | Action | Sci-Fi | Animation

English | Release Date Sep 18, 2011


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Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Season and Episode Details

Season 0

Po and Monkey race to find a sacred orchid to cure a sick Tigress. But Monkey is hypnotized by the evil Scorpion into hunting down another target -- Po.

Po is put in charge of protecting the Emperor’s daughter while on a diplomatic trip to visit the Qidan clan. Luckily, Tigress and Mantis are along for the journey.

Po destroys the training hall whilst cleaning it and needs to repair it quickly before Shifu finds out. He seeks out the builder of the hall, Taotie, who holds a grudge against Shifu.

While transporting an important column, Po and Tigress’s attempt to defend it against bandits is complicated when they are chained together.

Po learns a new move by jumping ahead of reading fifty sacred scrolls and ends up wiping the memories of the Furious Five.

Po is tricked into saving the leader of the Croc Bandits’ brother when in fact he has kidnapped the son of a powerful landowner.

Mantis gets help from Po after receiving word his ex-fiancée needs help, which he is reluctant to take as his hometown believes Mantis to be the Dragon Warrior.

Po goes undercover as a prisoner in Chor Ghom Prison to learn where a diabolical criminal has hidden the ultra-dangerous weapon, the Sacred War Hammer of Lei Lang.

The Furious Five discover that Po has incredible kung fu abilities far beyond anyone else’s in the group. This worries them as they believe he will turn evil like Fenghuang, a member of the Furious Five before the current team who was also greatly powerful.

Po has split himself into two opposing parts by looking through the Mystic Mirror of Yin and Yang and needs to stop his duplicate from destroying his reputation and friendships with his bad personality traits.

When a villainous rival of Master Shifu manipulates Po into breaking an important rule, the consequences allow him to become Grand Master of the Jade Palace.

Hundun, a former guard at Chor Ghom prison, wants revenge against the Dragon Warrior for making him lose everything in his life as a result of defeating Tai Lung.

Shifu invites Mr. Ping to stay at the Jade Palace when his noodle shop is badly damaged during a fight between Po, Monkey and three pig brothers. This causes tension between him and the others until he is asked to leave and is subsequently captured by the pig brothers believing him to be Master Shifu.

Po encounters the ghost of Master Oogway, who seems strangely bent on causing dissension in the Jade Palace.

When a kung fu prodigy arrives at the Jade Palace, Po’s enthusiasm begins to sour when he gets a little jealous of the attention being heaped onto the young master.

Po befriends a troupe of dancers, unaware that they are actually a band of traveling thieves. When a prized item goes missing from the Jade Palace, Po has to disguise himself to infiltrate the band.

Po must look after Taotie's son after he is taken to prison after a failed attack on the Jade Palace. His loyalties are split when he tries to help his father get out of prison though he has warmed to Po.

Po finds he has a fan club in the valley but they are unimpressed when they find the Dragon Warrior's day to day life isn't as action packed as they imagined. With this newfound attention flagging, Po releases a demon in order to fight it and impress his fan club.

It's Dragon Warrior Challenge Day, and if anyone can defeat Po in battle before sundown, they will become the Dragon Warrior.

Shifu's personal hero arrives at the Jade Palace, but in his overenthusiasm, Shifu accidentally lets him run amok while Temutai schemes to abduct him.

When the Furious Five go out of town and the Jade Palace is attacked, Po has to rely on a team of elderly Mahjong players for back-up.

Po's kung fu hero comes to town for an exhibition match.

Po sets up his father, Mr. Ping, on a series of unsuccessful dates, only to find out Mr. Ping already has a girlfriend. Po's happiness for his dad is short lived when he finds out the mystery lady's identity.

Po needs to find an awesome Dragon Warrior trophy for the Hall of Heroes or be humiliated in front of the entire village at the upcoming Warrior Festival.

When Shifu's con-man father comes back into town, Po finds himself in the middle.

The villagers are outraged over a rash of thefts in the Valley of Peace.

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Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness FAQ's

The release date of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is Sep 18, 2011.

The star cast of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness are : Mick Wingert, Kari Wahlgren, James Sie, Amir Talai, Fred Tatasciore, James Hong, Maria Bamford, John DiMaggio, Lucy Liu and Max Koch.

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is directed by Peter Hastings.

This show is available in English language.

This show is available in Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi and Animation genres.