Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya

Romance | Drama | Other | Family

Hindi, Telugu | Release Date Aug 30, 2015

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Kumkum Bhagya Season and Episode Details

Sarla, Pragya's mother, prepares for Pragya’s wedding. She welcomes Tarun, Pragya's groom, and his family. Further, Pushpa, Tarun's mother, learns that Bulbul and Pragya are sisters. She asks Sarla to give away Kumkum Bhagya, her wedding hall, as dowry to compensate for Pragya's average looks. Sarla agrees to Pushpa's condition. Later, Pragya learns from Bulbul, her sister, that Pushpa wants their wedding hall as dowry. She calls off her wedding and informs the guests regarding the same.

Kabir's wife Sweety manipulates Kabir, Pragya's uncle, to forcibly acquire Kumkum Bhagya. Further, Sarla asks Suresh, Pragya's friend, to accompany Bulbul to retrieve her jewellery. He gets furious with Bulbul for answering a call while driving. Kabir asks Sarla about the wedding hall and Sweety tells Sarla that Kabir owns the hall by law. Sarla gets emotional and agrees to give away Kumkum Bhagya to Kabir. Later, Pragya informs Suresh that Kabir asked for the possession of Kumkum Bhagya.

At the Arora house, Sweety asks Sarla for the possession papers of Kumkum Bhagya. Sarla gives the papers to her lawyers. Further, Suresh arrives there and shows the tax papers and bills to Sweety and the lawyers. They agree to let Sarla keep the wedding hall due to unpaid debts. Sarla thanks Suresh for helping them out. She also requests him to accompany Bulbul to a concert. Later, Bulbul gets furious with Suresh as they are thrown out of the rockstar Abhi's concert.

Dadi, Abhi's grandmother, asks him to get married. Further, Suresh and Pragya arrive at the BMC office. The officer misbehaves with Suresh. Pragya takes Suresh's side and replies to him. Thereafter, the BMC officials visit the wedding hall and order to demolish it. Neil, a corporator, comes there and stops the demolition. Further, he tells Sarla that he wants to marry Bulbul. Sarla and the others get worried about their wedding hall and Bulbul. Later, Suresh comforts a worried Pragya.

Suresh advises Bulbul to accept Neil's proposal. Bulbul informs Sarla and Pragya that she wishes to marry Neil. Further, Neil gives the papers of Kumkum Bhagya to Sarla. Suresh arrives with the media and blackmails Neil with a recorded video. Sarla and others thank Suresh for helping them out. Suresh confesses his love for Bulbul to Arvind, his friend. At the railway station, Pragya calls Suresh and asks him to come over. Later, Suresh finds his mother and sister at the Arora house.

Pragya tells Abhi that he fools people with his songs, and then calls him a liar. The security guards throw Pragya out of the bookshop. However, Abhi takes an instant liking for Pragya. Further, Rachna watches Aakash’s engagement video. She calls him and rebukes him for cheating on her. Thereafter, Bulbul informs Pragya about Rachna’s phone call. Rachna starts feeling unwell when Pragya enquires about her past. At her 'mehendi', a pre-wedding ritual, Rachna learns that she is pregnant.

Dadi asks Preeto to find a suitable bride for Abhi. At the Arora house, Sweety gets angry to learn that Pragya is marrying Suresh. Kabir rebukes Sweety for being selfish. Further, Pandit Ji informs Rachna and Madhavi that Pragya and Suresh’s horoscopes fail to match. Rachna comforts Madhavi, who gets worried. Thereafter, Sweety informs Sarla and others that Pragya and Suresh’s horoscopes do not match. Later, Pragya refuses to get married to Suresh.

Pragya gets worried about Abhi and calls his driver to enquire about him. The driver tells Pragya that Abhi is in Tanu's place. Pragya arrives at Tanu's place and gets shocked to see Tanu and Abhi together. Further, Tanu calls Alia and informs her that Pragya had visited her place. Thereafter, Pragya gets shocked to notice Abhi's behaviour in front of Dadi. She confronts Abhi about Tanu, but Alia comes there and rebukes Pragya. Later, Abhi tells Pragya that he has married her to punish her.

When Bulbul finds Abhi with Purab, she lies about coming to the restaurant alone. Dadi gives Aliya a dress for Pragya, which she secretly replaces with one of Tanu’s dresses. Pragya hesitates to wear it but eventually agrees. When Abhi sees Pragya in the dress, he teases her. Dadi catches Aliya’s trick and confronts her. Abhi accidentally gets Pragya’s lipstick on his cheek, for which Indu teases him. Meanwhile, Bulbul’s family leaves for Aliya’s ‘sangeet’, a pre-nuptial ceremony.

Abhi makes it clear to Pragya that he cannot trust her. Meanwhile, Purab drives Bulbul to the hospital to see Sarla. However, Aliya spots Purab hugging Bulbul and tries to strangle her in a fit of rage. Purab slaps Aliya to save Bulbul from her clutches. Thereafter, Sarla wishes to talk to Abhi to make sure everything is fine between Pragya and him. Later, Dadi coaxes Sarla to stay at her house till she recuperates, while Aliya narrates to Abhi how Purab insulted her.

Abhi cuts ties with Pragya after Ranbeer and Prachi get married. Pragya gets into an accident and believes that Abhi tried to kill her. Two years later, Pragya’s mother is certain of her victory.

Sushma allows Pragya to return to India and recounts how her daughter, Priyanka, had died. Prachi refuses to believe that Pragya is dead. Meanwhile, Baljeet prays for Pragya to return in Abhi’s life.

Pragya is unable to find Abhi anywhere. Meanwhile, a destitute Abhi and the rest struggle with their life in a chawl. Ranbeer tries to coax Prachi into having breakfast before she leaves for work.

Pragya looks for Abhi when she keeps hearing his voice. Prachi gets furious at the landlady for asking Ranbeer to work and not live off of his wife's money. Later, Tanu spots Pragya at the restaurant.

Pragya and Sushma’s car breaks down and Abhi and his friend Sumit, who is a mechanic, are summoned to take a look at it. Meanwhile, Tanu tells Alia about seeing Pragya, but she doesn’t believe her.

Abhi and Pragya fail to see each other despite sensing each other’s presence. Meanwhile, Tanu gets superstitious and paranoid about losing something valuable.

Abhi’s whistle takes Pragya into the past. Tanu and Alia make a big fuss over the cake and taunt Abhi. Prachi remembers how Pallavi drove her and Ranbeer out of the house after they got married.

Pragya acquires the Mehra house, leaving Gautam impressed. Sumit requests Abhi to deliver Pragya's car. Meanwhile, Siddharth learns about Vikram's heart attack and asks Prachi to handle a meeting.

Without realising that it is Abhi, Pragya gets furious with the mechanic who had come to drop off the car. Tanu steals Pragya’s bag, but Pragya suspects the Thapars. Prachi spots Rhea on the road.

The police identify Tanu as the thief and take Pragya along to Tanu's house. Vikram is delighted when Ranbeer visits him while Pallavi remains stern. Alia confronts Tanu about the stolen purse.

Pragya arrives at Abhi’s house with the police and gets Tanu arrested. However, she and Abhi fail to meet each other. Later, Alia tries to prevent Abhi from learning that Pragya has returned.

Baljeet urges Abhi to get Tanu released from jail. Alia stops Tanu from telling Abhi about Pragya’s return. Later, Alia and Tanu scheme to keep Abhi and Pragya from coming face-to-face.

Abhi realises that the complainant is Sushma’s daughter. He wishes to talk to her and convince her to retract the complaint. Sushma tells Pragya about Abhi’s request while Ranbeer snaps at Prachi.

Ranbeer apologises to Prachi. Meanwhile, Sushma learns about the Mehra family and resolves to punish them. Later, Prachi believes that Pragya is alive while Abhi and Pragya come face-to-face.

Abhi rejoices at the sight of Pragya, but he is left bewildered at her behaviour. He questions Tanu for not telling him about Pragya and turns to Pallavi for help to get her released.

Purab comes to Abhi’s aid and gets Tanu released. He ends his marriage with Alia. Ranbeer gets jealous when he finds Prachi talking to Siddharth. Later, Abhi confronts Tanu and Alia.

Tanu tries to instigate Abhi into believing that Pragya hates him. Abhi ponders over the reason behind Pragya’s hostility. Later, Pragya learns that the Mehra house has been put up for auction.

Sushma keeps a condition in front of Pragya. Prachi saves Pallavi from an accident but gets insulted in return. Meanwhile, Abhi learns about the auction and decides to see the house one last time.

Tanu and Alia get worried when they find out that Abhi has gone to Mehra house. Siddharth is mesmerised when he sees Rhea. Abhi and Pragya reminisce about their past while walking around the house.

Pragya accepts defeat before Sushma when she gets affected by the memories of her past. Abhi tries to help her when she gets unwell due to her dust allergy. Alia and Tanu decide to go to the auction.

Abhi gives a fitting response to Pragya and resolves to stop the auction. He impersonates a guest and wins the auction. Meanwhile, Alia and Tanu try to reach Mehra house.

Gautam realises that he has feelings for Pragya. Abhi takes off his disguise and warns Pragya to not challenge or threaten him. When the auction begins again, Alia and Tanu disrupt it.

The guests at the auction assume that the property is disputed and refuse to buy it. Siddharth spots Rhea at the club and video calls Ranbeer. Pragya warns Alia and Tanu to not expect mercy from her.

Baljeet urges Abhi to explain Pragya why he is still with Tanu. Ranbeer fails to see Rhea on the video call, but Prachi hears her voice. Upset with Pragya’s inaction, Sushma urges her to fight back.

The police raid the club, and Siddharth gets mistaken for a drug dealer. However, Rhea comes to his rescue. Having misconstrued Abhi’s words, Pragya’s resolve to avenge herself further strengthens.

Two constables keep an eye on Siddharth and Rhea. Ranbeer and Prachi decide to go to Bengaluru, and they learn that Rhea too is there. Siddharth is left shocked on finding drugs in his pocket.

Bob threatens Saina and finds out Rhea's location while Rhea flushes the drugs. Ranbeer gets questioned by the police at the hotel. Rhea and Siddharth flee before the police could arrest them.

Ranbeer learns that Siddharth has been accused of drug dealing. He and Prachi spot him getting chased by the police, Jack and Jenny. Siddharth and Rhea enter a wedding venue to hide from the pursuers.

Siddharth and Rhea explain their situation to the bride and the groom, who help them by giving them their outfits. Left with no other option, Siddharth and Rhea get married to prove their innocence.

Pragya asks Gautam to meet her. Abhi and Sushma get into an argument. Ranbeer conveys his worries to Siddharth. While a drunk Abhi sees Pragya everywhere, she battles with her emotions.

When Pallavi learns that Siddharth has gotten married, it opens up her past wounds, and she expresses how much she abhors Prachi. However, Prachi pleads with her to forgive Ranbeer and Siddharth.

Rhea shows her face to Pallavi. Siddharth and Rhea explain the events that led to their marriage and call it destiny. Gautam, with an ulterior motive, convinces Pragya to visit his farmhouse with him.

Pallavi welcomes Rhea home while demeaning Prachi. Abhi agrees to deliver Pragya’s car and is directed to go to Gautam’s farmhouse. While at the farmhouse, Gautam insists Pragya to have a drink.

Pallavi holds Prachi responsible for Vikram’s heart attack. Gautam lets Pragya know that he accidentally exchanged their drinks. Abhi overhears Gautam’s plans for Pragya, and they get into a fight.

Abhi cautions Pragya about Gautam, but she rebukes him. A miffed Abhi leaves in her car and resolves to fight back. Daljeet begs Pallavi to save Vikram by letting Ranbeer and Prachi return.

Pragya decides to change her tack in dealing with Abhi. Vikram’s request to Prachi leaves everybody surprised. Sushma learns about the accident and demands Abhi to pay for the damage.

Vikram’s invitation to return home delights Prachi and Ranbeer. The garage’s manager pays the money to Pushpa and threatens Abhi. Confused by Abhi’s actions, Pragya tries asking him about their past.

Pragya shows concern for Abhi and criticises Pushpa’s actions. Daljeet tells Pallavi to welcome Ranbeer and Prachi into the house with all the rituals. Alia and Tanu plot to ruin Pragya’s reputation.

Pragya is surprised to see Abhi working in her office, while he and Gautam get into an argument. Later, Abhi explains why and how he got the job. Meanwhile, Prachi and Ranbeer are welcomed home.

Pallavi insists that they discern over a week who is deserving of the house keys, Prachi or Rhea. Pragya learns that Abhi can’t be fired on the spot, while Gautam is bent on getting rid of him.

The lift Pragya and Abhi are in malfunctions, but she refuses to take his help when it is about to crash. Daljeet overhears Teji and Rhea and advises Prachi to take the competition seriously.

Abhi catches Prachi when she tries to put some money in the cash box and berates her. Tanu and Alia learn about Abhi's job. Daljeet is certain that Prachi will win the house keys.

Gaurav Thapar is brought in to deal with Pragya. Abhi and Gaurav challenge each other. Rhea realises that she has lost Vikram’s prescription. The Thapar brothers plot against Abhi and Pragya.

Pallavi lashes out at Prachi for giving Vikram his medicines without the prescription, but blesses her on learning the truth, leaving her overjoyed. Meanwhile, Gaurav and Gautam execute their plan.

Gaurav plans to make Pragya’s MMS to prevent her from retaliating after taking over her business. Abhi tries to get out of the storeroom on realising that the Thapar brothers are up to something.

Abhi’s feelings for Pragya puts her in a dilemma. Alia overhears Abhi and finds a way to get back at Pragya. Meanwhile, Pragya tells Sushma how she intends to deal with the Thapars.

Pallavi asks Rhea and Prachi to dress traditionally for a special guest. Sushma slaps Gaurav and tells him about Pragya’s press meet. Gaurav joins hands with Alia and Tanu when they approach him.

Alia shares her devious plan against Pragya with Tanu and Gaurav. Pallavi forbids Prachi from helping Rhea. Later, Gaurav calls Sushma and convinces her to let him attend the conference.

Teji is pleased to see the brewing conflict between Rhea and Prachi. At the press meet, Gaurav accuses Pragya of molesting him while Tanu and Alia question her about her multiple marriages.

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Kumkum Bhagya FAQ's

The release date of Kumkum Bhagya is Aug 30, 2015.

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The star cast of Kumkum Bhagya are : Shabir Ahluwalia, Kapil Singh Lalwani, Sriti Jha, Ashlesha Sawant, Aditi Rathore, Mugdha Chaphekar, Mrunal Thakur, Madhurima Tuli, Leena Jumani, Supriya Shukla, Rhea Sharma and Shabbir Ahluwalia.

You can watch Kumkum Bhagya online on ZEE5.

This show is available in Hindi and Telugu languages.

This show is available in Romance, Drama, Other and Family genres.