Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev (देवो के देव... महादेव)

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev (देवो के देव... महादेव)


Hindi | 1 hr 17 min | Release Date Dec 17, 2011

9.4 Digit Binge Rating

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev (देवो के देव... महादेव) : Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Episodes

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev (देवो के देव... महादेव) Storyline

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev" is an Indian mythological television series which originally aired from 2011 to 2014. Mohit Raina played a lead role along with ...Read More

Sonarika Bhadoria, Mouni Roy, Saurabh Raj, Pooja Bose, and Rishina Kandhari. It is a spiritual drama that presents a dramatized version of the legends and stories of Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev. The series focuses on the various aspects of Shiva's character, including his role as a husband to Parvati and Sati, his duties as a god, and his interactions with other gods, goddesses, and demons in Hindu mythology.

The show is celebrated for its elaborate and visually engaging portrayal of ancient Indian mythology, bringing to life various tales from the scriptures, such as the Puranas. It presents complex philosophical concepts and the eternal cycle of creation and destruction, intertwined with engaging stories of devotion, love, and the power of faith.

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Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev (देवो के देव... महादेव) Trailer and Promotional Videos

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Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev (देवो के देव... महादेव) Season and Episode Details

Daksh Punishes Sati

S1 E1

Sati, who is the daughter of Prajapati Daksh, finds a rudraksh while drawing water from river along with her sisters. Prajapati Daksh, an opposer of Lord Shiv, dares to place Vishnu's incomplete idol in the temple. Prajapati Daksh performs Narayani Yagna to please Lord Vishnu as the statue was not entering the temple.

Sati’s punishment

S1 E2

When Shiva reveals himself in all his glory, Prajapati Daksh mocks him and claims he is superior. Shiva vows to destroy his arrogance. Daksh turns on Sati and blames her for the dishonour Shiva caused him. He asks her to choose between obedience to her father and her devotion to Shiva.

Sati vows to keep her word

S1 E3

After announcing punishment for Sati, Prajapati Daksh decides to punish the sculptor who made the shivaling. He is unmoved even as his wife Prasuti pleads in Sati’s favour. Sati’s sisters are concerned that she may not be able to fulfil the conditions of her punishment.

Sati's wish

S1 E4

Sati has to travel far to gather one lakh lotuses and write Vishnu’s name on them as part of her punishment. Meanwhile, the sculptors gather to beg Daksh’s forgiveness but he expels all of them from his kingdom. Saddened, they turn to leave, when Maharishi Dadichi arrives in the royal court.

Daksh expels the sculptors

S1 E5

Maharishi Dadhichi asks Prajapati Daksh not to be so cruel towards the sculptors. But Daksh asks him not to interfere in a king’s decisions. At this point, an exhausted Sati returns to the palace and faints. Is Prajapati Daksh moved by his daughter’s condition?

Sati is exhausted

S1 E6

Sati’s sister Khyati pleads with Saptarishi Bhrigu to stop her father from punishing Sati further. Prasuti also tries to make Daksh change his mind. But the Prajapati vows revenge on Shiva for using Sati to humiliate him. Meanwhile, Sati has a vision that leaves her mesmerised.

Shiva's presence attracts Sati's attention

S1 E7

Seeing Shiva's aura,Sati wakes up from a dream clueless about the hidden significance of it. A perplexed Sati shares about her dream with Aaditi unable to hide her curiosity.

Shiva reveals himself again

S1 E8

Narad Muni arrives in the court of Prajapati Daksh, just as he announces that his literature will completely ignore Shiva. Narad Muni asks Sati about including Shiva in her father’s Vishnu sculpture.

Narad Muni comes to Daksh’s court

S1 E9

Narad conveys the news from Daksh’s court to Shiva. Shiva is aware of Narad’s plan and says he cannot be tied down by Grihastha. Narad leaves, telling Nandi that Sati will change all that.

Shiva's explanation

S1 E10

Sati is trapped in a forest during a storm. Thoughts of Shiva continue to trouble her. Agitated, she demands that Shiva should stop occupying her thoughts and declares that she will not let him conquer her or her father.

Shiva occupies Sati’s thoughts

S1 E11

Sati stays at her task and everyone is concerned as her condition deteriorates. She refuses to give up, and Prajapati Daksh boasts that his daughter will always uphold his principles.

Daksh gets a terrible shock

S1 E12

Sati begs her father’s forgiveness for Shiva’s name on the lotuses and asks him to give her a harsher punishment. But he forgives her and asks her to take over the arrangements of the spring festival.

Daksh forgives Sati

S1 E13

Daksh is angry when he sees Nandi worshipping Sati. She, too, is surprised to learn that Nandi is Lord Shiva's vehicle. In Kailash, Nandi describes Devi Sati to Shiva. He tells Nandi about his Vairagya and that the Grihastha’s life is not for him.

Nandi tells Shiva about Sati

S1 E14

Sati weeps before her father and wonders why Nandi and Shiva are pursuing her. Daksh tells her she must never fear anything, because she is the daughter of the all-powerful Prajapati. He decides to show her how even the five elements obey him.

Daksh flaunts his powers

S1 E15

Daksh convinces Sati that Shiva and his followers have been using her to try and get to the Prajapati, because he is all-powerful. Meanwhile in Kailash, Kan and Pret criticise Nandi for having brought the lotuses with Shiva’s name on them. Then, Sati finds a lotus in the palace garden.

Sati is convinced

S1 E16

Narad Muni reports to Shiva about the events in Prajapati Daksh’s kingdom. Daksh is planning a gathering of the Mahasabha and wants Chandrama to be present. Chandrama’s father Rishi Atri agrees that he should go. What role will Chandrama play in the union of Shiva and Sati?

Daksh summons Chandrama

S1 E17

Daksh announces his desire to destroy Shiva. In Kailash, Nandi goes running to tell Shiva that the sculptor community, descendants of Vishwakarma, have been thrown out by Daksh. Shiva gives them shelter. The sculptors thank Shiva but ask if he would protect Sati, too.

Shiva shelters the sculptors

S1 E18

Daksh punishes the sculptor and his family. Laxmi is upset with Daksh for the punishment he has given Sati. Sati's sister expresses her concern about Sati fulfilling her promise.

Daksh invites Shiva

S1 E19

Daksh announces his decision to invite Shiva to his Mahayagna. In Kailash, Nandi is distressed that every spring season, Shiva retires to the cremation grounds and goes into the ‘samadhi’ state. Narad Muni then explains to him why Shiva does what he does.

Shiva is angry

S1 E20

Narad Muni tells Nandi about Shakti’s connection to Shiva’s Samadhi state. Nandi wants to know if they will be reunited and Narad Muni assures him it will all be revealed in time. But Shiva fumes when Nandi asks him about Sati.

Attempts to bring Shiva to earth

S1 E21

Narad Muni decides that it’s time for Shiva and Sati to meet. He creates a situation by singing so badly that a group of singers who are travelling to the Spring Festival lose consciousness. Narad then calls Shiva to come and save them. Will Shiva oblige?

The spell of Mahadev’s music

S1 E22

Mahadev arrives on earth and sings a raga that revives the group of singers. Sati, who has gone to fetch water for the yagna, also hears the song and begins to dance. When Mahadev sees her stand before him, he vanishes. Narad Muni says his singing was for the betterment of the universe.

Is Sati in love?

S1 E23

When Sati returns to the palace, the singers speak about the magic of Mahadev’s music. Sati confesses that it has had a great effect on her. Meanwhile, dancer Madanike is invited for the Vasant Utsav. She takes one look at Sati and makes a surprising deduction.

Mahadev is invited to the yagna

S1 E24

Madanike insists that Sati has fallen in love, which Sati denies. Meanwhile, Rishi Dadhichi reaches Kailash and extends an invitation for Daksh’s yagna. Mahadev turns him down, saying he has no need for the ways of Mahamandals. Will the rishis be able to change his mind?

Shukracharya is displeased

S1 E25

Mahadev agrees to go to the Mahamandal and tells the rishis he will be entirely responsible for its outcome. Angered that Mahadev is attending the yagna, Shukracharya vows to take on the deities. Narad Muni asks Mahadev not to go to Daksh’s court. But Mahadev has an answer for him.

The Vasant Utsav begins

S1 E26

Placing his faith in Vishnu, Daksh assures the gods that he will protect them from Shukracharya’s army of asuras. Daksh asks Chandrama to ensure that the Vasant Utsav goes off well. In Kailash, Mahadev is again displeased with Nandi for talking about Sati.

Madanike warns Sati

S1 E27

The Asuras decide to attack the gods if the Mahamandal goes against them. During the Vasant Utsav, Sati sings the same melody she heard Mahadev sing in the forest. Madanike learns about Sati’s feelings and warns her of the consequences.

Sati won't act on her feelings

S1 E28

Madanike tells Sati that her love for Mahadev will be disastrous. Sati assures her that she knows the enmity between her father and Mahadev and will not do anything to make it worse. Meanwhile, Shilaad wants to take Nandi with him and Mahadev agrees, but Nandi does not want to leave Mahadev.

Madanike is a Shiva bhakt

S1 E29

Nandi leaves Mahadev against his will. Shilaad comes back to Mahadev to tell him of Nandi’s condition. In Daksh’s palace, Sati is surprised to see Madanike worshipping a Shivaling. Madanike praises Mahadev’s virtues and speaks of her worries for Sati, who is caught between Daksh and Mahadev.

Mahadev brings Nandi back

S1 E30

Mahadev makes Nandi special by ensuring that devotees will henceforth whisper their prayers in his ears and he will convey them to Mahadev. In Daksh’s palace, while Revati complains to her mother about being unhappy in her marriage to Chandrama, Sati sets out to go with Madanike to fetch colours.

Sati and Madanike are separated

S1 E31

Madanike sees a bad omen and doesn’t want to take Sati with her to Rangraj. When they are alone, Sati again tells her that she has no place for Shiva in her heart. But a storm separates them while they are walking through the forest. Prasuti then sends out a search party for Sati.

Shiva saves Sati in the storm

S1 E32

At the time when two seasons meet, the demon Vrittasura unleashes a terrible storm and Sati, who is separated from Madanike, is caught in it. That is when Shiva himself comes to protect Sati from Vrittasura. Rishi Dadhichi and the sculptors also witness the magnificent power of Mahadev.

Sati has a change of heart

S1 E33

While Shiva is deep in trance, he is troubled by thoughts of Sati. She too is lost in Mahadev’s thoughts. Sati looks forward to the Mahamandal, longing to see Mahadev. Meanwhile, Indra tells Daksh that Shukracharya and his army is heading for the Mahamandal.

Mahadev’s charisma sweeps off Sati’s heart

S1 E34

Smeared with ash, draped in animal hide, sitting atop a rock in the shamshan and drinking bhang (Mahadev’s Prasad), Mahadev is absorbed in his meditation amongst the Aghori ascetics.

Sati decides to meet Mahadev

S1 E35

Fearing the results of her love for Mahadev, Madanike scolds Sati. Sati says she cannot help her feelings for Shiva. Although worried, Madanike agrees to stand by her side. Rishi Dadhichi prepares a special place for Mahadev in the Mahamandal. Restless to meet Shiva again, Sati heads for Kailash.

Shiva rejects Sati

S1 E36

Shiva is angry when he sees Sati in Kailash and forces her to return. Sati goes back saddened that he has refused her love. Meanwhile, Shukracharya believes that Shiva is on the side of the gods since he is going to the Mahamandal and he prepares his army for war.

Mahadev arrives for the Mahamandal meeting

S1 E37

Undeterred by Mahadev's rejection, Sati ascertains Madanike about bringing the Mahayogi out of his Vairagya. Preparing for Shaalimar and Tulsi's marriage, enamoured by Mahadev's love, Sati sees Shivaling in place of Shaalimar.

Daksh humiliates Mahadev

S1 E38

As Mahadev approaches his seat, Daksh has it pulled away and destroyed. He continues to insult Shiva. He declares that Shiva’s Vairagya is against the principles of his reign. He then unleashes a terrible curse on Mahadev. It angers Shukracharya, who declares vengeance for the insult to Mahadev.

Mahadev reiterates his feelings

S1 E39

Mahadev is unaffected by Daksh’s curse that no one in his kingdom will worship him. Daksh sends written instructions to Sati and leaves for Brahma Lok. Sati is torn between her devotion for Mahadev and her loyalty to her parents. Later, Madanike asks her a question that leaves her speechless.

Sati is torn

S1 E40

Just as Sati prepares to open her heart to her father, she is shocked by his letter, in which he threatens to go to any length to keep Mahadev out of her life. In Kailash, Narad Muni asks Mahadev why he does not accept Sati, with whom he has been united since the beginning of time. What is Mahadev’s answer?

Prasuti's advice

S1 E41

Deeply upset, Sati tries to understand her mother’s feelings about her devotion to Mahadev. In Brahma Lok, Brahma tells his son Daksh that the union between Shiva and Sati has already been decided. But an arrogant Daksh vows to change that destiny with his powers.

Sati wants answers

S1 E42

Sati’s love for Mahadev keeps growing. She decides to seek out Rishi Dadhichi, who led her to Mahadev in the first place, and ask him to explain to her what is happening in her life. The Rishi tells her the moment for her to accept her destiny has come. The Rudraksha she first found holds the key.

Sati finds her answers

S1 E43

Rishi Dadhichi asks Sati to touch the Shivaling which will end all the conflict in her mind. She obeys and finds that all her doubts and questions are answered. Brahma goes to Mahadev and asks him not to punish Sati for Daksh’s mistakes.

Mahadev and Sati dance together

S1 E44

Prasuti scolds Madanike for encouraging Sati’s devotion to Mahadev. Sati decides to dance until Mahadev joins her. They dance in union, before he disappears. When Daksh arrives on the scene, Sati is still dancing for Mahadev. Sati later faints.

Sati becomes unconscious

S1 E45

Sati faints on an image of Shiva drawn with colours. Daksh is furious and blames Madanike for everything and decides to punish him. In Kailash, Narad Muni continues with his efforts to make Mahadev accept Sati. Meanwhile, Rishi Kashyap makes a terrible prediction.

Sati enters the Yoga Nidra state

S1 E46

Rishi Kashyap informs Daksh that Sati has entered the Yoga Nidra state, after she and Mahadev danced together. He says she can only be awakened by Mahadev’s touch. Daksh refuses the solution and announces that he will give half his kingdom and powers to anyone who can awaken Sati.

Sati’s condition gets worse

S1 E47

Rishi Dadhichi and Kashyap find Mahadev in Yoga Nidra Samadhi. Nandi warns of trouble if they attempt to wake him. The Rishis are confused about what to do with Mahadev. Meanwhile, Daksh summons the Navagrahas, the nine planets, to awaken Sati; will they be successful?

Daksh decides to revive Sati

S1 E48

Sati begins to show signs of slipping into Chir Yoga Nidra, from which she can never wake up. An arrogant Daksh believes he can revive Sati and begins to summon all his powers. Meanwhile, Mahadev emerges from his Samadhi and comes to Sati.

Shiva's advice to Sati

S1 E49

Sati is woken by Mahadev’s touch and is overjoyed to see him. But he asks her not to go against her father’s wishes. Sati explains to her mother that Shiva had only come to save Daksh from losing his kingdom. Prasuti responds angrily and asks Sati to first throw Shiva out of her heart.

Madanike leaves the palace

S1 E50

Prasuti accuses Madanike of being disloyal to the family. Daksh also says that what she’s done cannot be pardoned. Sati manages to hand over the Shivaling to Madanike and pleads with her parents to stop Madanike from leaving. But they are unmoved.

Prasuti tells Sati to be truthful

S2 E1

Sati is still lost in Shiva’s thoughts. Prasuti assures her husband that it’s only a passing phase and Sati will get over it. She advises Sati that she must be truthful and tell her father that she has given up the delusions about Shiva. Sati is confused by conflicting thoughts.

Daksh draws a Daksh rekha

S2 E2

Sati confesses her love for Mahadev to her father. An angry Daksh creates a Daksh Rekha around her and tells her that she or Shiva must never cross it.

Daksh puts a curse on Chandrama

S2 E3

Revati is upset that Chandrama ignores her and prefers his other wife Rohini. Daksh tells Chandrama to give equal attention to Revati.

Mahadev’s anger worries the gods

S2 E4

An angry Mahadev sets out to destroy Daksh. The gods begin to fear that his anger may harm Sati. Narada rushes to Lord Vishnu asking him to help calm Mahadev.

Vishnu asks for a new planet

S2 E5

Lord Vishnu appears before Daksh and says he has upset the balance of the universe by destroying Chandrama and asks him to create a new planet in place of Chandrama

Lakshmi disguises herself as Sati

S2 E6

Sati is sent to bring soil from the River Saraswati for a planet that Daksh is creating. Goddess Lakshmi takes the form of Sati and comes to the palace.

Shiva’s anger is calmed

S2 E7

Narad Muni marvels at the miracles of Vishnu and Lakshmi, which they performed so that the Daksh Rekha could be removed and Sati could do the Shiva puja to calm Shiva’s anger.

How Maha Shivaratri came to be

S2 E8

Mahadev saves Chandrama from Daksh’s plan to create a new planet. Shiva wears the crescent moon in his hair to protect Chandrama from Daksh.

Mahadev agrees to meet Sati

S2 E9

Sati is deeply saddened by Mahadev continuing to ignore her and shares her feelings with Madanike. The dancer consoles her and then requests Mahadev to meet Sati.

Mahadev reveals the truth

S2 E10

Mahadev tells Sati that it is impossible for them to be together. She begs him not to punish her because of his enmity with her father.

Mahadev spares Daksh’s life

S2 E11

Angered by Daksh, Mahadev aims his Trishul at him. But he lets Daksh go when Sati pleads for his life.

Sati's Nanda Vrat

S2 E12

Prajapati Daksh swears that Sati will never be joined with Mahadev, but Anusuya asks her to keep the Nanda Vrat and attain the Lord through devotion.

Daksh's plans

S2 E13

Revati gives Sati the Nanda Vrat, the book which prescribes its rituals. But she is very disturbed when she is unable to open it.

Sati continues with the Vrat

S2 E14

Daksh assures Sati that her marriage will only be with his consent. Sati, meanwhile, follows the rituals of the Nanda Vrat and shapes a clay Shivaling.

The Jal Samadhi

S2 E15

Sati tries to stop her parents from doing Jal Samadhi. But Daksh is sure that he has fulfilled his role as a father and must leave the world.

Sati agrees to obey her father

S2 E16

Sati promises Daksh that she will marry the man he chooses for her. Lakshmi expresses her concern about Sati to Vishnu.

Tarakasur Boasts of his Power

S2 E17

Daksh is delighted on learning about Sati's devotion in Lord Vishnu. Sati decides to immerse the Shivling.

Plans to immerse the Shivaling

S2 E18

When Sati goes to immerse the Shivaling, Lakshmi asks Vishnu why she is being kept apart from Shiva when she was born to marry him.

Mahadev saves Sati

S2 E19

Mahadev slays the monster which attacks Sati. On Nandi’s request, Mahadev asks Sati not to immerse the Shivaling.

Trying to forget Shiva

S2 E20

Daksh goes ahead with plans for Sati’s marriage. Revati tells Prasuti about Sati’s devotion to Mahadev and she conveys it to Daksh.

Daksh's wish

S2 E21

Prasuti tells Daksh about the Trishul mark on Sati’s arm. Enraged, Daksh demands an explanation and vows to destroy the symbol.

The Trishul mark on Sati's arm

S2 E22

Sati fails to burn away the mark on her arm. She requests Mahadev to stay out of her life. To Prasuti’s surprise, the mark on Sati’s arm vanishes on its own.

Brahma agrees to help

S2 E23

Prasuti asks Prajapati Daksh to seek Brahma Dev’s help in Sati’s marriage. Brahma holds Daksh responsible for the problems, but promises to find a suitable match for Sati.

Mahadev saves Sati from Gantak

S2 E24

Even as Tarakasur sends Gantak to kill Sati, Mahadev comes to her rescue. An angry Tarakasur beheads Gantak for not following his orders.

The gods approach Mahadev

S2 E25

Prajapati Daksh tells Sati that Rishi Angira will seek her hand in marriage for his son. She agrees to obey her father.

Revati tries to convince Sati

S2 E26

Narad muni, Chandrama and Nandi request Mahadev to visit Sati, but in vain. Prasuti forces Bhrugu Maharishi to take the responsibilities of Sati’s marriage.

Prajapati Daksh is worried

S2 E27

Prajapati Daksh is worried about Sati’s health and also anxious about her marriage to Sadhbhish.

Prasuti Protests Against Daksh

S2 E28

Sati's health deteriorates. Daksh is adamant on getting her married to an ugly Sadhbhish and prepares for the same.

Prasuti is against Daksh’s plans

S2 E29

Prasuti is unhappy with Daksh’s choice of groom for Sati and says it is a curse on her daughter to be married off to the ugly Sadhbhish.

Lakshmi appears before Daksh

S2 E30

Lord Brahma tells Daksh that Jata can make Sadhbhish handsome, even as Prasuti protests that he is not a suitable groom for her daughter.

Daksh goes to meet Jata

S2 E31

When Daksh reaches Jata’s abode, he has to first get past his servant who has vowed to humble the arrogant Prajapati.

Jata promises to help Daksh

S2 E32

Prajapati Daksh seeks Jata’s help to transform Sadhbhish into a handsome person. Jata’s servant tries to prevent Daksh’s wish being granted.

Sati hears Jata sing

S2 E33

Prajapati Daksh welcomes Jata to his palace where he sings a song that mesmerises Sati.

Sati feels healed

S2 E34

Sati believes the music she heard is a blessing from the gods and feels healed. Daksh, meanwhile, asks Jata to complete his task.

Jata’s true nature revealed

S2 E35

Jata asks Sati to stay around him, while he is engaged in sculpting a figure of Sadhbhish.

Mahadev blesses a boy

S2 E36

Jata refuses the comforts of the palace and wishes to stay in a village. There, a small boy stands on a Shivaling while reaching for a Bilva fruit.

Jata saves Sati

S2 E37

Jata arrives at Sukarna’s house, carrying fruits and toys, and introduces himself as his maternal uncle. Sukarna’s mother knows it is Mahadev.

Sevakram tells Sati a love story

S2 E38

Jata’s servant Sevakram tells Sati the story of Jata’s love for a princess who betrayed him. Sati, in turn, tells Sevakram about her connection with Mahadev.

Sati learns who Jata is

S2 E39

Sati sees Mahadev in Jata and he reveals that he has come to earth as a sculptor.

Sati's request to Mahadev

S2 E40

Sati is angry when Mahadev insists on her marrying Sadhbhish. She tells Revati the truth about Jata and Revati asks her to marry Mahadev.

Prasuti and Daksh are pleased

S2 E41

Prajapati Daksh and Prasuti are pleased by the new image of Sadhbhish. Even Sati appreciates Jata’s work.

Marriage rituals begin

S2 E42

Sati is pursued by Sadhbhish, who has a monster within him. Rishi Dadhichi is not able to help Sati, but Mahadev slays the monster.

Sadhbhish changes back

S2 E43

Sadhbhish confesses his guilt to Prajapati Daksh and Sati. His attractive image sculpted by Jata changes back to his original ugliness.

The truth about Jata

S2 E44

Sati tells Revati that Mahadev had arrived on earth only for her and that she wishes to go with him to Kailash. But Jata advises her to obey her father.

The rishis make a prediction

S2 E45

Joyous after her meeting with Jata, Sati decides to take his advice. Rishi Kashyap is annoyed by Daksh’s arrogance and predicts that Sati’s marriage will only be with Lord Shiva.

Prasuti's efforts

S2 E46

Prasuti tries to enlighten Daksh about Lord Shiva’s real nature, expressing her desire that her daughter should be united with Mahadev.

Daksh arranges a Swayamvar

S2 E47

Daksh wants to conduct Sati’s marriage quickly. Prasuti is in despair and prays to Lord Shiva to protect Sati.

Mahadev appears before Sati

S2 E48

Daksh is furious to see that Sati has garlanded an idol of Lord Shiva. Sati is in deep prayer and Mahadev, moved by her devotion, appears before her.

A celestial wedding

S2 E49

Prajapati Daksh drags Sati away from the marriage venue. Brahma and Vishnu appear before Daksh and insist that he should give Sati in marriage to Shiva.

Prasuti blesses Shiva and Sati

S2 E50

Lord Vishnu and Brahma wish Mahadev and Sati on the auspicious occasion. Lord Shiva asks Sati to seek the blessing of her parents.

Sati expresses her happiness

S3 E1

After their marriage, Sati tells Mahadev that her every desire has been fulfilled. She apologises to him for all the humiliation he has suffered.

The wedding feast doesn’t go well

S3 E2

Vijaya, Sati’s sister, arrives just as the wedding feast is being planned. She taunts Shiva for making his home in the Himalayas.

Sati apologises to her father

S3 E3

The guests from Kailash don’t know the ways of the palace, but Mahadev is happy to eat with them.

Mahadev at Daksh's yagna

S3 E4

On Daksh’s invitation, Mahadev decides to attend his yagna before leaving for Kailash. Vijaya keeps trying to influence Sati against Mahadev.

Daksh insults Mahadev

S3 E5

Daksh stops Mahadev from participating in the yagna, saying that with the animal skin around his waist and the snake around his neck, he is not clean enough to attend the ritual.

Daksh apologises to Mahadev

S3 E6

Vijaya asks Daksh to persuade Lord Shiva to stay on in the palace with Sati. Daksh has a change of heart and requests Shiva to stay.

Sati decides to leave for Kailash

S3 E7

Sati does not wish to stay at the palace and wants to leave for Kailash with her consort at the earliest. Daksh agrees and Prasuti blesses Sati.

Mahadev tames River Saraswati

S3 E8

The waters of the Saraswati river rise up in the path of Mahadev and Sati. He dips his foot in the river and Saraswati appears before them.

Daksh has not given up

S3 E9

Sati’s sisters bid her a sad farewell. Daksh is still angry because his daughter is departing with his curses, rather than his blessings.

Sati leaves for Kailash

S3 E10

Sati assures Prasuti that she will perform her marital duties perfectly. Daksh gifts some luxurious things to Shiva as Sati is used to live a royal life.

Sati's three promises

S3 E11

Sati makes three promises to Lord Shiva: she will obey him at all times; she will never lie to him; and she will never hide anything from him.

The story of Atharva Veda

S3 E12

Saraswati is made the judge for the debate between Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma’s sons.

Lord Shiva slays Chitrasur

S3 E13

Chitrasur disguises himself as Mahadev and comes to kill Sati. Lord Shiva is enraged and beheads the asura. Sati is scared to see Lord Shiva’s anger.

Sati is now aware of her power

S3 E14

Sati enters Kailash after performing the necessary rituals in the presence of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Shiva-Sati union: Kailash gears up

S3 E15

Rati and Kamdev want to decorate Kailash for the union of Shiv and Shakti and Mahadev agrees. Sati awaits the moment with eager anticipation.

Lord Shiva stages a funny drama

S3 E16

Lord Shiva saves the gods from Tarakasur. Sati, however, is upset with him for leaving her alone on the first night of their marriage.

Daksh clashes with Mahadev

S3 E17

Both Mahadev and Daksh are invited to a yagna at Brahma's abode. Mahadev comes forward to bless Daksh. But he turns away and denounces Shiva.

Sati prays to Mahadev

S3 E18

Tarakasur covers the sun and Sati prays to Lord Shiva and asks him to save mankind from the demon. But he is in the service of Vidyunmali.

Sati angers Shiva

S3 E19

Sati is reluctant to believe that Rama is a god and that he is virtuous. She takes the form of Sita to test him. But Rama realizes who she is.

Lord Shiva fumes at Sati

S3 E20

Sati decides to test Sri Ram to find out if he is God. However, Sri Ram learns she is Sati. Lord Shiva is livid with Sati and refuses to consider her his wife.

Sati's decision

S3 E21

Tarakasur disguises himself as Narad Muni and persuades Sati to go to her father’s yagna without Lord Shiva. Vijaya, too, convinces Sati.

Sati argues with Shiva

S3 E22

Lord Shiva is pleased with Shukracharya’s penance and grants him the boon of Sanjeevni Vidya. Sati wishes to go to Daksh’s yagna with Lord Shiva.

Sati set to go to Daksh’s yagna

S3 E23

Sati insists that Mahadev should come to Daksh’s yagna, but he is firm in his refusal. Meanwhile, Daksh seeks Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi’s presence at the yagna.

Daksh doesn’t welcome Sati

S3 E24

Mahadev and Nandi try to stop Sati, but she is determined to attend her father’s yagna. Lord Vishnu and Brahma request Mahadev to go to the yagna, but he is unshaken.

Rishi Dadhichi curses Daksh

S3 E25

Rishi Dadhichi curses Daksh that he will not able to complete the yagna because the Prajapati has disrespected Lord Shiva.

Sati tries to give up her life

S3 E26

Daksh continues to humiliate Sati by heaping abuse on Mahadev. She criticises Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Lakshmi for not controlling Daksh.

Sati shows herself as Adi Shakti

S3 E27

Daksh’s ceremony is ruined. Unable to stand her father’s atrocities, Sati decides to end her life in the fire. She prays to the Agni Devta to consume her, but the fire god refuses.

Mahadev declares war on Daksh

S3 E28

Sati destroys herself, triggering Mahadev’s anger. He does the Tandav and declares a war of revenge against Daksh.

The Gods Fear Destruction

S3 E29

The deities urge Lord Brahma to stop Mahadev from avenging Sati’s death.

Daksh dies

S3 E30

Mahadev is tormented by Sati’s death. Lord Vishnu conveys to him that Daksh has redeemed himself with his death and reminds him of the importance of Daksh's reincarnation.

Tarakasur rejoices

S3 E31

Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu come to console Lord Shiva, who tells them he feels lifeless without Sati at his side.

Vishnu disposes of Sati's body

S3 E32

Tarakasur’s armies begin to attack common people and saints. The deities approach Lord Vishnu, who asks them to choose between Tarakasur’s death and an end to Mahadev’s sorrow.

Mahadev’s grief continues

S3 E33

Nandi is tormented by Mahadev's grief and wants to make him understand Sati's power. But Mahadev pays no attention to him.

Mahadev recalls Sati

S3 E34

Mahadev realises Sati’s existence on seeing parts of her shakti peethas. Lord Vishnu and Brahma pray to Adi Shakti for Mahadev’s welfare.

Mahadev returns to his God state

S4 E1

The spirit of Sati appears before Lord Shiva and asks him to return to his Godly state and do what he must for them to be reunited.

Shiva sets up the Shakti Peetha

S4 E2

Lord Shiva assumes the form of Kalbhairav, defeats the asuras and blesses Rishi Dadhichi.

Shiva rejoices at seeing Sati

S4 E3

When the Earth refuses to obey Tarakasur and destroy Sati’s remains, he threatens to demolish the Planet.

Mahadev saves the Earth

S4 E4

Adi Shakti urges Mahadev to act against Tarakasur and protect the universe from him. Mahadev summons his powers and saves the earth from destruction.

Shakti Peethas are established

S4 E5

Vidyunmali fights with Him Naresh to destroy the ‘pind’ that he is protecting. Shiva arrives there and Vidyunmali runs away.

Brahma's request to Ganga

S4 E6

Tarakasur plots to destroy the purity of the heavens. Brahma meets Him Naresh and asks him to send Ganga to heaven so it can be purified.

Adi Shakti is born

S4 E7

Indra asks Ganga the reason for her sadness and she tells him that she wishes to marry Mahadev. Indra, in turn, reveals to Ganga the facts about the birth of Adi Shakti.

Adi Shakti is named Parvati

S4 E8

Bahurupa, who sets out to kill Adi Shakti, is redeemed from a curse by the Goddess. Rishi Markandeya takes the child back to Menavati.

Parvati plays the damru

S4 E9

Him Naresh goes to war, leaving Parvati and Menavati in Rishi Dadhichi’s ashram. Tarakasur sends out spies to find Parvati and is angry when he fails to get any information.

Tarakasur plots to kill Parvati

S4 E10

Menavati scolds Parvati for her actions. Rishi Dadhichi gives the little girl a Shiva idol and asks her to worship the Lord.

Menavati becomes unconscious

S4 E11

Menavati is worried for Parvati’s safety and wants to take her to another place. Menavati then falls and becomes unconscious.

Parvati’s prayers save Menavati

S4 E12

Menavati is saved by Parvati’s prayers and tells her daughter that she will not come in the way of her devotion to Shiva.

Him Naresh meets Daksh in Kashi

S4 E13

Him Naresh takes Parvati to Kashi. There, they meet Daksh and Prasuti. Daksh tells Him Naresh not to repeat the mistakes he made.

Parvati meets Sati

S4 E14

Menavati scolds Parvati for dancing in the graveyard. Parvati is shocked when her mother says that she will not allow her and Shiva to be joined as long as she is alive.

Parvati listens to Sati

S4 E15

After meeting Sati, Parvati tells her mother that she will respect and obey the sentiments of her parents. Him Naresh and his family return to their kingdom.

Parvati learns cooking

S4 E16

Menavati teaches Parvati various feminine skills such as cooking and is amazed to see how talented she is.

Menavati enlightens Parvati

S4 E17

Jaya informs Parvati that she will marry the Vindhyachal prince. Menavati and Him Naresh want Parvati to abandon her devotion to Mahadev.

Menavati's advice

S4 E18

Lord Vishnu appears before Him Naresh and informs him that Parvati is destined to marry Lord Shiva. He persuades the king to remove any obstacles in their way.

Parvati's decision upsets Naresh

S4 E19

Menavati wants Parvati to marry Rajkumar Dandak and urges her to give up her feelings for Mahadev. Parvati vows to obey her wishes.

Dadhichi enlightens Parvati

S4 E20

Lord Vishnu sends Rishi Dadhichi to inform Parvati about Mahadev. Dadhichi helps Parvati awaken her devotion for Mahadev and gives her Bel Patra in order to meet him.

Parvati pleads Mahadev

S4 E21

Parvati crosses obstacles to meet Lord Shiva on Dadhichi’s instructions. She pleads Lord Shiva to teach her how to become a good wife to him.

Indradev's order

S4 E22

Sati’s sisters give Lord Shiva’s rudraksh and veena to Parvati so that Lord Shiva can recognise her.

Kamdev helps Parvati

S4 E23

Sati’s sisters groom Parvati like a bride. Parvati makes a wish in Nandi’s ears that Lord Shiva accepts her as his wife.

Mahadev is angry

S4 E24

An angry Mahadev burns Kamdev with his trinetra for interrupting his meditation. Devi Rati is upset about Kamdev’s death.

Rati curses Parvati

S4 E25

Rati blames Parvati for Kamdev’s death and curses her with infertility. Lord Vishnu persuades her to remove the curse

Parvati's determination

S4 E26

Parvati agrees to marry Rajkumar Dandak, as proposed by Menavati. Lord Vishnu and Nandi convince Lord Shiva to acknowledge Parvati as his wife.

Vishnu enlightens Mahadev

S4 E27

Menavati allows Parvati to marry Mahadev. But Mahadev continues to ignore Parvati’s devotion. Narad advises Parvati to transform herself to seek Mahadev’s love.

Narad's suggestion

S4 E28

Narad advises Parvati to fast for sixteen consecutive Mondays and to use bel leaves to worship Shiva, instead of fruits and flowers.

Lord Vishnu helps Parvati

S4 E29

Lord Vishnu helps Parvati make a Shivaling. Mahadev challenges her, saying she cannot perform the puja.

Narand and Nandi help Parvati

S4 E30

Him Naresh helps Parvati reach Manasarovar. Mahadev wants Parvati to perform the rituals by herself.

Mahadev's devotee prays Parvati

S4 E31

Parvati wants Mahadev to welcome her to Kailash, but is saddened to find that he is no longer there.

Mahadev saves Parvati

S4 E32

Menavati interrupts Parvati before she finishes the puja. Nagraj Kadru and Vidyunmali hold Naresh hostage.

Mahadev's test for Parvati

S4 E33

Tarakasur seeks Shukracharya’s permission to take Vrithasur’s help.

Mahadev blesses Parvati

S4 E34

Parvati passes the test and the Saptarishis shower her with blessings. Mahadev also appears before her in the form of a devotee to offer his blessings.

Tarakasur attacks Devraj Indra

S5 E1

Mahadev is delighted by Parvati’s devotion to him. Tarakasur attacks Devraj Indra and the deities.

Mahadev punishes Indra

S5 E2

Bhagirath tries to protect the environment and the deities from Tarakasur’s attack. Mahadev is furious after learning that Indra is attempting to disturb Parvati’s Sadhana.

Dadhichi rescues the deities

S5 E3

While Indra apologises to Mahadev, Rishi Dadhichi uses his miraculous powers to save the deities from Tarakasur’s attack.

Parvati refuses to eat

S5 E4

Mahadev instructs Ganga to flow after placing her in his hair. She follows Bhagirath, aiming to deliver holy water to the whole world.

Lord Shiva is impressed with Goddess Parvati's devotion

S5 E5

Lord Shiva is impressed with Goddess Parvati's devotion and remarkable tenacity and accepts her as his wife. He feels sad for hurting Goddess Parvati and breaks into tears.

Mahadev revives Kamdev

S5 E6

Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Lakshmi are delighted by Mahadev's decision to accept Parvati as his wife.

Tarakasur's plan of destruction

S5 E7

Tarakasur is outraged when he learns about Mahadev and Parvati’s relationship. He orders his sons to capture Swarglok and destroy the gods.

Menavati agrees to the marriage

S5 E8

Menavati is happy with Mahadev’s dance performance. But she is furious when she finds out about his intention to marry her daughter.

Mahadev's disguise

S5 E9

Lord Vishnu informs Mahadev that if Him Naresh performs Parvati’s Kanyadan, the earth will turn into a desert.

Parvati's reminder

S5 E10

Parvati assures Him Naresh that Mahadev was criticizing himself and reminds Naresh of his responsibilities.

Vishnu acts as Parvati's brother

S5 E11

Dadhichi and the Saptarishis put forth the proposal to Naresh. He readily agrees to the marriage and visits Kailash for pre-marriage rituals.

Mahadev protects the deities

S5 E12

Parvati’s grandmother is worried when she finds out that Mahadev is entirely different from them in terms of thoughts and rites.

Nandi sacrifices himself

S5 E13

Parvati assures an angry Menavati that Mahadev will never disappoint her. Meanwhile, Tarakasur attacks Nandi in Mahapash.

Shukracharya revives Nandi

S5 E14

Shukracharya calms Mahadev by reviving Nandi’s life using the Sanjeevani Vidya. Parvati is astonished that Ganga will be attending the marriage ceremony.

Naresh invites Daksh

S5 E15

Daksh extends his blessings to Parvati through Naresh. Meanwhile, Mahadev refuses to accept the many gifts offered to him.

Parvati's orders for Anusuya

S5 E16

Anasuya is given the task of supervising the preparations for the wedding. Narad Muni tells Mahadev about Durvasa’s plan to curse him.

Durvasa curses Mahadev

S5 E17

Mahadev’s devotees misbehave with Durvasa. An angry Durvasa curses Mahadev’s marriage.

Mahadev's wedding procession

S5 E18

Parvati assures a worried Menavati that her marital life will be wonderful.

Mahadev reaches Parvati's place

S5 E19

Mahadev sets off on his wedding procession, accompanied by his devotees. Shukracharya and the demons also join the procession

Lord Vishnu grooms Mahadev

S5 E20

Menavati is outraged when Mahadev offers her a snake as a gift. Overcome by anger, she refuses to let Parvati marry Mahadev.

Garlands are exchanged

S5 E21

Menavati is delighted to see Mahadev after he assumes his graceful form and welcomes him. Mahadev and Parvati exchange garlands.

Mahadev eats the wedding food

S5 E22

Mahadev eats all the food prepared for the wedding and Nandi persuades Parvati to stop him. Parvati feeds Mahadev with her hands.

Nandi defeats the scholars

S5 E23

Mahadev receives an invitation to participate in a debate. He sends his Shivgans, who answer all the questions in a witty manner.

Mahadev marries Parvati

S5 E24

Menavati requests Mahadev to marry Parvati in his actual form. Mahadev marries Parvati following all the customs and rituals and he brings to her attention, the importance of their marriage.

Mahadev and Parvati tie the knot

S5 E25

Mahadev and Parvati tie the wedding knot. The couple performs all the necessary rituals following the wedding.

Mahadev's decision

S5 E26

Parvati gets emotional as she leaves her parents. In an attempt to make Parvati happy, Mahadev decides to stay at Naresh’s house.

Parvati persuades Mahadev

S5 E27

The deities express their concern over Mahadev’s decision to stay in Naresh’s house.

Parvati leaves her maternal home

S5 E28

Parvati receives blessings from her elders as she prepares to leave her maternal home.

Mahadev forgives Daksh

S5 E29

On the way to Kailash, Parvati wishes to repay Daksh’s debt. Mahadev forgives Daksh and releases him from his curse.

Dhumralochan attacks the Devas

S5 E30

Dhumralochan attacks the Devas, who seek Dadhichi's help. Parvati learns, while travelling through the Daruk Forest, that the rishis of Daruk were glorified as Gods by their wives.

Parvati challenges Mahadev

S5 E31

Parvati challenges Mahadev to make the rishi patnis worship him. Mahadev plays the flute which impresses the women.

Parvati enters Kailash

S5 E32

Mahadev and Parvati reach Kailash, where she performs the after-marriage rituals as Mahadev’s wife.

Parvati's lunch invitation

S5 E33

Mahadev and Parvati invite their devotees for lunch, where she requests them to honour Anna Devta. Lord Vishnu announces the destruction of evil powers by Parvati.

Parvati confronts Mahadev

S5 E34

Parvati breaks into tears as Mahadev reveals the mysteries of his life. Mahadev feeds Parvati with his own hands in an act of affection.

Lekha visits Mahadev

S5 E35

Mahadev fumes at Parvati for not obeying his orders. Lekha disguises herself as Parvati and approaches Mahadev for an apology.

Shumbh and Nishumbh kill Lekha

S5 E36

Mahadev challenges Lekha and Parvati to feed the demons in a crematorium in order to identify the real Parvati.

Mahadev fumes at Parvati

S5 E37

Mahadev gives Tantragyan to Parvati on her insistence. During the instruction, Parvati accidentally falls asleep. Mahadev punishes her by asking her to take rebirth as a fisherwoman.

Sukarma finds Parvati

S5 E38

Determined to obey Mahadev, Parvati leaves Kailash. She is reborn as a fisherwoman and attains a new-born baby’s form.

Sukarma accepts Parvati

S5 E39

Sukarma adopts Parvati as his daughter and names her Matsya. He instructs her to concentrate on a conch while going fishing.

Mahadev rescues Rishi Gautam

S5 E40

Pitambar provokes the people of Trimbak to kill Gautam. Mahadev comes to Gautam’s rescue and he, in turn, requests Mahadev to purify the polluted pond.

The Jyotirling in Trimbak

S5 E41

Mahadev establishes Jyotirling into Trimbak and names it Trimbakeshwar. Ganga starts to flow in Trimbak as Godavari.

Sukarma proposes a marriage

S5 E42

When Matsya fails to catch a big fish, Sukarma announces that whoever succeeds in catching it will be chosen as Matsya’s groom.

Parvati recognizes Mahadev

S5 E43

Mahadev meets Matsya and presents her his idol. Matsya then recollects her past and recognises Mahadev.

Mahadev enlightens Parvati

S5 E44

Tarakasur orders Raktabeej and Dhumralochan to destroy the earth. Lord Vishnu advises the devotees to seek Mahadev’s help to save them from the attack.

Adi Shakti kills Dhumralochan

S5 E45

The gods split into two groups in order to attack Raktabeej. Parvati decides to save the gods, transforms into Adi Shakti and kills Dhumralochan.

Parvati insults Mahadev

S5 E46

Parvati, in the form of Kali, steps on Mahadev’s chest as he attempts to calm her down. She apologises to Mahadev and becomes gloomy.

Mahadev invents a game

S5 E47

Mahadev invents the game of Chauser and succeeds in cheering up Parvati. Vishnu informs Indradev and the other deities that Mahadev and Parvati’s son will kill Tarakasur.

Parvati sets the rules

S5 E48

Parvati and Mahadev play Chauser and Mahadev keeps winning as he sets no rules for the game.

Tarakasur's sons won't meet him

S5 E49

Parvati is angered by Mahadev’s act of giving boons to Tarakasur’s sons. Tarakasur’s sons, being strict devotees of Mahadev, refuse to meet their father.

Parvati leaves

S5 E50

Naresh and Menavati decide to take Parvati to the Himalayas. Parvati is elated upon reaching her maternal home.

Parvati misses Mahadev

S5 E51

Mahadev and Parvati find it hard to stay away from each other. He disguises himself as an astrologer and visits her abode.

Menavati apologises to Mahadev

S5 E52

While the astrologer reveals Mahadev's identity, Him Naresh asks his wife bid Parvati farewell.

The trip to Amarnath

S6 E1

Mahadev and Parvati decide to leave for Amarnath. Mahadev assures a distressed Parvati that they will be blessed with a child.

Entering the Amarnath cave

S6 E2

Parvati and Mahadev leave for the seclusion of Amarnath. Tarakasur orders his sons to kill Mahadev’s son once he takes birth but they refuse to do so.

Tarakasur's attempts

S6 E3

Tarakasur arrives at Amarnath to destroy the energy from which Mahadev and Parvati’s son would take birth.

Parvati curses the gods

S6 E4

Parvati attains the form of Durga and curses the Devas and their wives. She also curses Agnidev, who convinces Ganga to contain Mahadev and Parvati’s energy inside her.

Parvati curses Ganga

S6 E5

Ganga accepts Mahadev and Parvati’s energy. Mahadev orders Ganga to visit the Udayachal hills as Tarakasur attempts to snatch it from her.

The six sons

S6 E6

Mahadev and Parvati’s energy transforms into six sons. A group of ladies from Kritika Lok saves Parvati’s sons from Tarakasur.

Mahadev names his sons

S6 E7

The Kritikas understand Parvati’s feelings and return her sons to her. Mahadev transforms his six sons into one and names him Kartikay.

Narad is elated to see Kartikay

S6 E8

Parvati expresses her inability to remove Ganga’s curse. As a remedy, Mahadev blesses Prithvi. Tarakasur is bent on killing Kartikay.

The Kritikas cradle Kartikay

S6 E9

Upset over her son’s absence, Parvati builds a statue of him and adores it. Meanwhile, the Kirtikas cradle Kartikay.

Kartikay's refusal

S6 E10

Mahadev informs the Kritikas that they are arriving to take Kartikay to Kailash. The Kritikas refuse to part with Kartikay, who also does not wish to leave with Mahadev and Parvati.

The Kritikas bid farewell

S6 E11

The Kritikas persuade Kartikay to go with Mahadev and Parvati. Mahadev, in return, grants a boon to the Kritikas. They bid farewell to Kartikay.

Mahadev saves Kartikay

S6 E12

Tarakasur sends Badhvanal to kill Kartikay. However, Mahadev rescues Kartikay from danger.

Taraksur meditates to Lord Brahma

S6 E13

Parvati is unhappy when Kartikay refuses to become a warrior and informs her that he is scared of Tarakasur.

Kartikay agrees to fight

S6 E14

Mahadev sends Nandi, transformed as a tiger, to attack Parvati and Kartikay. Kartikay bravely fights the tiger.

Mahadev trains Kartikay

S6 E15

Mahadev starts Kartikay’s training and orders him to compete with Nandi. Kartikay gives tough competition to Nandi.

Kartikay passes Mahadev's tests

S6 E16

Kartikay passes Mahadev’s test and receives blessings from him and Nandi. Lord Vishnu suggests that Mahadev should appoint Kartikay as Senapati.

Parvati blesses Kartikay

S6 E17

Parvati offers her blessings to Kartikay so he can defeat Tarakasur. Lord Vishnu appoints Kartikay as Senapati and teaches him his duties.

Kartikay challenges Mahadev

S6 E18

Kartikay becomes over-confident about his powers and challenges Mahadev to fight him.

Kartikay and Tarakasur's battle

S6 E19

Mahadev challenges Kartikay to fight with one of the Shivgans. The Shivgan defeats Kartikay, who realises his mistake and apologises.

Kartikay kills Tarakasur

S6 E20

Tarakasur creates a Suraksha Vyuh and challenges Kartikay to reach him. Kartikay penetrates the Vyuh and is injured in the process.

Tarakasur's father vows revenge

S6 E21

Mahadev receives appreciation from everyone and Parvati calls him the best husband. Kartikay thanks everyone for their help in defeating Tarakasur.

Kartikay finds a bow

S6 E22

Narad Muni suggests that Indradev’s position in heaven should be given to Kartikay. Mahadev disapproves and comforts his dejected son.

Indradev insults Kartikay

S6 E23

Indradev takes credit for defeating Tarakasur and insults Kartikay. Narad Muni orders Indradev to wait for Kartikay to sit on the throne.

Meenakshi receives a boon

S7 E1

Meenakshi wishes to marry Mahadev, who informs her that he is already married to Parvati and grants her a boon.

Kartikay kills Tare

S7 E2

Kartikay visits the Kritika Lok but gets upset when they treat him as Senapati instead of their son. Tare challenges Kartikay to a fight.

Mahishasur receives his orders

S7 E3

Kartikay is tormented by the killing and vows not to engage in any fights without Mahadev’s permission. Meanwhile, Tarakasur’s father assigns Mahishasur to kill Kartikay.

Parvati kills Mahishasur

S7 E4

Mahishasur misbehaves with Parvati, who become furious and assumes the form of Mahishasur Mardini.

Kartikay meets Nav Durgas

S7 E5

Kartikay shares his feelings with Nandi and requests him to keep it a secret. Indradev dreams about Kartikay occupying his throne.

Indradev's plans

S7 E6

Kartikay apologises to Mahadev and Parvati and assures them he will never let them down. Narad Muni cautions Indradev to apologise to Kartikay.

Indradev attacks Kartikay

S7 E7

Indradev sends Indriyan to attack Kartikay, who fights them. He informs them that he has no fascination for Indradev’s throne.

Mahadev grants Bruk a boon

S8 E1

Kartikay asks a demon to warn Tripat to be careful. Bruk impresses Mahadev with his devotion and receives a boon to kill as he pleases.

Mohini lures Bhasmasur

S8 E2

Bhasmasur attempts to test his power on the gods but fails. He is fascinated by Parvati and decides to burn Mahadev.

Tarakuasur's sons support Vajrang

S8 E3

Lord Vishnu sends Narad to invite Mahadev to a council. Tarakasur’s son plans to kill 1 lakh devotees of Mahadev in an attempt to stop Vajrang from committing suicide.

Mahadev rescues his followers

S8 E4

Vidyunmali and his brothers kidnap Mahadev’s followers to kill them. Mahadev informs Brahma and Vishnu that they have to destroy the Tripurs to save the devotees.

The gods seek Mahadev's blessings

S8 E5

The gods seek Mahadev’s blessings to fight the demons. Parvati teaches her daughter Ashok Sundari how to worship the Shivaling.

Mahadev is overwhelmed

S8 E6

Mahadev traps Tarakasur’s son and destroys Tripur. Vishnu renames Tripur as Ujjain. Meanwhile, Ashok Sundari curses the demon to be killed by Nahush.

Durvasa curses Indradev

S8 E7

Durvasa is furious when Indradev brags about himself and insults Mahadev. He curses Indradev.

Kartikay kills Tripat

S8 E8

Kartikay kills Tripat. Meanwhile, Bali steals the Amrit Kalash and Indradev attempts to get it back. The Kalash falls into an ocean.

Indradev conspires against demons

S8 E9

Bali agrees to Samudra Manthan, on Mahadev’s request. Indradev plans to snatch the Amrit from the demons after the Manthan.

The Amrut Manthan Begins

S8 E10

The gods and the asuras assemble for the Samudra Manthan. Lord Brahma requests Lord Vishnu to take on the kurma avatar and begin the manthan.

Mahadev consumes the poison

S8 E11

Mahadev drinks all the poison to save the gods and the demons. Parvati puts her hand around Mahadev’s neck to stop him from swallowing the poison.

The demons deceive the gods

S8 E12

Mahadev leaves for Kailash as he senses a fight brewing between the gods and the demons.

Rahu betrays Lord Vishnu

S8 E13

Bali and Indradev agree to share the Amrit when Mohini threatens to throw it in the ocean.

Parvati enlightens the Devas

S8 E14

Mahadev rebukes Varundev, Agnidev and Indradev for not realising the importance of the Amrit. Parvati enlightens the gods about Mahadev’s power.

Mahadev enlightens Ashok Sundari

S8 E15

Mahadev narrates Hiranyakashyap and Prahalad's story to Ashok Sundari. He also enlightens Ashok Sundari with the knowledge of Agni Tapasya.

The happy reunion

S8 E16

Kartikay is delighted to meet his family during their visit to the South. Parvati thanks Meenakshi for taking care of her son.

Kartikay is helpless

S8 E17

Kartikay expresses his helplessness to Mahadev who admires him for performing his duties. Brihaspati warns Indradev not to challenge Mahadev.

Mahadev enlightens Ashok Sundari

S8 E18

Mahadev enlightens Ashok Sundari about Tapasya. Indradev sends a fairy to destroy Kartikay’s powers.

Mahadev enlightens Parvati

S8 E19

Ashok Sundari devotes herself to Tapasya. Mahadev enlightens Parvati about Ashok Sundari’s commitment and predicts her future.

Narad Muni apologises to Mahadev

S8 E20

Narad Muni suggests that Parvati should tie Mahadev to the Kalpavriksha and donate it to Sanat Kumar.

Brahma's sons take Mahadev away

S8 E21

Parvati welcomes Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanandana and Sanatkumara and hands over Mahadev to them after tying him to the Kalpavriksha.

Lord Brahma's orders

S8 E22

Lord Brahma orders his son to release Mahadev. But Mahadev conveys to him that he has to go with them for a reason.

Brahma's son lets Mahadev go

S8 E23

Brahma’s son decides to give Mahadev back to Parvati. Mahadev instructs Rishi Gautam to create Nyayasutra.

Indradev in Rishni Gautam's house

S8 E24

Indradev is furious after learning about Gautam’s Nyayasutra. He disguises himself as Rishi Gautam and enters his house in his absence.

Rishi Gautam's curse

S8 E25

Rishi Gautam curses Indradev and Ahilya. Indradev apologises to Parvati, who refuses to forgive him.

Parvati's son comes into being

S9 E1

Brahma informs Narad that Parvati and Mahadev’s son will come into existence and maintain the balance in the universe.

Parvati names her son Vinayak

S9 E2

Parvati explains to Vinayak that he has come into existence to remove the troubles of the world.

Vinayak's teachers are arranged

S9 E3

Parvati promises the Sant Kumars that they will be Vinayak's teachers. She assigns Nandi and the Shivgans to take care of Vinayak.

Vinayak rescues the rats

S9 E4

Vinayak orders the rats to steal laddoos for him but they get caught by the Shivgans.

Mahadev completes Tapasya

S9 E5

Brahma informs Saraswati of Mahadev’s return after completing his Tapasya.

Parvati's orders for Vinayak

S9 E6

Parvati prepares to welcome Mahadev back. She orders Vinayak to guard the door while she takes a bath.

Vinayak stops Mahadev

S9 E7

The deities are thrilled with Mahadev’s return. Mahadev proceeds to meet Parvati but Vinayak, guarding the door, stops him from meeting her because he has to uphold the promise he made to his mother.

Vinayak challenges the gods

S9 E8

Nandi and the Shivgans fail to convince Vinayak to let Mahadev meet Parvati.

Mahadev chops off Vinayak's head

S9 E9

Vinayak defies the gods and defeats them. They seek Mahadev’s help.

Mahadev revives Vinayak

S9 E10

Parvati is devastated as Mahadev kills Vinayak. She becomes furious and starts destroying the universe when Mahadev informs her that he cannot revive her son.

Parvati and Vinayak apologise

S9 E11

Parvati apologises for putting the world in danger and Vinayak apologises for his angry behaviour.

Mahadev renames Vinayak

S9 E12

Parvati and Mahadev offer their blessings to Vinayak. Mahadev changes Vinayak’s name to Ganesha.

Parvati prepares modaks

S9 E13

Parvati prepares modaks for Ganesha while Mahadev enlightens him about spirituality.

Ganesha's request to Mahadev

S9 E14

Ganesha gifts Mahadev a dress. He requests Mahadev to wear it and Mahadev gladly does so.

A rat becomes Ganesha's Vaahan

S9 E15

Ganesha rescues people from a wicked rat’s terror and brings it before Mahadev for punishment.

The Ghushmeshwar Jyotirling

S9 E16

Ghushm, a worshipper of Mahadev, loses her son, who is killed by her sister out of jealousy.

Ganesha prepares kheer

S9 E17

Ganesha visits the villages and orders the rats to arrange for some food. He then learns that there is scarcity of food in the village and decides to prepare kheer for the villagers.

Mahadev enlightens rishis

S9 E18

Mahadev enlightens the Rishis about spiritual knowledge. Parvati teaches Ganesha the importance of worship.

Parvati grants a boon to Daruka

S9 E19

Parvati becomes impressed by Daruka’s worship and grants her a boon. She makes Daruka the ruler of Daruka Van.

Daruka misuses Parvati's boon

S9 E20

Daruka takes advantage of Parvati’s blessings and behaves ruthlessly with Mahadev’s devotees.

Ganesha meets Ashok Sundari

S9 E21

Ganesha leaves Kailash to meet Ashok Sundari. He promises to bring Ashok Sundari with him to Parvati.

The Nageshwar Jyotirling

S9 E22

Parvati is angry with Daruka for misusing the boon and advises her to seek Mahadev’s forgiveness.

Ayu and his soldiers apologise

S9 E23

Ayu apologises to Ganesha, who puts forth Ashok Sundari’s proposal. Ayu requests Ganesha to meet Nahush and discuss it with him.

The meeting with Ashok Sundari

S9 E24

Nahush and his parents meet Ashok Sundari. Ayu promises to get Nahush married to Ashok Sundari when he becomes eligible for marriage.

Parvati and Mahadev are overwhelmed

S9 E25

Parvati and Mahadev are excited to welcome Ashok Sundari back to Kailash. Mahadev sets off to bring Kartikay back to Kailash.

Indradev incites Kartikay

S9 E26

Indradev feels threatened about Kartikay and Ganesha’s reunion. He incites Kartikay against his family.

Ganesha and Kartikay have a race

S9 E27

Kartikay arrives in Kailash and is happy to be reunited with his family. He gets jealous when Mahadev describes Ganesha’s greatness.

Mahadev is angry at Indradev

S9 E28

Mahadev warns Indradev not to cross his limits. Kartikay enlightens Ganesha with knowledge of war and brags about himself.

Parshuram attacks Ganesha

S9 E29

Parshuram comes to Mahadev but Ganesha denies him entry. Kartikay introduces Parshuram to Ganesha, who offers his apologies but still denies entry.

Kartikay disapproves of Ganesha

S9 E30

After Ganesha's trunk is broken, a guilty Parshuram asks Mahadev to punish him for attacking his son.

Ganesha is announced the winner

S9 E31

Ganesha and Kartikay prepare for the race. During the race, Indradev cheats by capturing Kartikay.

Ganesha's reward

S9 E32

Mahadev is impressed with Ganesha and announces that he will be worshipped before any of the deities.

Parvati is worried about Kartikey

S9 E33

Ganesha assures a worried Parvati that he will bring Kartikay back. Mahadev orders Kartikay to return to Kailash.

Mahadev can't enter Kailash

S10 E1

Ganesha vows not to return to Kailash without Kartikay. Parvati is furious when Mahadev returns alone.

Vishnu helps Ganesha

S10 E2

Lord Vishnu assures Ganesha that he will convince Kartikay to return to Kailash. He informs Kartikay that being Tarakasur’s killer is the reason for his trouble and advises him to worship Mahadev.

Kartikay constructs a Shivaling

S10 E3

Parvati is determined to turn Mahadev from an ascetic into a social being.

Mahadev tests Kartikay

S10 E4

Kartikay donates the Shivaling to the old man and passes Mahadev’s first test. Mahadev challenges Kartikay to answer his questions before he makes another Shivaling.

Kartikay passes the tests

S10 E5

Mahadev informs Kartikay that he has passed all the tests and establishes the Shivalings made by him as Pratigyeshwar, Kapileshwar and Kumareshwar.

Parvati refuses to comb her hair

S10 E6

Parvati orders her sons to start preparations for Ashok Sundari’s marriage.

Indradev's request to Brahma

S10 E7

After failing to sabotage Dashanan’s Tapasya, Indradev approaches Brahma and requests him not to give him any boons.

Ganesh wants a comb for Parvati

S10 E8

Ganesha requests Mahadev to make a comb for Parvati. Meanwhile, Dashanan, Vibhishan and Kumbhakarna ask him for boons.

Mahadev completes Ganesha's wish

S10 E9

While Mahadev grooms Parvati, Dashanan cuts off his heads one by one to please him with his devotion.

Dashanan gets a boon

S10 E10

Mahadev grants the boon to Dashanan that he will become famous as his greatest devotee.

Mahadev's family dine in the rain

S10 E11

Mahadev persuades his family to have food in the rain. Parvati suggests that they should build a house for their children, but Mahadev refuses.

Mahadev visits Kuber's palace

S10 E12

Mahadev informs the rishis that he wishes to make Kuber use his wealth for the welfare of the world.

Dashanan yearns to meet Mahadev

S10 E13

Mahadev appoints Kuber as the guardian of wealth. While Dashanan yearns to see Mahadev, Parvati assures Ganesha that Mahadev will construct a house for them.

Mahadev's representative

S10 E14

Kuber invites Mahadev and his family to a banquet. Mahadev sends Ganesh as the family’s representative.

Ganesha eats all the food

S10 E15

Ganesha eats all the food prepared for the banquet and demands more. Kuber informs him that the food is finished.

Mahadev grants Parvati's wish

S10 E16

Kuber realises that his desire for wealth will never die and asks Mahadev for a second chance.

The search for the right house

S10 E17

Ganesha and Kartikay set out on a world tour in search of the best house.

Parvati creates a replica

S10 E18

Parvati orders Mahadev to sit outside Kailash to prevent Shanidev from entering. She creates a replica of Kailash in an attempt to save it from Shanidev’s evil eyes.

Sumali orders an attack

S10 E19

Parvati breaks down as her dream of living in a house fails to come true.

Parvati assumes the form of Kali

S10 E20

Mahadev is angry at Bhim for forcing him to appear in front of him. Ashok Sundari visits Vashishtha’s ashram to meet Nahush.

Vashishtha recieves boon

S10 E21

Mahadev grants a boon to Rishi Vashishtha so he can become Lord Vishnu’s guru.

Mahadev announces the world's end

S10 E22

Mahadev is furious as Ganga complains that people are soiling her water. Mahadev warns people that they are doomed and that the time has come for the destruction of the world.

Ganga agrees to flow again

S10 E23

Ganga agrees to flow again as Vishnu and Brahma request Mahadev to forgive the people.

Dashanan is overwhelmed

S10 E24

Kartikay arrives at Kailash and informs Parvati that Ganesha and Dashanan are coming with a replica of their house.

Mahadev is impressed

S10 E25

Mahadev is impressed with Dashanan and blesses him. Nandi forbids Dashanan from building the mansion in Kailash but he sticks to his decision.

Nandi panics

S10 E26

Dashanan instructs Nandi to not interfere in his matters. Mahadev assures Parvati that he will protect Nahush.

Dashanan seeks Vishwakarma's help

S10 E27

Dashanan requests Vishwakarma to help him build a palace in Kailash. He requests Kuber to provide golden bricks for the palace.

Nahush becomes an adult

S10 E28

Mahadev permits Parvati to make Nahush grow into an adult and agrees to Ashok Sundari’s marriage. Nahush grows into an adult with Parvati’s help.

Dashanan insults Nandi

S10 E29

Dashanan insults Nandi when he enquires if he is building a golden palace. He offers a golden seat to Mahadev for his meditation but he refuses to use it.

Parvati inaugurates the palace

S10 E30

Dashanan requests Mahadev to inaugurate the palace, but Mahadev orders Parvati to do it.

Dashanan takes away the palace

S10 E31

Parvati instructs Dashanan to accept the dakshina. He requests the palace along with the dakshina thinking he would get Mahadev also.

Dashanan wants to punish himself

S10 E32

Dashanan punishes himself for not being able to fulfil Mahadev’s desire. He wishes to win his heart. Indradev seeks Narad’s help in curbing Dashanan’s powers

Ashok Sundari's enlightenment

S11 E1

Parvati orders Nandi to bring turmeric from Nahush’s house. Mahadev and Parvati donate Shabala to Vashishtha who provides the necessary items for the marriage rituals.

Nandi brings turmeric

S11 E2

Nandi brings turmeric from Nahush’s palace. Ganesha, Kartikay, and Parvati apply turmeric on Ashok Sundari.

Vasishtha welcomes the party

S11 E3

Maharishi Vasishtha welcomes Ashok Sundari and her relatives and feels proud to host the wedding.

Nahush's marriage

S11 E4

Nahush and Ashok Sundari exchange garlands in front of the guests. Mahadev asks Nahush if he can look after his daughter the same way Vishnu takes care of Lakshmi.

Ashok Sundari bids farewell

S11 E5

Nahush and Ashok Sundari seek the elders' blessings. She bids her family farewell with teary eyes.

Nahush kills Hund

S11 E6

Nahush and Ashok Sundari travel to the forest to perform Kuldevi puja. While Hund attacks Nahush, Kartikay and Ganesha protect Ashok Sundari.

Mahadev plays the veena

S11 E7

Mahadev plays the veena for Parvati. Lakshmi learns that her sisters are in Tapasya to marry Vishnu.

Vishnu stays with Apsaras

S11 E8

Goddess Lakshmi orders Vishnu to keep her in his heart but he tells her it is impossible.

Mahadev and Vishnu fight

S11 E9

Lakshmi realises that she was wrong to suspect Vishnu and pleads to Mahadev to bring back her Lord.

Mahadev and Parvati remarry

S11 E10

Ganesha reminds Lord Vishnu about his identity with the help of the Apsaras. Goddess Lakshmi thanks Mahadev and Ganesha for bringing Vishnu back.

Parvati's moments with Mahadev

S11 E11

Mahadev transforms a desert into a lush green land and names it ‘Parvati Van’.

Indradev panics

S11 E12

Mahadev enlightens Parvati about the importance of love. Nandi informs a worried Ganesha that his parents are spending time away from Kailash

Ganesha plays the drum

S11 E13

Indradev visits Kailash to seek Mahadev’s help but Ganesha sends him back. A furious Indradev sabotages Trishula’s tapasya with help from the Apsaras.

Parvati wants a bouquet

S11 E14

Parvati requests Mahadev to gift her a bouquet consisting of flowers from all the seasons.

Indradev attacks Mahadev

S12 E1

Parvati sends a message to Mahadev through the clouds while Mahadev collects flowers for her. He makes her a garland out of flowers.

Indradev is sorry

S12 E2

Indradev apologises to Mahadev for his mistakes. Mahadev orders him to repent for his sins.

Parvati forgets Mahadev

S12 E3

Parvati forgets everything about Mahadev and disappears. Mahadev returns to Kailash alone.

Ganesha wants Parvati back

S12 E4

Ganesha asks for Mahadev’s permission to bring Parvati back to Kailash. Parvati’s ten forms separate from her to approach Mahadev and get directions from him.

Parvati doesn't remember Ganesha

S12 E5

Kartikay confronts Mahadev. While Mahadev orders him to perform his duties, Naresh and Menavati request Vishnu to help them restore Parvati’s memories.

Ganesha prays

S12 E6

Ganesha is tormented when Parvati fails to recognise him. He prays to Mahadev to restore Parvati’s memory.

Indradev is scared of Jalandhar

S12 E7

Parvati is distressed after meeting Mahadev, who tries to remind her about her past.

Jalandhar defeats the gods

S12 E8

Parvati keeps on reminiscing about her meeting with Mahadev. Ganesh visits Naresh in Gunesh’s disguise and informs him his guru is staying near Naresh’s kingdom and that Parvati is seeking a guru.

Parvati feeds Ganesha

S12 E9

Parvati visits Swami Adiyogi’s ashram. Ganesha requests her to feed him as a ritual and is overwhelmed.

Swami Adiyogi tests Parvati

S12 E10

Swami Adiyogi orders Parvati to meditate through her perception. Parvati finds it difficult to do so.

Mahadev is impressed by Parvati

S12 E11

Mahadev is impressed when Parvati passes the test. Parvati expresses her gratitude to Swami Adiyogi.

Jalandhar performs the last rites

S12 E12

Jalandhar conducts his mother’s funeral. He decides not to rest until he avenges her death.

Adiyogi agrees for a visit

S12 E13

Swami Adiyogi agrees to visit the palace. Ganesha provides Parvati a list to start the arrangements for his visit.

Jalandhar plans to unite demons

S12 E14

Jalandhar decides to unite the demons and informs Shukracharya about the same.

Jalandhar's vow

S12 E15

Parvati bathes repeatedly and is ordered to leave for Kashi in order to meet Prajapati Daksh.

Mahadev rescues Parvati

S12 E16

Ganesha accompanies Parvati to Kashi. While Mahadev rescues her from the demons, Indradev informs Brahma and Vishnu that he wants to save himself from Jalandhar.

Jalandhar learns the truth

S12 E17

Shukracharya informs Jalandhar about his mother’s killer. He throws Indradev off the Airavat and takes the elephant with him.

The new king of Asuras

S12 E18

Shukracharya names Jalandhar the king of Asuras. He promises the Asuras they will regain their lost honour and respect by defeating the Devas.

Jalandhar insults Narad

S12 E19

While Jalandhar insults Narad Muni, Indradev insults the messenger sent by Jalandhar to get the gems he received during Samudra Manthan.

Parvati serves the rishis

S12 E20

Parvati serves food to the rishis and they are elated. Dadhichi and Adiyogi are impressed with Parvati.

Swarnasur attacks Jalandhar

S12 E21

Jalandhar reveals that his second son Uktaasur is alive and wants to take revenge on Indradev. Swarnasur attacks Jalandhar and injures him

Mahadev plans to kill Apasmaar

S12 E22

Jalandhar requests Vrinda to address him as Asur Raj. Vrinda becomes lost in thoughts of Jalandhar.

Mahadev kills Apasmaar

S12 E23

Mahadev performs Tandav Nritya and kills Apasmaar. He then informs Narad Muni that he cannot kill Jalandhar alone and that Parvati will help him once she regains her memory.

Adiyogi enlightens Parvati

S12 E24

Jalandhar and Vrinda fight about worshipping Lord Vishnu. Meanwhile, Swami Adiyogi informs Ganesha that Parvati will regain her memory after completing Ashtanga Yoga.

Jalandhar asks Vrinda to join him

S12 E25

Jalandhar fights with Vritrasur and admires his warrior skills. He appoints Vritrasur as the commander of his army.

Dadhichi's wife has a nightmare

S12 E26

Parvati requests Adiyogi to reunite Ganesha with his mother. Maharishi Dadhichi’s wife has a nightmare and wishes to meet Mahadev, who asks her to have faith in him.

Dadhichi donates his body

S12 E27

Jalandhar attacks the Devas. Indradev panics on seeing the loss and seeks Mahadev’s help. Maharishi Dadhichi decides to donate his body for the betterment for the universe.

Shukracharya's decision

S12 E28

Mahadev advises Dadhichi to talk to Swarcha before sacrificing his life. Shukracharya decides to get Vrinda married to Jalandhar.

Jalandhar praises Kartikay

S12 E29

Dadhichi seeks Mahadev’s permission before sacrificing his life. Indradev orders Vishwakarma to make a weapon out of Dadhichi’s spine.

Indradev stabs Vritrasur

S12 E30

Indradev stabs Vritrasur in the back. Kartikay is surprised to find Mahadev’s resemblance in Jalandhar. Kartikay returns the Vajrayudha to Swarcha.

Mahadev thanks Swarcha

S12 E31

Jalandhar decides to defeat the Trimurtis. Indradev apologises to Lord Vishnu and seeks his help.

Jalandhar refuses to help Vrinda

S12 E32

Lord Vishnu refuses to help Indradev. Jalandhar requests Shukracharya to help him fight the gods.

Indradev orders an attack

S12 E33

Indradev directs the archers to attack Jalandhar’s army. Vrinda is stunned to learn of Indradev’s attack on the medical camp.

Mahadev transforms into Mahakaal

S12 E34

Jalandhar takes an arrow to save Vrinda and fumes at the gods. Shukracharya insists that Jalandhar should marry in order to save his army.

Mahadev enlightens Parvati

S12 E35

Nandi worries as Dushan attacks Ujjain. Vrinda is disheartened to learn that her father has chosen Sarpmani as her groom.

The Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling

S12 E36

Mahadev kills Dushan and establishes Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling in Ujjain.Lord Vishnu assures Indradev that he will support him in battle.

Vrinda marries Jalandhar

S12 E37

Jalandhar informs Vrinda that he will not die if she marries him. Vrinda accepts Jalandhar as her husband.

Mahadev's appearance

S12 E38

Jalandhar marries Vrinda. Narad provokes him to attack Tridev. Lakshmi attempts to make Jalandhar realise the importance of Tridev but Jalandhar boasts about his powers and insults Mahadev.

Jalandhar learns about his brith

S12 E39

Mahadev enlightens Jalandhar about his birth and convinces him to make proper use of his powers. But Jalandhar is unhappy and informs him that he will challenge Tridev.

Parvati recalls her past

S12 E40

Parvati recollects her past and becomes emotional. Shukracharya enlightens Jalandhar about Mahadev with the Lingo Bhava story.

Indradev provokes Jalandhar

S12 E41

Indradev provokes Jalandhar against Mahadev. Jalandhar is shocked to find out that Shukracharya is a devotee of Mahadev.

Jalandhar's shock

S12 E42

Jalandhar is depressed to learn that Shukracharya is a devotee of Mahadev.

Chitt Shuddi Sadhana

S12 E43

Mahadev enlightens Parvati about Chitt Shuddhi Sadhana. Meanwhile, Samudradev informs Jalandhar that Mahadev will not be able to use his powers against him unless Parvati regains her memory.

Jalandhar has a nightmare

S12 E44

Jalandhar has a nightmare, in which Vrinda and his mother are burnt alive. He suspects that Mahadev is conspiring against him.

Jalandhar's attack on Brahmlok

S12 E45

Jalandhar provokes his army to fight against Trimurti and plans to attack Brahmlok.

Jalandhar tries to attack Mahadev

S12 E46

Shukracharya is shocked to learn that Jalandhar has reached Brahmlok. Jalandhar attempts to attack Mahadev, but fails.

Parvati meditates

S12 E47

Parvati thanks Mahadev for his guidance. He tells her that they now need to find the last stage of meditation, Samadhi.

Mahadev enlightens Parvati

S12 E48

While Ganesha and Kartikay guard the cave, Mahadev also gets into Samadhi to help Parvati remember who they are.

Mahadev begins his meditation

S12 E49

Parshuram is furious with Jalandhar and sends him to Rishi Markand to seek answers to his questions.

Jalandhar enters the cave

S12 E50

Jalandhar emerges from his Jal Samadhi and Shukracharya tells him about a weapon that can be used only once.

Jalandhar abducts Parvati

S12 E51

Jalandhar takes Parvati to an imaginary world. Shukracharya asks him to take her to Mahadev and apologise, but he refuses.

Shukracharya leaves Jalandhar

S12 E52

Yamraj orders Mrityu Devi to kill Kartikay and she challenges Kartikay to a fight. Meanwhile, Ganesha whispers all that is happening in Nandi's ears so that it will reach Mahadev.

Vrinda prepares for a puja

S12 E53

Vrinda is upset with Jalandhar for kidnapping Parvati. He tells her that he will use Parvati as a weapon against Mahadev.

Kartikay fights Yamraj

S12 E54

Vrinda starts the puja to make Jalandhar invincible. But Lord Vishnu disguises himself as Jalandhar and performs the puja with her.

Vrinda kills herself

S12 E55

Vrinda breaks down on learning that Lord Vishnu sat beside her during the puja. She curses him and commits suicide.

Shukracharya becomes Shukrawar

S12 E56

Jalandhar performs Vrinda's last rites. He tries to kill Parvati, but stops when he remembers Vrinda's words. He vows to avenge her death.

Kartikay falls in battle

S12 E57

Jalandhar and Kartikay attack each other. Kartikay is beaten but he bounces back and keeps striking Jalandhar before his wounds heal.

Jalandhar challenges Mahadev

S12 E58

Nandi, who takes Kartikay’s place in the battle, becomes unconscious and falls. Jalandhar challenges the gods to defeat him.

Parvati is angry

S12 E59

Parvati is furious with Jalandhar when he tells her how he fought and defeated her sons.

Parvati on the battle field

S12 E60

Jalandhar survives Mahadev's attack, but is shocked to see Parvati on the battle field. On seeing Shiva and Shakti together, Jalandhar realises the end is near for him.

The end of Jalandhar's journey

S12 E61

When Jalandhar accuses Mahadev of not guiding him, Mahadev responds that he was always helping Jalandhar without his knowledge.

Dashanan begins to meditate

S13 E1

Mahadev and Parvati are reunited and spend some time together. Meanwhile, Lakshmi becomes worried about Vrinda's curse on Lord Vishnu.

Mahadev and Parvati return

S13 E2

Kailash is decorated for Mahadev and Parvati, and the gods welcome them back to their abode. Indradev seeks forgiveness from Mahadev.

Dashanan visits Kuber

S13 E3

When Indradev apologises to Mahadev for his past actions, Mahadev enlightens him about Karma.

Dashanan lifts Kailash

S13 E4

At Kailash, Dashanan misunderstands Nandi and insults him. Nandi is shocked on learning about the purpose of his visit.

Dashanan is named Ravana

S13 E5

Dashanan impresses Mahadev with his devotion. In return, Mahadev blesses him and says he will be known as Ravana.

Mahadev saves a sage

S13 E6

In Kashi, Mahadev saves a sage from Dudumbhi's tyranny. Devi Saraswati tells Lord Vishnu about Vyagreshwarling.

Ravan's Wish Shocks All

S13 E7

Happy with Ravan's devotion, Lord Brahma blesses him with immortality.

Mahadev gives Ravana a Shivaling

S13 E8

Mahadev gives Ravana a Shivaling to take back with him. Ravana does not accept it and insists that he wants to take home Mahadev in his true form.

Ganesha tries to stop Ravana

S13 E9

Parvati turns emotional as Mahadev has to leave Kailash. He transforms into a Shivaling which Ravana takes with him.

Ganesha tricks Ravana

S13 E10

Disguised as Baiju, Ganesha tricks Ravana and gets the Shivaling.

Ravana undergoes a change

S13 E11

Ravana gets angry when he learns it was Ganesha who cheated him. Nandi advises Bhringi not to differentiate between Mahadev and Parvati, as they are one.

Parvati teaches Bhringi a lesson

S13 E12

Mahadev explains the concept of Shiv-Shakti to Bhringi, but he continues to only worship Mahadev.

Durgasur fights with the gods

S13 E13

Narad Muni informs Lord Vishnu that Durgasur has planned to attack Trilok. Durgasur and the gods engage in a fierce battle and Durgasur captures Trilok.

Durga slays Durgasur

S13 E14

Durgasur attacks Mahadev simultaneously in Kashi and Kailash. Parvati takes the form of Goddess Durga and kills him.

Kumbhakarna is woken up

S13 E15

Vrinda's curse on Lord Vishnu continues to trouble Devi Lakshmi. She seeks Narayan's guidance on this.

Mahadev is upset

S13 E16

While Ravana continues to misuse his powers, Ganesha uses his to save the girls from the demon Narantak.

Mahadev saves people from Ravana

S13 E17

Prajapati Vishwaroop requests Mahadev to get Ganesha and Kartikay married to his daughters, Siddhi and Buddhi.

Mahadev takes a different form

S13 E18

Parvati welcomes Ganesha and Kartikay on their arrival at Kailash. Mahadev transforms into a common man to save the people from Ravana's torture.

Ravana releases the men

S13 E19

On Mahadev's request, Ravana releases the men from his captivity but requests him not to interfere in his kingdom.

Kartikay apologises to Parvati

S14 E1

On returning to Kailash, Mahadev is greeted by Ganesha. Narantak's brother Devantak, tries to keep Ganesha in captivity but fails to do so.

Kartikay's marriage is planned

S14 E2

Mahadev establishes Mallikarjuna Jyotirling. Indradev sends Devsena to divert Kartikay's attention.

Ravana is angry

S14 E3

Parvati and Mahadev apply haldi on Ganesha. Lord Vishnu enlightens Ganesha about the importance of marital life.

Ganesha's wedding

S14 E4

Prajapati Vishwaroop welcomes Ganesha. Mahadev asks Vishwakarma to lead with the wedding rituals. Mahadev recalls his wedding with Parvati.

Ganesha enlightens the gods

S14 E5

Prajapati Vishwaroop organises a gathering to discuss the concept of knowledge. Mahadev asks Ganesha to preside over the meeting.

Ravana marries Mandodari

S15 E1

Kartikay gets married to Devsena in Brahmalok. Ravana visits Maydanav's palace where Mandodari catches his attention.

Vishnu stops Mahadev

S15 E2

Ravana's attraction for Vedvati worries Devi Lakshmi. He asks Vedvati to become his devotee. She refuses and decides to sacrifice her life.

Mahadev blesses Kaushalya

S15 E3

Mahadev informs Parvati, Ganesha and Kartikay about their future in human avatar.

Ganesha saves Kaushalya

S15 E4

Disguised as a flower-seller, Ravana attacks Kaushalya. He throws her off a hill, but Ganesha saves her.

Mahadev meets Janaka

S15 E5

Ravana is unaware that Kaushalya is still alive. Pitamah also hides the truth from him. Mahadev, disguised as a sage, meets Janaka.

The birth of Lord Rama

S15 E6

Lord Rama, a Vishnu avatar, is born as Kaushalya and Dasharatha's son. Mahadev prepares the new-born's Janampatrika.

Ravana attacks Yamraj

S15 E7

Rishi Vashistha names Dasharatha's sons, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrughna.

Dasharatha is cursed

S15 E8

Mahadev foresees Dasharatha's misfortune and warns him. Dasharatha kills Shravan Kumar.

Janaka finds a baby

S15 E9

Dasharatha ignores Rishi Vashistha's advice to send his sons to Gurukul and asks him to tutor them in the palace.

Mahadev grants Mandodari a wish

S15 E10

Mahadev hands over a bow to Janaka and informs him that only Sita will be capable of lifting it.

Shani Dev occupies Lanka

S15 E11

Ravana keeps Shani Dev captive for his own benefit. Shukracharya and Brihaspati destroy Ravana's Mayavi vyuh and release the planets.

Vishwamitra becomes Rama's guru

S15 E12

Taraka destroys Vishwamitra's yagna. Mahadev himself teaches Lord Rama archery. He also asks Vishwamitra to become guru to Lord Rama and Lakshman.

Lord Rama leaves with Vishwamitra

S15 E13

Dasharatha sends Lord Rama and Lakshmana to Gurukul. Dasharatha, Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra bless the two princes as they leave.

Lord Rama worships Parvati

S15 E14

Taraka explains to Mahadev why she spoilt Vishwamitra's yagna. She suspects the Rishi is conspiring against her.

Rama disobeys his guru

S15 E15

Vishwamitra teaches Rama and Lakshman various battle skills. Taraka learns of the same and increases her guards.

Taraka attacks Vishwamitra

S15 E16

Vishwamitra tells Lord Rama him about Taraka and about the purpose of his training. But when Rama hesitates to kill a woman, Mahadev clears his confusion.

Rama kills Taraka

S15 E17

Lord Rama kills Taraka. But before she dies, he tells her why he had to take her life. Mahadev praises Lord Rama for maintaining Vishwamitra's dignity and blesses him.

Sita learns about marriage

S16 E1

Sita uses the Shiv Dhanush to feed the hungry saints. Janaka apologises to Mahadev for this.

Parvati blesses Sita

S16 E2

Sita performs Gauri puja and Parvati comes to bless her. Sita and Lord Rama pay their tribute to the Ganga at the same time.

Lord Rama goes to Mithila

S16 E3

Lord Rama helps Rishi Gautam reconcile with his wife, Devi Ahilya. Meanwhile, Sita performs Gauri puja and shares her reasons for doing so with Parvati.

Lord Rama and Sita meet

S16 E4

Lord Rama and Sita finally come face to face. Parvati learns all the details of the meeting from Mahadev.

Parvati visits Kishkindha

S16 E5

Ravana intends to be a part of Sita's Swayamvar. Mandodari objects, but Ravana does not listen.

Lord Rama and the Shiv Dhanush

S16 E6

Narad worries about Ravana's next plan. While Meghnath provokes Ravana further, Mahadev assures Narad that Ravana will not be able to do anything.

Indradev attacks Maruti

S16 E7

Anjani shares the stories about Maruti with Ganesha, Kartikay and Parvati. In the meantime, not knowing Maruti's true identity, Indradev attacks him.

Rama meets Sita in the forest

S16 E8

On Vishwamitra's request, Lord Rama sets out for the forest to fetch some flowers for the havan.

Parvati learns about Hanuman

S16 E9

On hearing Hanuman's stories from Mahadev, Parvati wonders how he will help Lord Rama.

Ravana wants Sita

S16 E10

Hanuman continues to trouble the sages with his questions and Brighu Maharishi curses him.

Sita's Swayamvar

S16 E11

Janaka welcomes the guests to Sita's Swayamvar. The kings try to lift Mahadev's bow, but they all fail.

Ravana is at the Swayamvar

S16 E12

Sita prays to get married to Lord Rama. Parvati wishes to help Sita but Mahadev stops her.

Ravana fails to lift the bow

S16 E13

Mahadev predicts Ravana's failure. Ravana uses all his power to lift Mahadev's bow, but fails.

Lord Rama wins at the Swayamvar

S16 E14

Janaka permits Lord Rama to lift Mahadev's bow. Rishi Vishwamitra and Mahadev bless him and he proves his strength by lifting Mahadev's bow.

The Shiv Dhanush is broken

S16 E15

The destruction of Mahadev's bow angers Parshuram and he seeks an explanation from Janaka.

Ravana insults Narad Muni

S16 E16

While Janaka thanks Mahadev for making Sita's Swayamvar successful, Ravana plans his next move. Narad tries to console him, but gets insulted instead.

Ravana plans to kill the rishis

S16 E17

Ravana's attack on the rishis angers the gods and Mahadev. Ravana orders the asuras to take revenge for his defeat by killing the rishis.

Manthara poisons Kaikeyi's mind

S16 E18

Lord Brahma starts his yagna. Even as Mahadev and Parvati support him, Ravana tries to ruin the yagna.

The rishis are saved from Ravana

S16 E19

Even as Ravana attempts to ruin the yagna, Mahadev and Parvati help to make it successful.

Hanuman worships Mahadev

S17 E1

Hanuman advises the Vanaras about their way of living. He prays to Mahadev to help him find answers to his questions.

Hanuman seeks out Suryadev

S17 E2

Suryadev worries on seeing Hanuman approach him. Hanuman wants to become his disciple and seek knowledge from him.

Rama and Sita in Ayodhya

S17 E3

Suryadev imparts knowledge to Hanuman, who expresses his gratitude to his guru.

Andhaka is born

S17 E4

Mahadev tells Parvati that since she did not heed his advice, their powers have created a blind child, Andhaka.

Mahadev worries about Andhaka

S17 E5

Parvati tries to please Mahadev and asks Lord Brahma for help. Brihaspati tries to persuade Mahadev to reconcile with Parvati, but he is lost in his worries about Andhaka.

Darkness and light

S17 E6

Parvati urges Mahadev to give up his silence for the welfare of the universe. Mahadev agrees to emerge from that state.

Andhaka refuses to accept Mahadev

S17 E7

Aware of the destruction that will be caused by Andhaka, Narad also wants him dead. Mahadev tells him why that cannot be done.

Mahadev blesses Hanuman

S17 E8

Hanuman gets restless as he wants to know his purpose in life. Mahadev blesses him and asks him to be patient.

Andhaka pleases Lord Brahma

S18 E1

Andhaka sacrifices his blood and eyes to please Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma blesses him and grants him a wish.

Bharath as king of Ayodhya

S18 E2

Lord Brahma worries on seeing the destruction caused by Andhaka and shares his concerns with Mahadev.

Dasharatha is ill

S18 E3

Andhaka boasts of his power in front of Mahadev. Indradev blames Mahadev for the destruction caused by Andhaka.

Parvati advises Andhaka

S18 E4

Parvati decides to help Andhaka by showing him her motherly love.

Andhaka goes to the Himalayas

S18 E5

Nandi is called upon to look after his sick father. But he insists that he will go only after he has performed his duties to Mahadev.

Shukracharya accepts Andhaka

S18 E6

Shukracharya promises Parvati that he will take care of Andhaka. However, he becomes disturbed on realising the state of Andhaka's mind.

Andhaka has evil thoughts

S18 E7

Andhaka intends to attack Mahadev and gain Parvati's love. Shukracharya is enraged by Andhaka's thinking.

Mahadev is furious with Andhaka

S18 E8

Mahadev gets angry at Andhaka for even thinking about taking Parvati away. Shukracharya apologises to Mahadev for his inability to correct Andhaka. A

Mahadev takes on Andhaka

S18 E9

Andhaka reaches Kailash with his army. Kartikay vows to kill Andhaka, but Mahadev stops him.

Kali defeats Andhaka

S18 E10

To destroy Andhaka's evil side, Parvati transforms into Kali. She succeeds in defeating him. Andhaka repents and prays to Mahadev to end his life.

Kali's anger rages

S19 E1

Lord Brahma and Narad worry about Kali's anger. The deities find it difficult to pacify her.

Conflict of interests

S19 E2

On one hand, Rishi Bhrigu and Rishi Kashyap decide to calm Parvati down for the welfare of the universe by performing a hawan.

Kali becomes Parvati again

S19 E3

Mahadev manages to calm Kali down. He succeeds in transforming her back to Parvati. Parvati apologises to Ganga for troubling her.

Parvati leaves Kailash

S19 E4

Parvati expresses her gratitude to Mahadev for pacifying her. Mahadev tells her that he had to strive hard to rescue Ganga from Kali.

Ganga is grateful to Mahadev

S19 E5

Kartikay discusses with Mahadev about Jalandhar and Andhaka's problem. Ganga expresses her gratitude to Mahadev for saving her life.

Ganga apologises to Parvati

S19 E6

Ganga apologises to Parvati for hurting her feelings. But seeing Parvati's anger, she leaves Kailash.

Parvati resumes the Kali form

S19 E7

Parvati becomes Kali again. Mahadev succeeds in calming her but she refuses to return to Kailash.

Ganga's promise

S19 E8

Kali's devotees succeed in transforming Parvati back into Kali. Ganga apologises to Mahadev for annoying Parvati.

Kali in the cave

S19 E9

Malla and Mani misuse their shakti tantra to bring Kali to their cave. They kill innocent people and perform rituals to please her.

Mahadev becomes Aghor

S19 E10

Malla and Mani capture Kali in an idol to get strength from her. Mahadev transforms himself into an aghori named Aghor.

Ganga is captured

S19 E11

Ganga is determined to release Parvati from Malla and Mani. Lord Brahma worries about her and urges Mahadev to help her.

Mahadev rescues Ganga

S19 E12

Malla and Mani rejoice on seeing Mahadev. They seek his blessing. Mahadev scolds them and takes Ganga with him.

Mahadev comforts Ganesha

S19 E13

As Malla develops faith in Shweth Aghori's power, Tugra worries about Kali.

Nau Durga's Aradhana

S19 E14

Mahadev asks Ganesha and Kartikay to perform Nau Durga's Aradhana to pacify Parvati.

Malla after Aghora's life

S19 E15

Mahadev tells the rishis to perform aradhana for Parvati's release. Meanwhile, Malla heads out to attack Aghora and Lord Indra fails to stop him.

Malla vows to kill Aghora

S19 E16

In Kailash, Menavati tells Ganesha and Kartikay about Parvati's life and her avatars.

Aghora fights the demon

S19 E17

Rajan hesitates, but agrees to release the demon on Malla's order. He plans to use the demon to kill Aghora.

Aghora saves the Kali idol

S19 E18

Aghora saves the Kali idol and defeats the demon. Malla learns about this and accepts his defeat. Malla and Mani now decide to fast for Mahadev.

Rakshas Raj to kill Aghora

S19 E19

King Himavan names Parvati's fifth incarnation Skandamata. Rishi Brihaspati names Parvati's sixth incarnation as Katyayini.

Mani seeks solution from Turga

S19 E20

Malla and Mani get angry when they learn of Rakshas Raj's defeat. Mani seeks a solution from Turga, but doesn't get any.

Ravan kidnaps Sita

S19 E21

On Sita's request, Rama goes in pursuit of a golden deer. While he is away, Ravana arrives in disguise and kidnaps Sita.

Parvati frees herself

S19 E22

As Aghora establishes the fourth idol of Kali, Malla and Mani make all attempts to stop Kali from leaving. They plan to form an army to defeat Aghora.

Parvati refuses to return

S19 E23

Mahadev requests Parvati to return to Kailash, but she refuses. She decides to be reborn, as repentance for her misdeeds.

Parvati is reborn as Mahalsa

S19 E24

Malla and Mani find Parvati, after she is born as a girl. They attack the mother and the baby. Ganga saves them. Mahadev names Parvati's human incarnation as Mahalsa.

Mahalsa attacks Aghora

S19 E25

With Yella Koti's blessings, Mahalsa learns the art of warfare from Mangal. Malla and Mani do tapasya to please Lord Brahma and get Kali back.

Aghora disguises himself

S19 E26

Malla draws a line to detect Mahalsa's presence. Banai stops the fight between Aghora and Mahalsa.

Martand helps Mahalsa

S19 E27

Mahalsa gets to know about Malla and Mani's whereabouts. Martand helps her in finding them. Malla and Mani learn that Martand is Aghora in disguise.

Martand saves Mahalsa

S19 E28

Martand saves Mahalsa and her mother from the fire. Mahalsa tells her mother about her mission to kill Malla and Mani.

Mahalsa attacks Malla and Mani

S19 E29

Malla and Mani are determined to get Kali back. Yella Koti advises them to perform sadhana.

Mani disguises himself as Banai

S19 E30

Mani disguises as Banai and interrupts Mahalsa, while she fights with the Aghoris. Mani succeeds in trapping her.

Martand rallies the villagers

S19 E31

Martand motivates the villagers to fight against Malla and Mani. The villagers decide to make him their leader.

Mahalsa provides mukti to Mani

S19 E32

Malla and Mani torture Mangal and ask him to call Mahalsa but he refuses. Before dying, Mangal sees Mahadev in Martand.

Kali protects Malla and Mani

S19 E33

Malla prays to Mahalsa for his safety. Mahalsa transforms into Kali to protect her devotees.

Kali becomes a widow

S19 E34

Kali destroys Mahadev and becomes a widow. Ganesha and Kartikay urge Parvati to forgive Mahadev.

Parvati realises her mistake

S19 E35

Parvati realises her mistake and is lost in grief. She brings Mahadev back to life and repents for committing such a sin.

Mahalsa vows to kill Malla

S19 E36

The villagers are happy about Mani's death, but Malla is still alive. Mahalsa vows to kill him.

Mahalsa and Malla's fight

S19 E37

Martand, Mahalsa and Yella Koti fight against Malla's armies. Malla is defeated by Mahalsa.

Martand and Mahalsa get married

S19 E38

Martand and Mahalsa get married. He promises to always take care of her. Ganesha and Kartikay learn that Mahalsa is returning to Kailash and prepare to welcome her.

Ganesh and Kartikey welcome Mahadev and Parvati to Kailash

S19 E39

Ganesh and Kartikey welcome Mahadev and Parvati to Kailash. They desire to organise a grand feast in Kailash, and want to invite Indralok and Patal Lok for the same.

Indradev in Kailash

S19 E40

Parvati is shocked to see Indradev in Kailash for the grand feast. As Mahadev consoles her, Ganesha and Kartikay apologise for hurting her sentiments.

Diti pays her gratitude

S19 E41

Mahadev and Parvati establish a Shivaling for Kartikay. As everyone gears up for the grand feast, Mahadev makes Indradev realise he has made a mistake by ill-treating Diti.

Mahadev enjoys the grand feast

S19 E42

Mahadev and the deities celebrate with a grand feast. Indradev decides to insult the Asuras in Kailash. Brihaspati prevents him from doing so.

Ripunjay performs a yagna

S20 E1

In Kashi, Ripunjay wishes to perform a yagna. He assures Daksh that he will respect the Devas and invites him to the yagna.

Indradev provokes the gods

S20 E2

Ripunjay prays to the gods to make the yagna successful. But they are occupied with the grand feast in Kailash.

Ripunjay vows to revenge

S20 E3

Parvati makes Mahadev understand the significance of Kailash and wants him to allow the Asuras to enter Swarg Lok.

Ripunjay decides to end his life

S20 E4

Gauri and her parents express their gratitude to Mahadev and Parvati for solving Kashi's problems.

Ripunjay insults Mahadev

S20 E5

Lord Brahma grants Ripunjay a wish. He misuses it and stops the entry of the gods into Kashi.

Parvati worries about Kashi

S20 E6

Parvati worries about Kashi. The people of Kashi become emotional when Mahadev and Parvati leave.

Devas and the Asuras go to war

S20 E7

Daksh is upset with Ripunjay for insulting Mahadev. He apologises to Mahadev on his behalf and leaves Kashi.

The Asuras insult Kartikay

S20 E8

Mahadev tells Kartikay about Indradev's conspiracy against the Asuras. Everybody is upset about the fight between the Asuras and the Devas.

Mahadev saves Mahananda

S20 E9

Mahadev disguises himself as Vaishyanath and visits Nandigram. He saves Mahananda and another woman, who is in danger.

Parvati's determination

S20 E10

As Vaishyanath plays the veena for Mahananda and her students, Narad tells him about the situation in Kashi and Swarg Lok.

Mahadev grants Mahananda a wish

S20 E11

On seeing the priest stop Mahananda from entering the temple, Vaishyanath tells him about Mahadev's omnipresence.

Ganesha stops the Asuras

S20 E12

On Parvati's request, Ganesha restricts the asuras from entering Swarg Lok. Brihaspati blames Indradev for Ganesh's action.

Mahadev threatens Ganesha

S20 E13

Mahadev orders Ganesha to allow the Asuras to enter Swarg Lok, but he refuses and tells his father that he is following Parvati's orders.

Mahadev enlightens Diti

S20 E14

Parvati makes Mahadev realise that the Asuras are taking advantage of his boons in Swarg Lok.

Parvati worries about Kashi

S20 E15

Parvati refuses to go to Kailash till everything is normal in Kashi. Ganesha assures her that he will win the respect back for the gods and sets out for Kashi.

Ganesha as Dhundiraj

S20 E16

Parvati worries about the success of the Dashashwamegh Yagna, which is for the welfare of Kashi.

Ripunjay learns about Mahadev

S20 E17

On Dhundiraj's insistence, Ripunjay joins him to receive offerings from the residents of Kashi. But the people refuse to give Ripunjay anything.

Mahadev and Parvati visit Kashi

S20 E18

Ripunjay regrets insulting Mahadev and decides to give up his throne, but Daksh stops him.

Nandi's concerns

S21 E1

Nandi expresses his concern to Mahadev, about the condition of animals on Earth.

Manika seeks Loknath's help

S21 E2

Mahadev disguises himself as Loknath to help Manika. He educates the villagers on the importance of animals and urges them to care for them.

Mahamantri's conspiracy

S21 E3

Mahamantri of Raja Pandayan conspires against Loknath. He intends to kill a cow after accusing her of swallowing a necklace belonging to a farmer.

Indradev fears losing his throne

S21 E4

Loknath proves the innocence of the farmer and the cow. Raja Pandayan is disappointed that the Mahamantri’s plan failed.

Brihaspati worries about the five deities of Swarg Lok

S21 E5

Nandi pays his gratitude to Mahadev and Parvati for giving justice to the animals. Mahadev consoles Kamdhenu and asks her to stay in Kailash.

Raja Arivardhan is annoyed with Loknath

S21 E6

Raja Arivardhan is annoyed with Loknath for showing his compassion for the animals. He scolds Loknath for supporting Manika and Mahamantri.

Mahadev saves Manika from Raja Arivardhan

S22 E1

Arunasur discusses about Surya Dev with his Mahamantri. Raja Arivardhan becomes furious at Manika for protesting against his barbarity towards the horses.

Arunasur challenges Bhoothnath

S22 E2

Arunasur believes that he can bring his mother back to life by using the powers of the gods, but fails.

Bhoothnath defeats Arunasur

S22 E3

Parvati performs sadhana for the safety of the five Devas. On the battlefield, Bhoothnath tries to weaken Arunasur by reminding him of his past.

Arunasur uses all his powers

S22 E4

Parvati tells Kartikay about her role in protecting the universe. Mahadev explains to Suryadev why Parvati cannot give him back his duties, even after his release from captivity.

Mahadev enlightens Kartikey about Parvati's karma

S22 E5

Mahadev enlightens Kartikey about Parvati's karma for the sake of the universe. Parvati thanks Mahadev for supporting her in performing sadhana.

Arunasur's determination

S22 E6

MythologyHindiLife OkPG Arunasur remains adamant on defeating Bhoothnath. But Bhoothnath again defeats him and helps Varun Dev free himself.

Parvati falls unconscious

S22 E7

Bhoothnath continues to fight against Arunasur to make him realise that he is sinning against the gods. Parvati restores the powers and duties of the five Devas.

Mahadev plans to perform sadhana

S23 E1

Mahadev is shocked on seeing Parvati's condition. He transforms himself into Vaidyanath and cures Parvati.

Mahadev gets furious at Parvati

S23 E2

Ganesha gives Bilva leaves to Parvati so she can call Mahadev back. But when Parvati puts the Bilva Patra on the Shivaling, Mahadev gets angry

Controlling Mahadev's krodhagni

S23 E3

Parvati promises to pacify Mahadev, as his anger is causing natural disasters and calamities.

Akhilandeshwari Devi

S23 E4

In order to help Mahadev, Parvati transforms herself into Akhilandeshwari Devi. The gods and Parvati continue to worship the Shivalings.

Mahadev is pacified

S23 E5

Lord Vishnu and Parvati succeed in pacifying Mahadev. Mahadev gets his trishul and damaru from Parvati.

Parvati fears for Kamdhenu

S23 E6

Arunasur prepares for another war with Mahadev. He tries to blackmail and harm Van Devi.

Arunasur tortures the animals

S23 E7

Arunasur tortures the animals and ill-treats Kamdhenu, while challenging Pashupatinath.

Mahadev rescues the animals and Kamdhenu from Arunasur

S23 E8

Mahadev makes Arunasur realise about his concern for the animals. He rescues the animals and Kamdhenu from Arunasur.

Kartikay's decision

S23 E9

Mahadev tells Parvati about the war between Kartikay and Arunasur. On the battlefield, Arunasur starts fighting against Yamraj and defeats his army. K

Mahadev motivates Kartikey to fight with Arunasur

S23 E10

Mahadev motivates Kartikey to fight with Arunasur and blesses him to win the war.

Kartikey promises Arunasur to revive his mother

S23 E11

On being provoked by Arunasur's army, Kartikey becomes compassionate about Arunasur's mother.

Kartikay leaves Kailash

S23 E12

Mahadev worries about Kartikay's promise to Arunasur. Parvati and Ganesha make Kartikay realise that he has made a mistake, but Kartikay is adamant.

Parvati worries about Kartikay

S23 E13

As Arunasur continues to perform Parvati's sadhana, Parvati worries about Kartikay going to Kritika. She decides to bring him back to Kailash.

Kartikey becomes outraged at Indradev

S23 E14

Indradev decides to stop Kartikey from resurrecting Arunasur's mother, on thinking about it's bad consequences in Swarg Lok.

Kartikay is upset with Mahadev

S23 E15

Mahadev succeeds in releasing Kartikay from his Krodhagni state. Parvati blames Indradev for misleading Kartikay and decides to punish him.

Kartikay returns to Kailash

S23 E16

Kartikay returns to Kailash. Parvati learns about his compassion for Arunasur's mother.

Kartikay's realisation

S23 E17

Parvati decides to grant Arunasur's wish. She explains to Kartikay about the love parents have for their children.

Arunasur feels cheated

S23 E18

Before granting Arunasur's wish, Parvati tells him about his sins and asks him to reconsider his wish.

Arunasur attacks Mahadev

S23 E19

Mahadev pardons Arunasur and gives him a chance to correct his wrongdoings.

Bhramari Devi's anger

S24 E1

The deities worry on seeing the destruction caused by Bhramari Devi's anger. Mahadev meditates to pacify Parvati.

Vishnu takes the form of Mohini

S24 E2

The deities and Mahadev worry about the negativity in the universe. Lord Vishnu transforms himself into Mohini to pacify Bhramari Devi.

Mohini pacifies Parvati

S24 E3

On seeing Mohini, Parvati remembers Lord Vishnu's concern for her. Mohini succeeds in pacifying Parvati.

Hariharaputra is born

S24 E4

Mahadev performs leela to bring peace to the universe. In the process, his son Hariharaputra is born.

Mahishi attacks Manikantan

S24 E5

The Mahamantri of Raja Rajasekhara conspires against Manikantan, to prevent him becoming Raja Rajasekhara's heir.

Parvati frees herself

S24 E6

Manikantan succeeds in killing Mahishi. Parvati liberates herself from Bhramari Devi avatar.

Lakulesh emerges from his sadhana

S24 E7

Mahadev's devotee Lakulesh desires to go to his temple. Mahadev is disturbed when Lakulesh emerges from his sadhana.

Mahadev rescues Lakulesh

S24 E8

Lakulesh refuses to eat the prasad offered by a priest and the Maharaja. The Maharaja gets furious when he separates Shiva and Parvati's idol.

Lakulesh decides to visit Kailash

S24 E9

Bhola helps Lakulesh drink 'Mansarovar Jal'. Later, Lakulesh realises that Bhola was Mahadev in disguise.

Lakulesh's instructions

S24 E10

Ganesh, Nandi and the Shivgans welcome Lakulesh to Kailash. Parvati's presence shocks him and he insists she should stay away from Kailash to preserve Mahadev's sanctity.

Mahadev plans to perform sadhana

S24 E11

Lakulesh forbids Mahadev from eating the food prepared by Parvati. Mahadev scolds him for insulting Parvati.

Bhairavi forbids Lakulesh from destroying himself

S24 E12

Lakulesh tortures himself on thinking about Mahadev. Mahadev performs sadhana for Lakulesh in the cremation ground.

Mahadev enlightens Lakulesh about his powers and incarnations

S24 E13

Lakulesh insists Mahadev to stop his sadhana. Bhairavi tries to make Lakulesh realise about Mahadev's relationship with Sati and Adi Shakti.

Mahadev tells Lakulesh about the past incidents

S24 E14

Mahadev tells Lakulesh about the past incidents, related to Daksh. Lord Vishnu enlightens Daksh and Angira about Mahadev's renunciation.

Daksh vents his anger on Narad

S24 E15

Daksh consoles Prasuti on seeing her worried about him. He organises a havan, and invites the deities and the rishis.

Mahadev cuts off the fifth head of Lord Brahma

S24 E16

Mahadev defeats Daksh's army, and rescues the innocent people. Daksh gets his daughters married to the rishis.

Daksh organises a 'Vasant Utsav'

S24 E17

Daksh organises a 'Vasant Utsav' for Sati. He forbids her to leave the palace, but she defies him and heads north.

Mahadev's reclusive state

S24 E18

Narad gets worried on seeing Mahadev's condition. He and Nandi's father strive to pacify Mahadev, but he decides to live a reclusive life.

Angira vents his anger

S24 E19

In the forest, Mahadev tries to create a statue but is unable to do so. At Daksh's palace, Sati tries to draw a picture, but fails to do so.

Sati proceeds to Angira's yagna

S25 E1

Sati proceeds to Angira's yagna but they get stuck on the way. In the forest, Mahadev saves Sati from a tiger.

Sadhbhish's plan

S25 E2

Sati's voice lures Mahadev to her location. Seeing a stranger, Daksh's army tries to attack Mahadev, but fails.

Sati is drawn to the damaru

S25 E3

Mahadev plays the damaru and the sound calls out to Sati. She goes towards the forest in search of Mahadev and finds an incomplete idol.

Sati fails to recognise Mahadev

S25 E4

When Sati meets Mahadev, she fails to recognise him as he wears the look of an ascetic.

Sati gets lost in the forest

S25 E5

Mahadev gets furious at Sati for disrespecting him. Still, he saves her from drowning in a river.

Attack on Daksh's daughters

S25 E6

Sati requests Mahadev to protect her for the night. She becomes mesmerised listening to Mahadev's damaru and understands his concern for her.

Sati tries to impress Mahadev

S25 E7

Ignoring Mahadev's warning, Sati eats a fruit in the forest and falls ill. Mahadev helps her recover.

Sati strives to reconcile

S25 E8

Sati remains upset with Mahadev for not helping her. She apologises to him and he guides her out of the forest.

Mahadev becomes outraged at Sati

S25 E9

Mahadev becomes outraged at Sati after she insists him to renounce his reclusive life. He asks Sati to leave the forest.

Sati is attacked in the forest

S25 E10

Sati remains annoyed with Mahadev as she leaves the forest. Constant thoughts of Sati make Mahadev even more furious.

Mahadev's devotees wait for him

S25 E11

Mahadev's devotees wait for his visit during the Shivratri festival.

Shatbhish's army attacks Sati

S25 E12

While Mahadev's devotees worry over his return from the forest, he worries about Sati's safety.

Mahadev refuses to accept Sati

S25 E13

Nandi tries to reveal Mahadev's identity to Sati, but he stops him and asks him to take Sati away.

Mahadev is back at Kailash

S25 E14

Mahadev is back at Kailash but in his reclusive state. Sati again gets attracted to the sound of his damaru and starts moving towards Kailash.

Daksh vents his anger on Sati

S25 E15

Everybody is happy to see Mahadev in his original form.

Sati's suffering

S25 E16

Vasuki informs Mahadev about Sati's suffering. He refuses to leave Kailash till Mahadev promises to take care of her.

Garud attacks the snakes

S25 E17

Vasuki is furious on learning about Garud's atrocities against the snake community.

Mahadev accepts the challenge

S25 E18

Mahadev accepts Lord Vishnu's challenge. The gods worry about the war and its consequences.

Lakulesh learns the truth

S25 E19

Rishi Bhrigu tells Daksh about Mahadev's reconciliation with Tridev. Daksh gets angry and decides to perform yagna to destroy Mahadev and Sati's relationship.

Indradev commits crime by killing a rishi

S25 E20

Parvati devotes herself in performing sadhana. Mahadev becomes grateful to her for supporting Lakulesh.

Ganesh learns about his duties

S25 E21

Mahadev tells Ganesh about his duty to spread knowledge and destroy anti-social elements in the universe.

Indradev leaves Swarg Lok

S25 E22

Motivated by Mahadev, the Maharaja decides to serve leprosy patients.

Priests want to punish Maharaja

S26 E1

The priests provoke the citizens to punish the Maharaja. Mahadev, in the form of Shambhu, stops them and makes them realise that the Maharaja wants to make amends by taking care of them.

Indrani insults Nahush

S26 E2

Nahush takes Mahadev's blessings and begins his work as the Devraj of Swarg Lok. However, Indrani opposes Mahadev's decision.

The priests plot an attack

S26 E3

Mahadev consoles Ashok Sundari, telling her that Nahush has become the leader of Swarg Lok because of his abilities.

Nahush misbehaves with Indrani

S26 E4

Nahush's arrogance comes in the way of his duties and he misbehaves with the gods.

Shambhu defeats the enemies

S26 E5

Nahush insults the rishis. Mahadev advises them to fight against injustice. Nahush even plans to ruin Indrani's reputation.

Shambhu cures the Maharaja

S26 E6

The Maharaja succeeds in defeating his enemies with Shambhu's support. Shambhu transforms himself into Mahadev.

Rishi Agastya curses Nahush

S26 E7

In Swarg Lok, Nahush insults the rishis by ordering them to carry him on their shoulders.

Indradev returns to Swarg Lok

S26 E8

On seeing Indradev's sadhana, Mahadev reappoints him as the Devraj of Swarg Lok.

The forbidden worship

S27 E1

Kalbheet's father, Raj Purohit, forbids him from worshipping Mahadev. He fails to perform a yagna for Kalbheet.

Mahadev enlightens Indradev about Kalbheet

S27 E2

Mahadev enlightens Indradev about Kalbheet's sufferings. Pushpadant, a devotee of Mahadev, steals flowers from the Maharaja's pushpa vatika, to worship the shivling.

Mahadev's judgement

S27 E3

Nat Bhairav and Natesh succeed in liberating Kalbheet from his reclusive life.

Kalbheet's decision

S27 E4

Nat Bhairav explains to Kalbheet's parents how they misguided their son. They apologise and thank Nat Bhairav.

Pushpadant steals the Shivaling

S27 E5

Provoked by the soldiers of the Maharaja, Pushpadant enters the Shiva temple and takes away the Shivaling.

Pushpadant gets death sentence

S27 E6

Pushpadant realises his mistake and returns the Shivaling to the Maharaja.

Mahadev and Parvati return

S28 E1

The Maharaja saves Pushpadant from the death penalty when he learns about his devotion for Mahadev.

Lord Brahma's prediction

S28 E2

Mahadev is impressed by Banasur's devotion for him. Even as Narad and Lord Vishnu stop him from blessing Banasur, he bestows Banasur with a boon and rescues him from his enemy, Sonit Raj.

Banasur is provoked

S28 E3

Banasur misuses his power, leading to death and destruction. Mahadev tells the gods that an evil spirit is provoking Banasur to commit sins.

Mahadev leaves Kailash

S28 E4

Parvati offers prasad to the gods during a ceremony. When it is offered to Banasur, he hesitates.

Banasur and the citizens of Sonitpur felicitate Mahadev

S28 E5

Banasur thanks Mahadev for being compassionate towards him and visiting his kingdom, Sonitpur.

Kartikay decides to fight Bhairav

S28 E6

Banasur arranges for Mahadev's stay in Sonitpur. His ego is hurt as he is ignored and everybody's attention is on Mahadev.

Bhairav kills the intruders

S28 E7

Ganesh stops Kartikay and Bhairav from fighting. He persuades Bhairav not to hinder the freedom of the residents of Kailash.

Banasur regrets his actions

S28 E8

Mahadev stops Banasur from attacking the Maharaja of a neighbouring kingdom. Banasur regrets misusing his power and apologises to Mahadev.

Banasur attempts to kill Mahadev

S28 E9

The rishis and Vaani condemn Banasur for insulting Mahadev. Out of anger, Banasur attempts to kill her and challenges Mahadev.

Banasur apologises to Parvati

S28 E10

Banasur questions Mahadev about the evil inside him. In Kailash, Parvati curses Bhairav for stopping her.

Banasur and Vaani are blessed

S28 E11

Mahadev and Parvati bless Banasur and Vaani with a daughter, Usha. Banasur tries to kill a Mahamantri for not considering Usha his daughter.

Banasur plans to attack Indradev

S28 E12

Banasur is outraged on learning that Vaani has left the palace with Usha. He decides to attack Indradev for giving shelter to Vaani.

Parvati vows to destroy Banasur

S28 E13

Indrani urges Parvati to protect Vaani and Usha from Banasur. Despite Mahadev protecting Banasur, Parvati vows to destroy him.

Vaani returns to Banasur

S28 E14

For the sake of Mahadev and Parvati, Vaani returns to Banasur with Usha.

Usha proves herself to Mahadev

S28 E15

Mahadev decides to test Usha by arranging a sword fight between her and Kartikay. She wins the fight by diverting Kartikay's attention.

Ganesh organises Usha's farewell

S28 E16

As Kailash prepares for Usha's farewell, Sonitpur prepares for her arrival.

Banasur gets furious at Usha

S28 E17

Usha gets emotional while leaving Kailash. Mahadev advises her to follow the right principles in life.

Banasur challenges Balram

S28 E18

Banasur gets furious at Vaani when she tries to stop him from fighting the Yaduvanshis. He visits Dwarka and challenges Balram to a fight.

Banasur vows to attack Mahadev

S28 E19

Banasur challenges Balram to a fight. Balram defeats him but doesn't kill him as he is protected by Mahadev.

Kartikay surrenders to Banasur

S28 E20

Banasur goes to Kailash to attack the gods. Nandi and Kartikay warn him to return to Sonitpur, but he refuses.

Mahadev's prediction

S28 E21

Despite repeated warnings, Banasur refuses to listen to Mahadev. He predicts Banasur's downfall and tells him that Parshuram will destroy him.

Mahadev tries to pacify Parvati

S28 E22

Parvati is annoyed with Kartikay’s defeat. Mahadev tries to calm her.

Aniruddha is brought to Sonitpur

S28 E23

As Aniruddha fights the Asuras, Chitralekha apprehends him using her magical powers.

Agni Dev creates destruction

S28 E24

The gods worry as Agni Dev experiments with his powers, which lead to destruction in Swarg Lok.

Narad visits Dwarka

S28 E25

While Agni Dev continues to trouble the gods, Mahadev wants Kartikay in Kailash as soon as possible.

Agni Dev attacks Mahadev

S28 E26

Mahadev meets Agni Dev in disguise and warns him not to cause more destruction.

Agni Dev's torture continues

S28 E27

Ignoring Kartikay's warning, Agni Dev continues to burn innocent people. He wants Kartikay to refuse the post of Senapati.

Usha gets married

S28 E28

The Mahamantri informs Banasur that Usha has brought Aniruddha to Sonitpur, but Banasur scolds him for casting aspersions on his daughter.

Agni Dev steps down as Senapati

S28 E29

Seeing Mahadev open his third eye in anger, Agni Dev apologises to him and steps down as Senapati. Krishna pacifies Mahadev by worshipping the Shivaling.

Krishna frees Aniruddha

S28 E30

After defeating Aniruddha, Banasur challenges the Yaduvanshis.

Banasur seeks Mahadev's help

S28 E31

Banasur vents his anger on Usha for showing concern for Aniruddha. He requests Mahadev to help him defeat the Yaduvanshis.

Banasur's challenge

S28 E32

Ganesh, Kartikay and Nandi vow to support Mahadev in the war between the Yaduvanshis and the Asuras.

Mahadev and Krishna's fight

S28 E33

Krishna tells Aniruddha about the principles of war. The war between the Yaduvanshis and Banasur's army begins.

Krishna attacks Mahadev

S28 E34

Krishna obeys Mahadev's command and fights with him on the battlefield. The gods worry about the impact of this war.

Mahadev disappears

S28 E35

Mahadev disappears from the battleground. Kartikay and the gods worry about Mahadev's whereabouts.

Usha and Aniruddha's marriage

S28 E36

Banasur realises his mistake and apologises to Usha. He organises Usha and Aniruddha's marriage ceremony in Sonitpur.

Vasuki can't take care of Manasa

S28 E37

Aniruddha and Usha compete with each other in archery. In Kailash, Parvati worries about Banasur.

Parvati is suspicious of Banasur

S28 E38

Parvati again becomes suspicious of Banasur's intention. Mahadev gives Kartikay some valuable tips on warfare.

Adi tries to please Lord Brahma

S29 E1

After fighting Kartikay, Ganesh realises why Mahadev organised the fight and why Kartikey received training from Nandi.

Manasa reveals her true self

S29 E2

Mahadev tells Parvati about Lord Brahma's boon to Adi. Parvati panics on hearing about it.

Adi fails to prove his strength

S29 E3

Indradev reminds Mahadev about Andhaka's misdeeds. He wants Kartikay to stay away from Adi.

Manasa falls into a trap

S29 E4

Mahadev tests Adi's power and asks him to fight with Nandi. Will Adi pass this test?

Adi succeeds at entering Kailash

S29 E5

Parvati gets suspicious as Adi tries to please everybody by gifting them with Shivalings. Manasa kills a villager's child.

Manasa kills Rishi Halahal

S29 E6

Manasa rescues Rishi Halahal from the villagers. She gets furious at them for attacking him.

Mahadev, Parvati pacify Manasa

S29 E7

Mahadev and Parvati perform sadhana for Manasa's well-being. They succeed in pacifying her by using the power of Jal Tatva.

Mahadev plans to destroy Adi

S29 E8

Adi continues torturing the denizens of Kailash. Meanwhile, Mahadev and Parvati remain busy performing sadhana for Manasa

Adi's destruction in Kailash

S29 E9

Veerbhadra attacks Adi for deceiving Mahadev and orders him to leave Kailash.

Manasa blames Mahadev

S30 E1

Mahadev and Parvati discuss about Manasa with the inhabitants of Kailash.

Manasa is taken to Kailash

S30 E2

Ganesh and Kartikay learn about Usha and Aniruddha's reincarnation. Mahadev names Usha Behula.

Parvati gets furious at Manasa

S30 E3

Manasa is disappointed with Mahadev for not protecting her and Rishi Halahal. Mahadev and Parvati try to make her realise that she is responsible for his death.

Manasa shows disrespect

S30 E4

Parvati remains annoyed with Manasa. Vasuki and Diti try convincing Manasa that she should respect Mahadev.

Parvati tests Mahadev's loyalty

S30 E5

Parvati disguises herself as Bhilni to test Mahadev. Mahadev praises her for serving him delicious food and taking care of him.

Manasa's hatred for Mahadev

S30 E6

Mahadev decides to stay with Bhilini forever. Parvati is sad about it and decides to put Mahadev through a final test.

Manasa misleads the devotees

S30 E7

Manasa decides to protest against Mahadev in Kailash. She misleads his devotees and takes them with her.

Manasa protests against Mahadev

S31 E1

Manasa gathers Mahadev's devotees in Kailash to protest against him. Ganesh handles Manasa and tries to clear her doubts about Mahadev.

Mahadev decides to test Manasa

S31 E2

Mahadev's devotees apologise to him for losing faith. He tries to clear Manasa's misunderstandings, but she wishes to be worshipped as a goddess.

Manasa goes to Chandradhar

S31 E3

As Parvati worries about losing Mahadev, he assures Bhilni that he will marry her.

Parvati fears losing Mahadev

S31 E4

Parvati loses her faith in Mahadev after he decides to marry Bhilni. Does this mean Mahadev will have two wives?

Manasa kills Chandradhar's sons

S31 E5

Parvati admits to Mahadev how she had tested him. He makes her realise that he was aware of her intentions all the time.

Manasa's warning

S31 E6

Chandradhar and his wife are lost in grief after Manasa kills their sons. Manasa insists that Chandradhar should become her devotee, else she will kill Lakshmi Chandra.

Manasa's atrocities continue

S31 E7

On hearing about Manasa's atrocities against the brothers of Lakshmi Chandra, Behula consoles him.

Manasa poisons Lakshmi Chandra

S31 E8

While Behula strives to protect Lakshmi Chandra from Manasa, Mahadev condemns Manasa for misusing her power.

Behula prays to Mahadev

S31 E9

While Nandi and Kartikay worry about Behula, Mahadev and Parvati perform sadhana to pacify Manasa.

Mahadev visits Chandradhar

S31 E10

While taunting Behula, Manasa insists that Chandradhar should become her devotee.

Manasa becomes a goddess

S31 E11

A repentant Manasa is enlightened about devotion by Mahadev. She apologises to him and Chandradhar and heals Lakshmi Chandra.

Brahma rebukes Saraswati

S32 E1

Mahadev helps Parvati overcome her grief and they are felicitated by the Shivgans and Rishis.

Gyan Murti insults Saraswati

S32 E2

King Durdumb decides to punish his Mahamantri and his son. Mahadev condemns Acharya Gyan Murti for disrespecting Saraswati.

Mahadev in Durdumb's kingdom

S32 E3

Mahadev and Parvati decide to help Saraswati. Incognito, they enter Durdumb's kingdom to fight against the atrocities there.

Mahadev rescues the parents

S32 E4

The parents of Gangey and Uma thank Mahadev and Parvati for rescuing them from the soldiers.

Gyan Murty punishes the learned

S32 E5

While Gyan Murty decides to proscribe education and punish the intellectuals, Mahadev motivates Taranath and the acharyas to fight Gyan Murty and Durdumb.

Saraswati is pacified

S32 E6

The enlightened students of Mahadev sing Saraswati Vandana to pacify her.

Parvati motivates the women

S32 E7

Parvati condemns King Durdumb for humiliating women. She motivates the women to fight against him.

Gyan Murti attacks Durdumb

S32 E8

Gyan Murty falsely declares that he has won over Mahadev in shastrartha and wants to punish him.

Saraswati meets Gyan Murty

S32 E9

Gyan Murty atones for disrespecting Sarawati and worships her. Lord Vishnu and Brahma pacify Saraswati and she appears before Mahadev and Gyan Murty.

Gayatri decides to kill Durdumb

S32 E10

An adamant Durdumb orders his soldiers and Asuras to attack the women and apprehend Gayatri, another form of Parvati.

Durdumb atones for his sins

S32 E11

Durdumb apologises for his sins and the women forgive him. Mahadev motivates him to follow the righteous path.

Andhaka praises Mahadev

S33 E1

Worried, the gods want to stop Shivansh's reincarnation, but Brihaspati stops them.

Andhaka is sorry

S33 E2

A repentant Andhaka apologises to Mahadev and Parvati for Adi's misdeeds. Kartikay forbids him to stay in Kailash, but Mahadev and Parvati allow him to be there.

Lord Vishnu is suspicious

S33 E3

Both Andhaka and Natyacharya endeavour to impress Mahadev.

Lohitang is born

S33 E4

Despite Parvati's advice, Mahadev teaches Natyacharya the Tandav. Narad enlightens the gods about Mahadev's Tandav.

Indradev is upset with Mahadev

S33 E5

Mahadev entrusts Andhaka with the care of Lohitang. Mahadev also blesses Natyacharya and condemns the Asuras.

Vishnu to be in Yoga Nidra

S33 E6

While Mahadev enlightens Parvati about Bali and Vamana, Lord Vishnu decides to lead his life in Yoga Nidra for some time.

Andhaka has a plan

S33 E7

Andhaka's grand design includes misleading Lohitang against Mahadev. This information upsets both Mahadev and Parvati.

Andhaka trains Lohitang

S33 E8

Indradev and Brihaspati are worried about Lord Vishnu's decision to lead his life in Yoga Nidra.

Lohitang is made king

S33 E9

Mahadev tells Parvati, Indradev and Brihaspati about the evil designs of Andhaka and predicts the consequences.

Lohitang targets the gods

S33 E10

Ganesha wants the gods and Asuras to co-exist in peace and seeks Mahadev's blessings for it.

Mahadev blesses Kartikay

S33 E11

Kartikey vows to protect the deities from the Asuras and on Ganesha's advice, seeks Mahadev's permission to support the deities in a yagna.

Lohitang learns about Mahadev

S33 E12

Parvati informs Prithvi Devi about Andhaka misguiding Lohitang against Mahadev.

Parvati hears the story of Jeevak

S33 E13

Mahadev enlightens Parvati about a devotee, Jeevak, who turned into a demon after killing a holy man, Brihath.

Jeevak gets redemption

S33 E14

Adi's mother provokes Lohitang to act against Mahadev. However, Mahadev is able to pacify him.

Narad teaches music to Lohitang

S33 E15

Jeevak's men thank Mahadev. Meanwhile, Narad informs Kartikay about Prithvi Devi's concern for Lohitang and educates him in music and art.

Andhaka ruins Indradev's yagna

S33 E16

Lord Brahma and Mahadev condemn the Asuras for misusing their powers, while Indradev and Brihaspati perform a yagna.

Andhaka angers Mahadev

S33 E17

Lakshmi berates Andhaka for disrespecting Parvati. He, in turn, accuses Parvati and Mahadev of injustice against Adi and himself.

The end of Andhaka

S33 E18

Mahadev attacks Andhaka and he dies. Before dying, he asks Lohitang to avenge his death. Lohitang then vows to destroy Mahadev.

Lohitang vows revenge

S33 E19

Lohitang declares his hatred for Mahadev and vows to avenge Andhaka's death.

Lohitang completes his training

S33 E20

Indradev and Brihaspati succeed in acquiring Arthashastra to protect the gods, but Mahadev condemns the move.

Lohitang takes on the gods

S33 E21

Prithvi Devi urges Lohitang to respect Mahadev, but it has no effect on him. He declares his hatred for Mahadev and Parvati.

Tuhund gets a boon from Brahma

S33 E22

Tuhund becomes powerful after being granted a boon by Lord Brahma. He prepares to attack the Devas, who begin to worry.

Lohitang attacks Tuhund

S33 E23

Ganesha pacifies Kartikay, while Tuhund boasts about his powers to Lohitang. An enraged Lohitang attacks him and demonstrates his superiority.

Tuhund and Lohitang join hands

S33 E24

Tuhund agrees to support Lohitang. Mahadev forbids Indradev from using the Arthashastra against the Asuras.

Kartikay prepares for war

S34 E1

Kartikay seeks Mahadev's blessing and asks Ganesha to take care of Kailash before setting out for war.

Kartikay fights Lohitang

S34 E2

Accepting Lohitang's challenge, Kartikay fights him. Meanwhile, Mahadev predicts how the war will end and assures Parvati of Lohitang's defeat and atonement.

Bhandasur tries to enter Kailash

S34 E3

While Mahadev sympathises with Prithvi Devi, Tuhund attacks the gods and they fight back. Tuhund and Indradev take on each other and Kartikey engages Lohitang.

Bhandasur gets redemption

S34 E4

The rishis manage to pacify an angry Parvati. On Kartikay's advice, Indradev avoids deploying the Arthashastra and surrenders to Tuhund.

Mahadev gives Lohitang a chance

S34 E5

An enraged Lohitang challenges Mahadev to a duel, but the lord condemns him for misguiding Tuhund and the Asuras.

The story of Shankchur

S34 E6

Lohitang realises the magnitude of Mahadev's powers and regrets not doing justice to the cause of Andhaka and the Asuras.

Shankchur tends to Lohitang

S34 E7

Mahadev reveals to Ganesha that Shankchur was Sridhama in his previous birth.

Indradev misguides Shankchur

S34 E8

Mahadev holds a discussion with Narad and Parvati about Lohitang. Indradev conspires against Lohitang and Shankchur, which shocks Brihaspati.

Prithvi Devi blesses Lohitang

S34 E9

Mahadev and Parvati condemn Indradev for his treachery. Lohitang alerts Shankchur about Indradev's conspiracy.

Mahadev won't protect Indradev

S34 E10

Shankchur apologises to Lohitang for misunderstanding him and together, they plan to attack Indradev.

Dev Kampan advises Lohitang

S34 E11

Lohitang prepares to attack Mahadev. He vents his anger in front of Dev Kampan, who enlightens him about Tridev.

Lohitang at Dadhichi's ashram

S34 E12

Pippalada reminds Mahadev about past incidents involving Rishi Dadhichi and praises him for renouncing the worldly life for the sake of humanity.

Pippalada enlightens Lohitang

S34 E13

Pippalada enlightens Lohitang and continues to worship the Shivaling.

Lohitang has an evil plan

S34 E14

Pippalada tells Lohitang about Ravana and Jyotirlinga. Lohitang pretends to revere Mahadev, but intends to destroy Jyotirlinga.

Lohitang is set on vengeance

S34 E15

Mahadev asks Parvati not to worry about Lohitang. Shankchur is shocked to hear about Indradev’s plan to attack Nigas.

Mahadev makes a prediction

S34 E16

While Parvati continues to worry, Mahadev predicts that Lohitang will attack him. Lohitang informs Dev Kampan that Indradev had conspired to attack him and Shankchur.

Lohitang attacks Pippalada

S34 E17

Lohitang declares his hatred for Kartikay. Dev Kampan is upset by Lohitang's intention to harm Parvati.

Mahadev thanks Nandi

S34 E18

Dev Kampan berates Pippalada for hurting Lohitang's sentiments. Pippalada predicts that Lohitang's actions will have bad consequences.

Story of Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga

S34 E19

Lohitang tries to prove his powers to Pippalada, who reasons with him to change his ways.

Lohitang's lessons continue

S34 E20

Lohitang and Dev Kampan discuss about Lord Vishnu and Mahadev. Meanwhile, Brihaspati endeavours to save Nigas from Indradev.

The story of Vindhya

S34 E21

Mahadev predicts Lohitang's future, while Pippalada narrates the significance of Omkareshwar to Lohitang.

The significance of Om

S34 E22

Vindhya apologises to Mahadev for digressing from the path of truth, and Mahadev offers him redemption.

Indradev seeks support from Nigas

S35 E1

Lohitang fears leading the life of a recluse and is comforted by Prithvi Devi. She also convinces him about the power of Omkareshwar.

Lohitang chants Om

S35 E2

Pippalada tells Lohitang how Mahadev had rescued Rishi Gautam and had asked him to worship Ganga.

Lohitang learns about Kedarnath

S35 E3

Narad wants Indradev to win despite his evil design and conveys this to Mahadev. Indradev again asks Nigas to support him.

Lohitang is pleased with Nigas

S35 E4

Dev Kampan tells Lohitang about Narsimha's fight with Sarveshwar. Meanwhile, Brihaspati informs Indradev that Lohitang had sent Shankchur to help Nigas

Dev Kampan agrees to help

S35 E5

Pippalada warns Lohitang that he will not narrate the remaning Jyotirlings if he leaves the gurukul. Lohitang requests Dev Kampan to take his proposal to Nigas.

Nigas refuses Lohitang's plan

S35 E6

Pippalada informs Lohitang that Mahadev had established Bhimashankar on Kamrupeshwar’s request.

Lohitang's dilemma

S35 E7

Pippalada informs Lohitang that Mahadev established Jyotirling in Manikarnika. Lohitang informs Pippalada of giving him gurudakshina by sparing his life.

Nigas agrees to swallow Vishnu

S35 E8

Lohitang decides to divert Mahadev’s attention from Lord Vishnu with the help of Shankhchur. He lies to Nigas and orders them to swallow Lord Vishnu using his boon.

Nigas refuse to believe Indradev

S35 E9

Lohitang informs Shankhchur to attack Indradev and also tells him that the Nigas have agreed to swallow Lord Vishnu.

Parvati warns Mahadev

S35 E10

Mahadev informs Ganesh about his role in the battle between Indradev and Shankhchur. Meanwhile, Indradev informs Shankhchur that he will surrender to him if he kills Nigas.

Nigas swallows Lord Vishnu

S35 E11

Mahadev, Lord Brahma and Parvati try to calm Goddess Laxmi. Meanwhile, Mahadev tries to make Lohitang realise his mistakes.

Kartikey is furious at Lohitang

S36 E1

Parvati tries to calm Kartikey who is furious with Lohitang for insulting Mahadev. She informs Kartikey about Mahadev fulfilling Lord Vishnu’s responsibilities.

Shankhchur becomes king

S36 E2

Lohitang is delighted as Indradev fails to conspire against him and Shankhchur. Indradev surrenders and relinquishes Swarg Lok to Lohitang, who appoints Shankhchur as the King of Swarg Lok.

Narad criticises Lohitang

S36 E3

Shankhchur decides to undertake the responsibilities of Swarg Lok. Meanwhile, Narad makes Lohitang realise Mahadev’s compassion for him.

Kartikey vows to fight Lohitang

S36 E4

Lohitang is adamant on destroying Kashi. He vows to Tulsi to take care of Shankhchur. Shankhchur instructs the deities to follow the new rules.

Tridevi protest against Lohitang

S36 E5

Mahadev is occupied in performing sadhana for Lord Vishnu’s sake. Meanwhile, Lord Brahma is elated on learning about Kashi’s destruction.

Lohitang vows to attack Mahadev

S36 E6

The deities are elated when Dattatreya appears in front of them. Narad captivates Dattatreya with his devotion.

Lohitang learns of Dattatreya

S36 E7

Lord Brahma makes Kartikey aware of Lohitang’s intention against Jyotirlinga and Mahadev.

Lohitang protects Shankhchur

S36 E8

Prithvi Devi strives to protect Lohitang from devastation, and tries to make him realise his mistake.

Mahadev offers redemption

S36 E9

Mahadev assures Nigas of his innocence. Nigas decides to sacrifice his life for Lord Vishnu’s welfare.

Shankhchur wants Kailash

S36 E10

Dev Kampan alerts Shankhchur and Lohitang to be careful of the deities. Shankhchur refuses to surrender in front of the deities and vows to attack Mahadev in order to conquer Kailash

Prithvi Devi condemns Lohitang

S36 E11

Lohitang assures Tulsi that he will stop Shankhchur from fighting. Meanwhile, the deities and the asuras battle it out.

Lohitang misuses power of music

S36 E12

The deities warn Shankhchur to surrender before them. But Shankhchur still decides to fight Mahadev.

Shankhchur fights the deities

S36 E13

Dev Kampan urges Lohitang to fight Mahadev using the power of music. Meanwhile, Kartikey challenges Shankhchur in the battlefield and Ganesh offers him a final chance to surrender.

Mahadev succeeds in calming Kali

S36 E14

Dev Kampan stops Lohitang from fighting against the deities. Meanwhile, Mahadev succeeds in placating Kali. Shankhchur challenges Parvati to defeat him.

Redemption for Shankhchur

S36 E15

Shankhchur accuses Lord Vishnu and Mahadev of deceiving him and attacks Mahadev in front of the deities. Mahadev destroys Shankhchur out of anger.

Tulsi is angry at Lord Vishnu

S36 E16

Tulsi is tormented to see Shankchur’s dead body. She confronts Lohitang for not protecting him.

Lord Vishnu offers redemption to Tulsi

S36 E17

A bereaved Tulsi continues to believe that Lord Vishnu destroyed Shankhchur but she expiates for cursing Lord Vishnu after he elucidates his concern for Shankhchur to her.

Lohitang mourns Tulsi's death

S36 E18

Lohitang mourns Tulsi's death and vows to destroy Mahadev with the power of Tandava. Aware of Lohitang's intentions, Mahadev and Parvati set out to tame him.

The deities condemn Lohitang's negativity

S36 E19

Prithvi Devi elucidates Mahadev’s omnipotence to Lohitang. For the welfare of Lohitang, Pippalada strives to guide him on the right path.

Lohitang challenges Mahadev and the deities

S36 E20

Prithvi Devi regrets on failing to placate Lohitang. Lohitang, with an intention of destroying Mahadev, proceeds towards Kailash.

Lohitang and Mahadev's tandava

S36 E21

Lohitang's aggressive attitude against Mahadev reaches its extreme. He applies the power of music to attack Mahadev and the deities, which leads to destruction in the universe.

Mahadev placates Lohitang

S36 E22

Despite several attempts, Lohitang fails to attack Mahadev. The miraculous power of Mahadev's damaru placates Lohitang, who in a state of bereavement, recalls Andhaka, Shankhchur and Tulsi.

Mahadev enlightens Lohitang

S36 E23

Mahadev enlightens Lohitang of Prithvi Devi’s greatness and her affection for Lohitang, who then apologises to Mahadev, Prithvi Devi and other deities for his transgressions.

Kailash is at peace

S36 E24

The war comes to a halt. Kailash is tranquil and serene. Menavati and Himavan worry about Parvati's well-being.

Parvati has a premonition

S36 E25

Parvati is elated when Menavati and Himavan visit Kailash. Mahadev endeavours to commiserate with Parvati but Parvati is troubled by a premonition.

Kronch boasts of his power

S36 E26

The deities strive to stop Kronch from causing destruction, while Kronch goes on a rampant display of his power.

Kronch teams up with Banasur

S36 E27

Kartikey and many sages attend Mahadev’s sermon. Meanwhile, Kronch teams up with Banasur to destroy Himavan, but Vaani opposes their decision.

Parvati leaves Kailash

S36 E28

Parvati leaves Kailash for the welfare of Menavati and Himavan. Indradev intends to mislead Kronch but Kronch discovers his true intentions.

Parvati warns Kronch

S36 E29

Parvati warns Kronch that he will have to fight against her if he attacks Himavan. She condemns Banasur for misusing Mahadev's power, while Banasur aims to rule over the universe and challenges Parvati.

Kartikey to fight against Kronch

S36 E30

Banasur misleads Kronch, and is keen to become the King of the Himalayas. Meanwhile, Menavati and Parvati are annoyed with Kronch, who challenges Himavan in the battlefield.

Kartikey destroys Kronch

S36 E31

Rishi Agastya fails to take back his curse on Kronch. Kartikey offers a chance to Kronch to surrender before Himavan but he refuses.

Menavati is traumatised

S36 E32

Kronch's death traumatises Menavati and she condemns Banasur for misguiding Kronch. Kartikey is dejected on witnessing Menavati's condition.

Parvati departs from Mahadev

S36 E33

Parvati's departure leaves Mahadev feeling dejected. Lord Vishnu says that Parvati has to be reborn as a virgin teenage girl to destroy Banasur.

Parvati is reborn as Kumari

S36 E34

Lord Vishnu succeeds in organising the yagya with the support of the saints. Parvati is now reborn as Kumari.

Vaani condemns Banasur

S36 E35

Vaani condemns Banasur for his misdeed. Mahadev and Parvati's families interact with Kumari.

Nandi’s inspiration for marriage

S36 E36

Nandi narrates the story of how Mahadev and Parvati inspired him to get married. He gets upset on recalling Mahadev's reclusive life.

Kumari focuses on training

S36 E37

Kumari seeks Guru Pratyaya’s guidance for enlightenment about Rudraksha. Guru Pratyaya foresees Banasur's destruction.

Kumari saves girls from trouble

S36 E38

Banasurs army tortures teenage girls and tries to get them married against their will. However, Kumari, Natesh, Nandi and Murugan fight against them and save the girls.

Kumari remains outraged

S36 E39

Banasur sets out to attack Adi Shakti, and desperately searches for her. Meanwhile, Kumari remains outraged and Lord Vishnu tries to placate her.

Kumari reminisces about Mahadev

S36 E40

Under Lord Vishnu's guidance, Devi Lakshmi gives dancing lessons to Kumari in order to placate her.

Banasur's ill-intentions

S36 E41

Kumari continues to think of Mahadev. In a desperate state, she insists that Guru Pratyaya speak of Mahadev to her.

Kumari's devotion to Mahadev

S36 E42

Guru Pratyaya enlightens Kumari about the power of Mahadev and the significance of Shiv and Shakti.

Kumari decides to marry Mahadev

S36 E43

Kumaris devotion to Mahadev makes her anxious to marry him and the deities are distressed to witness it.

Kumari awaits Mahadev’s arrival

S36 E44

Lord Vishnu stops Mahadev from meeting Kumari. Meanwhile, Kumari desperately expects Mahadev to meet her.

Kumari destroys Banasur

S36 E45

Banasur attempts to mislead Kumari about Mahadev, but Kumari succeeds in destroying Banasur. Later, glimpses of her past occur to her in a flash and she transforms back into Parvati.

Ganesh is blessed with two babies

S36 E46

Ganesh is blessed with two babies. Parvati names the babies Kshema and Labha. Mahadev comes out of meditation and advises Ganesh about how to be a good father.

Mahdev enlightens about unity

S36 E47

Devotees belonging to different communities worship Mahadev. Mahadev tells that the greatest devotion to him is to help the needy and distressed.

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