Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है)

Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है)

Comedy | Romance

Hindi | Release Date Jan 18, 2024

8.0 Digit Binge Rating

About Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है)

Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) Storyline

“Badi Heroine Banti Hai” is an Indian web series created by Gul Khan. The show stars Rajeev Siddhartha, Nehal Chudasama, Lisa Prerna, and Utkarsh Kohli in ...Read More

lead roles. The series is released on 19 January 2024.

The show revolves around the lives of Advait and Kajal. Advait is the owner of a fashion company, and Kajal is his intern. They meet at his fashion house, and attraction and hate lead to drama as intern and boss become fake fiances to save his empire. Will they be able to keep up the charade, or will their true feelings be exposed?

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Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) is not available on any OTT Platform right now.


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Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) Trailer and Promotional Videos

Badi Heroine Banti Hai - Official Trailer |Rajeev Siddhartha & Prerna Lisa | 19 Jan |Amazon miniTV

Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) Season and Episode Details

In the first episode, Kajal and Advait are introduced. They hail from different places. Kajal happens to work under Advait who owns a fashion house. Kajal somehow is attracted to Advait but Advait finds Kajal stupid and is rude to her. The story takes a turn when the fashion show is stopped due to an uncertain event.

A showstopper dies at a fashion show, and a masked man leaves clues and threats. Kajal, an intern at Advait’s fashion house, learns that she is the heiress of his business partner, whom she never knew. She decides to confront Advait and reveal the truth.

Advait is shocked to find out that Kajal owns the company he works for. He accuses her of being his father’s mistress and asks her to give him back the company. Kajal refuses and is hurt by his insults. Saket, the lawyer of Advait’s father, was about to send a video message explaining what happened to him, but he is killed by a mysterious masked man.

Advait and Kajal escape from the media and end up in a bar. Kajal shows him how she must have seduced his father, which leads to some heated scenes between them. The evidence related to Saket’s murder is tampered with. Advait focuses on getting the company back from Kajal.

Advait tricks Kajal into signing the papers that give him the ownership of the company, but then reneges on his promise to give her back her job. The media reaches Kajal’s building and sees Advait there. Kajal declares that they are engaged as a revenge. Advait kisses her in public and announces their marriage.

Advait finds out that the papers he signed are invalid and he still does not own the company. A Japanese client agrees to meet him after hearing about his engagement. He has to call Kajal to the office to maintain the pretense and to cut the cake sent by the Japanese. Kajal agrees to play along.

Advait and Kajal welcome the Japanese client and have dinner with him. Kajal manages to convince him to sign a deal with the company. Meanwhile, the masked man is seen around the fashion show and another incident takes place.

Samaira falls from the stage and reveals a knife on her back. Advait and Kajal seek refuge, but Kajal sees the masked man shooting at Advait and pushes him out of the way, taking the bullet for him. Advait brings her home to recover. Gyaan Prakash, a detective, has the masked man in custody. Another masked man is seen outside Advait’s house.

Advait wakes up and sees Kajal cooking in the kitchen. An intruder enters the house and turns off the lights, causing Advait to have a panic attack. A loud noise comes from the guest room. The next day, during the deal signing with the Japanese, Kajal suspects that something is fishy about them, but Advait asks her to prove it.

Advait and Arjun discover the shocking truth about their father’s death. Advait says harsh words to Kajal and she walks away. As she is leaving, he confesses his attraction to her. Their romantic moment is interrupted by the police, who accuse Kajal of murdering Advait’s father.

Kajal feels hurt and betrayed by Advait’s fake confession, which was a ploy to keep her restrained until the police arrived. Advait realizes that Kajal might be innocent and decides to reconsider the accusations. He and Arjun work together to clear Kajal’s name by proving that someone else framed her.

Advait makes breakfast for Kajal as an apology, but she has already left his house. Arjun is blackmailed by someone who claims to have pictures of their mother’s affair. Advait finds Kajal crying in the office garden. Kajal tells him that she does not hate him anymore.

Advait and Kajal go to a resort to celebrate their deal with the Japanese. They share some romantic moments and confess their feelings for each other. They are unaware that the Japanese client is actually working for the masked man, who is planning to sabotage their happiness.

The masked man kidnaps Kajal and threatens to kill her if Advait does not give him the company. Advait and Arjun try to rescue her, but they are attacked by the Japanese client and his goons. Kajal manages to escape and calls Advait for help.

Advait and Kajal reunite and fight off the masked man and his accomplices. They discover that the masked man is actually Advait’s uncle, who was behind their father’s murder and wanted to take over the company. He is arrested by Gyaan Prakash. Advait and Kajal get married and live happily ever after.

Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) Trailer

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Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) FAQ's

The release date of Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) is Jan 18, 2024.
Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) scores a 8 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch.
Marzi, Hundred, Aashram and Romil And Jugal - Malayalam are the popular shows of Rajeev Siddhartha.
Pavitra Bhagya are the popular shows of Afzal Sayyed.
The star cast of Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) are : Rajeev Siddhartha, Nehal Chudasama, Lisa Prerna and Utkarsha Kohli.
Badi Heroine Banti Hai (बड़ी हीरोइन बनती है) is directed by Afzal Sayyed.
This show is available in Hindi language.
This show is available in Comedy and Romance genres.

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