Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Action | Family | Animation

English | Release Date Feb 13, 2011


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Jake and his pirate pals, Izzy and Cubby, try to protect their secret hideout from Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

Izzy finds a beautiful pink polka-dotted seashell on the beach to add to her seashell collection. Unfortunately, Captain Hook tries to steal it to add it to his own collection. Will Jake and his crew try to keep Izzy's seashell safe?

Skully spots a hat that has washed upon shore. It happens to belong to Captain Hook! Can Jake and the crew return Captain Hook's hat and be fair?

The pirate kids are having a beach party on Pirate Island, and Jake rocks the party by playing his guitar. Unfortunately, the music ruins Captain Hook's nap and he snatches the guitar away from Jake as he plays a special song. The crew attempts to reclaim the guitar from Captain Hook who plans to throw it in a volcano called Belch Mountain.

Jake finds a skateboard being washed up on shore, and he finds he's good at skateboarding tricks. But as you can guess, Captain Hook steals it. Will Jake and his crew retrieve the skateboard so Izzy and Cubby can have a turn?

Skully finds Izzy's hipster twister hoop that lights up when she twists and wiggles. Meanwhile, Mr. Smee accidentally breaks the steering wheel on Captain Hook's ship. In order for him to get a replacement wheel, Hook sends Never Bird to swipe Izzy's twister hoop. Can the pirate kids get the hoop back from the Never Bird?

Jake and his friends are about to have pirate snack time. Meanwhile, Captain Hook has gotten tired of Mr. Smee's disgusting dishes and wants something tasty. He does get something tasty--the pirate kids' healthy snacks! Jake and the crew attempt to retrieve their snacks before Captain Hook eats them all.

Jake and the pirate kids are playing basketball on the Good Ship Bucky. Cubby needs practice making a basket, so Izzy helps him by sprinkling pixie dust on the ball. Unfortunately, it causes the basketball to float away. Captain Hook ends up catching the ball, and he refuses to give it back until a wave washes it away. Jake and his crew go in search of getting their ball back, and Hook challenges the pirate kids to a basketball game.

Jake and his crew are flying kites on a very windy day. When Captain Hook sees how much fun they are having, he tries to make a getaway with the crew's kites so he can fly them with Smee.

Jake and his crew check to make sure the Good Ship Bucky is in working order. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is setting a course to look for a sunken treasure when the Jolly Roger gets stuck. So, Hook and Smee attempt to steal Bucky, but they start to think it's haunted. Can Jake and the crew get Bucky back to Pirate Island?

Jake, Izzy, and Cubby throw a surprise birthday party for their parrot pal Skully. Meanwhile, Captain Hook wants to swipe Skully's gifts to have his own hookday. It will be up to the pirate team to recover Skully's birthday gifts.

Jake and his crew find a boomerang washed up on shore. They start playing with it until Jake tosses it and it doesn't come back to him. The crew finds that Captain Hook had stolen it from them. Hook soon regrets stealing the boomerang while playing catch with Smee.

Izzy shows Jake and Cubby her favorite puzzle--a puzzle box! Unfortunately, Captain Hook steals it because he believes it's a treasure chest. Can the pirate kids get Izzy's puzzle box back, and can Jake and Cubby figure out how to open it?

Jake, Izzy, and Cubby challenge Hook and his crew on a series of obstacle courses to win the Never Land Games trophy. It'll take team work for Jake and his friends to complete all those challenges.

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee have been walking through Never Land Jungle in search of treasure, and Hook begins to get tired. When they see Jake and his pirate friends riding on a bicycle built for three, Hook and Smee manage to sneak away on it. Can the pirate kids be able to catch up to Hook and get their wheels back?

Cubby finds a soccer ball on the shore, and the crew begins playing soccer. But during the game, Captain Hook manages to catch the ball so he could take it back to Never Land. Jake and the crew must find their soccer ball on Never Peak Mountain, where it ended up after Hook kicked it. Can the pirate kids get there soccer ball back before Hook and Smee do?

While Jake and his crew are fishing, Cubby discovers a bottle with a message in it. It is a clue to a secret legendary treasure of a fisherman pirate named Captain Fisher. Jake's crew aren't the only ones who want to hunt for this treasure, Captain Hook and Smee want to get to it too. Can Jake and his mateys find Captain Fisher's secret treasure before Hook does?

Captain Hook's aquarium looks dull, and he wants to add something to it. So, he steals Cubby's pet goldfish, Gilly. Will the pirate kids recover Cubby's pet so they can watch her do her tricks?

The pirate kids have been taking surfing lessons from Marina the Mermaid. Captain Hook shows up disguised as a mermaid, and he takes away their surfboard for him and Smee to try. Will Jake and his crew retrieve their stolen surfboard from the two crooks?

Izzy takes Cubby and Jake to see the seahorses at Seahorse Shallows. Captain Hook thinks the seahorses are pretty himself, and he catches them to see if they can pull his boat through the water. After Hook and his crew trap all the seahorses, Jake and his mateys try to rescue them.

The pirate kids set a course to their favorite picnic spot where giant butterflies dwell. Jake even makes up a fun song and dance about how to get there. However, Captain Hook steals their map thinking it leads to a buried treasure. Can Jake and his crew try to stop Captain Hook from digging up their favorite picnic spot?

Jake and his crew receive a message and a skeleton key from Peter Pan. The key would unlock something exciting at the top of the rock. Even after Captain Hook steals the key, the pirate kids will do their best to protect Skull Rock from Hook and Smee and to solve the mystery.

The pirates discover Jake and his crew receive a note from Peter Pan about a rare flower that only blooms once every hundred years called the Never Bloom. The pirate kids follow Pan's compass to get to the flower, but can they get to the place where the Never Bloom is before Captain Hook and his crew does?

Captain Hook hurts his finger while hammering in a nail, and he wishes for his mother to sing to him to make his boo-boo go away. Hook hears a singing starfish in the distance, which happens to be Marina's pet she calls Sandy. Jake and his crew watch Sandy as Marina goes off to do water ballet when Hook steals him so he can hear him sing. Will Jake and his crew get Sandy back to Marina?

Jake and his mateys prepare for a beach party when they find that some of their things were missing. At first they think it was Captain Hook, who finds that his rubber ducky was missing too. So, while the Jolly Roger is being repaired, Jake and Hook team up to find whoever it was who's been taking their things from them. They find that it was a seal who likes to juggle. Can Jake and his mates get the seal and Hook to give everything back?

Jake and his crew receive a message from Peter Pan about a legendary emerald coconut for Cubby to take a picture of. Unfortunately, Captain Hook steals the coconut to add it to his collection and traps Jake and Izzy in a cage. The only way for them to be free is for Cubby to put back the emerald coconut in its place. Will Cubby and Skully get the coconut back from Hook?

Jake and his mates discover a firefly one night and call him Brightly. Suddenly, Captain Hook captures Brightly and takes him along on a treasure hunt to the cave of the golden twilight treasure. Jake and the gang must rescue Brightly from Hook before his light goes dim.

Jake and his crew receive a map and message in a bottle from Peter Pan showing them the way to Pirate's Plunge where they can cool off. Captain Hook wants the map for himself, and he tries to take it from Jake when they lose it. The bottle lands in the Crocodile's mouth, and he swallows it. Will the pirate kids find a way to retrieve the map from the Crocodile's belly?

The crew gets a wooden elephant as a present, unaware that Captain Hook is inside the elephant and plans to fill it with their treasures

The pirate kids plan on having a dance party with Marina the Mermaid, and Jake learns how to dance by moving to the beat of Peter Pan's old bongos that Cubby plays. Even Captain Hook couldn't keep himself from dancing to the beat of Cubby's bongos, and he wants to take them away to stop himself and Jake's crew from dancing. Unfortunately, a monkey steals the drums from Hook and wouldn't stop playing them.

Skully discovers a golden egg, and Jake and his crew wonder what's inside.

Jake and his crew are playing football to improve their skills with teamwork. Captain Hook and his crew that the football is sure to give them powers to work as a team as well. After he steals the ball, Jake's crew inspires Hook to be a team player.

Marina the Mermaid comes to Jake and his crew for an emergency. Captain Hook is threatening to dig up and destroy Coral Cove with his treasure digging machine in search of the "Treasure With Eight Arms".

Jake and his crew discover that Captain Hook and his band of sneaks have taken their Team Treasure Chest where they collect and store all their gold doubloons. Hook and his crew paint an old chest to make it look like Jake's chest so the pirate kids will think they really found it.

Skully introduces Jake and his crew to his new bird friend, Winger. She is in search of the Golden SkyBird Treasure. Jake and his crew help Winger search for SkyBird Island where a treasure awaits. Cubby can't find SkyBird Island on his map, so Izzy uses her pixie dust to help the crew fly to the island in the sky.

Captain Hook is disappointed because he has no treasure to show his crew. So, Mr. Smee gets Jake, Izzy, and Cubby to plan a treasure hunt to cheer up Hook.

Izzy tells a story about a Pirate Princess who was turned into a golden statue, and she leads the crew on a hunt in search of her golden ship to break the spell.

The Pirate Princess has lost her magic wand that makes rainbows, and Jake and his crew find it. They must sail to her home on Pirate Princess Island and reach the Coral Castle to return her wand before Hook and Smee catch up.

Captain Hook stumbles upon a mysterious stone door that can only be opened by a sword. So, Hook steals Jake's wooden sword that Peter Pan gave to him.

Jake and his crew are playing baseball, and they even invite an octopus to playon their team. Butwhen Captain Hook steals Jake's ball, he and his crew go in search of it and encourage Hook to be on a baseball team.

Captain Hook wants to have his own pet, so he and his crew capture Skully during a game of hide-and-seek with Jake and His Crew.

The birds of SkyBird Island are in trouble because Captain Hook is stealing the leaves off the golden tree that keeps their island afloat.

It's Halloween, and the pirate kids are going to Never Land in search of the golden pumpkin. Captain Hook, who doesn't believe Mr. Smee at first, wants to go after the golden pumpkin himself.

Jake and his crew are having a Halloween costume party until Captain Hook steals their Halloween treasure treats. The pirate kids will have to follow the trail of treats to catch up to Hook and Smee and continue their party.

Jake and his crew are searching for their pirate puppy friend, Patch, who has snuk aboard the Jolly Roger and stoll Captain Hook's boot.

The pirate kids put on a Rock and Roll concert at Pirate Rock. Captain Hook threatens to crash the concert, even though his mates like listening to Jake and his crew singing.

Captain Hook invites Jake and the gang on a winter treasure hunt.

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates FAQ's

The release date of Jake and the Never Land Pirates is Feb 13, 2011.

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters - Season 1, The Outsiders, Cleaners, 100 Scariest Movie Moments, Hot Pink and Jake and the Neverland Pirates are the popular shows of David Arquette.

Dave The Barbarian, The Lion Guard, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Neverland Pirates are the popular shows of Howy Parkins.

The star cast of Jake and the Never Land Pirates are : David Arquette, Gabe Eggerling, Megan Richie, Jeff Bennett, Jadon Sand and Corey Burton.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates is directed by Howy Parkins.

This show is available in English language.

This show is available in Action, Family and Animation genres.