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Horror | Bollywood | Drama | Historical | Supernatural

Hindi | 1 hr 34 min | Release Date Jun 23, 2020

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About Bulbbul

Bulbbul takes place in Bengal presidency in the nineteenth century when a five year old Bulbbul is married to Indranil, the Bado Thakur. She becomes close with Satya, a boy of her age, hinting towards an attraction between them that Binodini, Inranil’s brother’s wife, takes notice of, just as Mahendra takes notice of Bulbbul. Satya and Bulbbul are working on a story about a chudail they often talk about before Satya is sent off to London—Indranil’s handiwork as Binodini conspires with him out of her jealousy—prompting Bulbbul to burn the papers off out of heartbreak. 
Satya returns twenty years later to find Bulbbul taking after Indranil’s duties, nursing a foot injury that a Dr. Sudip attends to. There are mysterious deaths of men in their village that the common folk account to the work of the chudail. Mahendra is dead and Binodini is his widow. Satya suspects Sudip’s involvement and tracks him while also growing wary of Bulbbul and Sudip’s association. A village boy informs Bulbbul about a man who chose a different woman over his wife, causing the wife to kill herself. Bulbbul seeks him out. 
The story shifts to the past when Binodini tells Indranil that Bulbbul has feelings for Satya. Indranil sends Satya away and recovers some of the burning papers from the hearth, positive about Bulbbul’s feelings for Satya. He beats and mutilates Bulbbul’s feet with hot iron bars. She is bedridden when Mahendra forces himself on her and rapes her, suffocating her in the process that prompts a supernatural change in Bulbbul to help women fight the injustices. Symbolized by the blood red moon, Bulbbul is kills the men who are unjust to the women, whom the villagers think of as the chudail since her identity is undisclosed. It is revealed that Bulbbul killed Mahendra.
In the present day, Satya is escorting Sudip to Calcutta over suspicions when the previously mentioned man, who is the driver of their cart, is killed by the chudail. Commotion ensues and the forest begins to burn with the brawl when Satya realizes that Sudip is innocent.  When Sudip finds Bulbbul in the vicinity, both men realize that Bulbbul is the chudail. Bulbbul watches on as the forest burns, and Satya watches the flames engulf Bulbbul. 
The movie ends with Indranil returning to his empty estate, Satya having renounced his family. Indranil goes to bed but wakes up in the middle of the night to Bulbbul walking towards him from the hearth, implying that she is there to kill him. 


Bulbbul was released on Jun 23, 2020 and was directed by Anvita Dutt .This movie is 1 hr 34 min in duration and is available in Hindi language. Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary, Rahul Bose and Parambrata Chattopadhyay are playing as the star cast in this movie. You can watch the movie online on Netflix, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Bulbbul scores a 6.5 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a good movie to watch in the Horror, Bollywood, Drama, Historical and Supernatural genres.

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Bulbbul FAQ's

The release date of Bulbbul is Jun 23, 2020.

The star cast of Bulbbul are : Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary, Rahul Bose and Parambrata Chattopadhyay.

Bulbbul is directed by Anvita Dutt.

You can watch Bulbbul online on Netflix.

This movie is available in Hindi language.

This movie is available in Horror, Bollywood, Drama, Historical and Supernatural genres.

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