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Laila Majnu

Romance | Drama

Hindi | 2 hr 12 min | Release Date Sep 06, 2018

By Digit Binge

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About Laila Majnu

Laila Majnu is a story set in Kashmir with a backdrop of a romantic plot unraveling between the children of two opposing families. Laila lives in a fantasy of her own, dreaming of a special significant other. She secretly visits a graveyard on a fateful night to pray to meet her loved one, where she meets Qais (Majnu). Qais does not give her up until she hands him her phone number, following which the two of them begin to fall deeply and madly in love. The tension and scandal of their meeting flares up until it becomes the talk of the town. When it reaches Laila’s family, they warn her against Qais’ reputation; Laila pays no heed. She gets caught red-handed after which her family marries her off to Ibban, a political ally to her father’s standing. 
Qais leaves town upon hearing the news, distraught with heartbreak while Laila battles domestic violence in her new family. Four years later, Laila and Qais happen to cross paths, finding in each the old desire to be together. Ibban passes away due to illness, leaving a path open for Laila, but Laila must stay away, owing to Iddat of one month. 
However, Qais is tired of waiting, a time in which he finds drawn to Sufism where he finds peace without Laila. Laila too realizes that Qais doesn’t need her anymore and ends her life soon after. Qais too dies next to her grave, a place where they’d originally met. They’re seen reuniting after death. 


Laila Majnu was released on Sep 06, 2018 and was directed by Sajid Ali .This movie is 2 hr 12 min in duration and is available in Hindi language. Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri, Sumit Kaul and Abrar Qazi are playing as the star cast in this movie. You can watch the movie online on ZEE5, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Laila Majnu scores a 7.8 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant movie to watch in the Romance and Drama genres.

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Laila Majnu FAQ's

The release date of Laila Majnu is Sep 06, 2018.

Bulbbul, Tu Hai Mera Sunday and Tu Hai Mera Sunday are the popular movies of Avinash Tiwary.

The star cast of Laila Majnu are : Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri, Sumit Kaul and Abrar Qazi.

Laila Majnu is directed by Sajid Ali.

You can watch Laila Majnu online on ZEE5.

This movie is available in Hindi language.

This movie is available in Romance and Drama genres.

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