CS2 Major: Where to watch, latest updates, schedule and more of the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024

Updated on 01-Apr-2024

Counter-Strike 2 is here for its first Major! After the engine overhaul of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive happened in September last year, we bid the eSport adieu to welcome CS2 with open arms. Now, the festival of Counter-Strike is in Copenhagen for the first-ever CS2 Major. The PGL CS2 Major 2024 taking place in Copenhagen is set to be a two-week-long Counter-Strike extravaganza!

For the entire duration of the tournament, I will be bringing you the latest updates each day, to keep you up to speed with all the CS2 action going down in Copenhagen. All that you need to know about the CS2 Major will be covered here, so read on, and gear up to cheer for your favourite fraggers –

PGL CS2 Major 2024 Copenhagen – Daily Updates

Opening Stage –

Day 1 – Cloud9, Heroic, Eternal Fire and SAW dominate day 1 of the Opening stage at PGL CS2 Major 2024

Day 2 – Cloud9 and Heroic advance to the Elimination stage, as KOI and AMKAL head to de_airport

Day 3 – Eternal Fire, paiN, and ECSTATIC secure a spot in the Elimination stage on Day 3 of the Opening stage at the PGL CS2 Major 2024

Day 4 – TheMongolz become the first Asian team in 8 years to reach top 16, Valve releases team and player autograph stickers for PGL CS2 Major 2024

Elimination Stage –

Day 1 – Spirit, Complexity, NAVI, and MOUZ start their Elimination stage run 2-0

Day 2 – MOUZ and Spirit race to the playoffs, FURIA and TheMongolz knocked out

Day 3 – Cloud9, Eternal Fire, and Vitality qualify for the playoffs; ECSTATIC, Imperial, and Heroic eliminated

Day 4 – G2, NAVI, and FaZe take the last three quarter-final spots

Playoffs –

Day 1 – Vitality beat Cloud9 and FaZe beat Spirit to qualify for the semis

Day 2 – NAVI and G2 lock out the semi-finals of the Major

Day 3 – NAVI and FaZe set to face off in the Grand Finals; G2 and Vitality knocked out

Day 4 – NAVI beat FaZe to win PGL CS2 Major 2024, become the first CS2 Major champions in history

CS2 Major Schedule – Action begins with the Opening stage

The teams have been divided into two factions, the first set of eight teams qualified directly for the elimination stage. The remaining 16 teams will be battling it out in the Opening Stage of the tournament, which begins on March 17, 2024. Eight teams from the opening stage will advance to the Elimination stage, where they will meet the ones who directly moved into the Elimination stage after outperforming their competition in the RMR stage.

As we headed into the Grand Finals of the PGL CS2 Major 2024, we had FaZe and NAVI standing tall, with their claims on the Major. However, come the end of the tournament, we had NAVI have the last laugh, beating FaZe and winning the PGL CS2 Major 2024, their second Major, first in CS2.

PGL CS2 Major 2024 Champions – NAVI [Image – NAVI (via X)]
CS2 Major 2024 Standings (Final)

Where to watch the CS2 Major?

Matches of the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen will be broadcast live on the official PGL channels on YouTube and Twitch in India. Interested players can also watch the tournament in-game stream via CSTV.

What teams are participating in the CS2 Major?

It took us a couple of months of intense Counter-Strike action across the globe in the form of RMR (Regional Major Ranking) tournaments to come down to the final list of teams that will be taking part in this Major. If you were following the RMRs, then you know that we had some really promising prospects and veterans alike, miss out on a seat in the CS2 Major.

However, the biggest upset came to 9Pandas. The team had beaten the likes of 4-time Major Champions, Astralis to make their way in the first ever CS2 Major. Disappointment hit the players of 9Pandas when they were not able to field the entire 5-man roster for the tournament due to Visa issues and had to seed their spot to Gamer Legion, the finalists of Paris Major 2023, who had been pipped by 9Pandas in the RMR qualifiers.

With that last-minute change out of the way, here’s a look at the final set of teams that will be taking part in the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen –

Participating Teams

What’s next in the Major?

After the interesting and exciting start to the action in Copenhagen, followed by the 9Pandas heartbreak, it will be interesting to see how things fare out in Copenhagen. In the lead-up to the tournament, there have also been major roster changes as well, so it will be interesting to see how the new potential powerhouses of CS fare on the biggest stage that the game has to offer. 16 teams battling it out for their part of the USD $ 1 million prize pool in a recently overhauled game… Action is guaranteed. 

We will be covering all the daily happenings from Copenhagen in our daily round-ups published here on SKOAR! 

So, grab your popcorn tubs and soda bottles, and SIT DOWN, as its time for the first-ever CS2 Major.

Tweet of the Day

My pick for the best Tweet from the PGL CS2 Major 2024 in Copenhagen –

When a badminton legend shows up at a CS Major!
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