Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Action | Kids | Animation | Superhero

English | Release Date Sep 04, 2015

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The newly-christened Guardians of the Galaxy come into possession of a dangerous artifact that has Thanos’ new lieutenant, Korath, after them.

The Guardians struggle to subdue the suddenly-sprung-to-life Celestial head that is the Knowhere space colony, as well as storm Korath’s ship to rescue Quill, Gamora and the mysterious CryptoCube that holds the Cosmic Seed.

Feeling underappreciated, Rocket accepts an offer to work for The Collector, only to realize his “job” is working as another prisoner in The Collector’s collection.

The Guardians crash land on a space station run by the Grandmaster, who schemes to get Drax back in the gladiatorial arena to battle his ultimate opponent: Gamora.

When Groot is infected by a parasitic fungus, the Guardians must embark on a perilous journey in order to save him.

Caught red-handed by Titus, the Guardians are coerced into infiltrating a notorious gang of weapons dealers known as the Black Order.

Quill gets mixed up in a game of deceit when Gamora tries to pit her siblings, Nebula and Korath, against each other.

Peter Quill is Star-Lord, the brash adventurer who, to save the universe from its greatest threats, joins forces with a quartet of disparate misfits — fan-favorite Rocket Raccoon, a tree-like humanoid named Groot, the enigmatic, expert fighter Gamora and the rough edged warrior Drax the Destroyer.

Rocket is abducted and taken back to his home planet, Half World.

The Guardians encounter a living planet that's fallen under the control of a revived Ronan.

The Guardians get caught up in a rivalry between The Collector and The Grandmaster.

The Guardians must help save the City of Attilan from Ronan.

The Guardians find the Asgardian Destroyer Armor that leads to an epic battle pitting the Detroyer Armor against Drax the Destroyer.

Quill goes missing while following the Cryptocube's readings.

The Guardians must stop Ronan's plan to blow up the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

In search of the Cosmic Seed, the Guardians unexpectedly find themselves in Asgard where they must outwit Thor and Angela in order to discover the seed's origins.

Following a falling out with his father, Star-Lord finds a ship containing the A.I. Rora as he takes it off of Spartax with the Drax the Destroyer and Groot providing a diversion for the Spartax Royal Guards. Afterwards, the Guardians of the Galaxy have to deal with Lucy and Supergiant who are jilted that Star-Lord is the Prince of Sparta.

When Asgard attacks Spartax, Quill and the Guardians become caught in the middle trying to expose the deception behind the conflict.

The Guardians and Asgardians team up to rescue Quill from Thanos.

Gamora attempts to make amends for her past misdeeds only to find herself in a deadly trap set by Nebula, Ronan and the Grandmaster.

The Guardians pay the Inhumans a visit to learn more about the Cosmic Seed.

The Guardians discover that the Cosmic Seed is back on Earth. In the company of Cosmo, Star-Lord returns to his hometown where he runs into his childhood bully Michael Coogan who is now the sheriff. Now Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy must find the Cosmic Seed before Korath the Pursuer does.

When the Guardians of the Galaxy's search for the Cosmic Seed continues on Earth, Star-Lord contacts Gorgon where he gets the location of the former site of Attilan. While checking out the area, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer have visions of the Cosmic Seed energy helping them out like Rocket Raccoon's family being re-evolved, Groot being able to restore the Flora colossi, and Drax the Destroyer being able to see his family again. Even after fighting their way past the Cosmic Seed-enhanced worms and spiders, the Guardians of the Galaxy must keep Ronan the Accuser and Nebula from getting the box containing the Cosmic Seed.

Now that Thanos has the Cosmic Seed, he takes control of the Earth and molds it into his personal planetary weapon of mass destruction. The Guardians of the Galaxy must work to reclaim the Cosmic Seed from Thanos even when Ronan the Accuser and Nebula plan to dispose of Thanos with plans of having the Earth be destroyed alongside him.

The Guardians discover that Yondu has been impersonating them in order to con unsuspecting victims.

The team stages a Christmas Carol inspired con-job in order to frighten a despot out of his ill-gotten riches and free his enslaved people.

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Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy FAQ's

The release date of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy is Sep 04, 2015.

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy scores a 7.44 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch.

ThunderCats, The Secret Saturdays, Kim Possible, Krypto the Superdog, Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Transformers Robots In Disguise - Season 01 and Kim Possible are the popular shows of Will Friedle.

The star cast of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy are : Will Friedle, Trevor Devall, Vanessa Marshall, David Sobolov, Jeff Bennett, Jonathan Adams and Kevin Michael Richardson.

You can watch Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy online on Hotstar.

This show is available in English language.

This show is available in Action, Kids, Animation and Superhero genres.