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Telugu, Tamil | Release Date May 14, 2020

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Set in three different timelines, the story unfolds about Suri Yadav (2007), a rifle shooter, Ruby Shabana (1993), a badminton player, and Wilson (1985), a fast bowler. The financial, monetary, and familial conflicts the three players face impact their game.

With his minimal income, Suri struggles to arrange money to buy a new rifle. Pallavi, his girlfriend, and the daughter of his coach, Jairaj, remains supportive of him amidst his family problems. On the other hand, Wilson’s elder brother, Joseph, coaxes him to apply for a government job, and Irfan gets to know about Ruby’s interest in badminton and gets furious about it.

Suri meets Shabana, a bank employee, and takes her help to apply for a loan that gets rejected. Shabana, also known as Ruby, is now married to an abusive husband. Wilson picks up a fight with his co-player and ends up in a hospital.

Shabana helps Suri get his loan money by secretly diverting the money sanctioned for her husband's loan towards his application. Later, the young Ruby speaks up against Irfan's belief system. Wilson performs brilliantly in cricket with the support of his wife, Asha. However, as the years pass him by, Wilson appears to be a failure and an alcoholic. What changed him?

Wilson doesn’t make it to the selection list and takes to drinking in a state of disappointment. Soon after, Asha reveals about her pregnancy and convinces him that they can lead a happy life. In the meanwhile, Suri receives the money from Ruby but on the condition that he wins the gold medal. On the other hand, Irfan’s plans go awry when realises that letting Ruby follow her dream is the only way to achieve his goal.

Suri's brother, Sunny, gets into a fight with John, Wilson's son, and injures him badly. Later, both Suri and Sunny get arrested. On the other hand, Ruby wins the district tournament. Wilson returns to his state of depression after being humiliated during a job interview and being rejected by the Hyderabad Cricket Club Association.

Wilson takes back the police case against Sunny and Suri. Ruby's spine is severely injured in an accident. Krishnan, the Vice President of the Rifle Association, misbehaves with Pallavi.

Pallavi complains against Krishnan, who, in turn, promises to put Suri's name in the final list on the condition that Pallavi acts according to his will. The Ayurvedic treatment works wonders for Ruby as she starts to play badminton again. But Ruby decides to give up playing.

An unfortunate instance leaves Wilson alone with his baby boy John. Suri and Pallavi break up; however, he finds motivation from Shabana when she expresses her desire to see him win a gold medal. Wilson has an emotional and candid chat with Suri. Meanwhile, Pallavi becomes the victim of a media trial.

A few days before the National Competition, Suri reveals a secret to Wilson. He also discovers the reason behind Shabana's decision to give up badminton. On the day of the competition, he realises that his rifle has been tampered with. How does Suri react to this, and what is the outcome of the game?

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Loser FAQ's

The release date of Loser is May 14, 2020.

Loser scores a 8.72 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch.

As I'm Suffering From Kadhal, Recce, What's Up Velakkari, What's Up Panimanishi, What's Up Kajer Lok, Whats Up Bai and What's up Molkarin Bai are the popular shows of Dhanya Balakrishna.

The star cast of Loser are : Dhanya Balakrishna, Shashank, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, Kalpika Ganesh, Pavani, Keshav Deepak, Kalpika, Annie and Priyadarshi.

You can watch Loser online on ZEE5.

This show is available in Telugu and Tamil languages.

This show is available in Drama and Sports genres.