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Excuse Me Maadam

Comedy | Family

Hindi | Release Date Sep 14, 2020

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About Excuse Me Maadam

Excuse Me Maadam was released on Sep 14, 2020 and was directed by Sameer Kulkarni .This show is available in Hindi language. Tushar Rungta, Sapna Sikarwar, Rajesh Kumar, Vishwanath Chatterjee, Anup Upadhyay, Sucheta Khanna and Nyra Banerjee are playing as the star cast in this show. You can watch the show online on Hotstar, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Excuse Me Maadam scores a 7.7 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch in the Comedy and Family genres.


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Excuse Me Maadam Season and Episode Details

Sanam lives with his extremely possessive wife, Kranti and their lovable pooch, Andolan.

An infuriated Mithu loses her mind and slaps Sanam in her cabin.

Sanam gets thrashed by his co-worker after Mithu creates a scene.

Sanam accidentally makes Amar's husband unconscious while Mithu overhears their conversation.

Sanam's plan goes awry when Andolan stays unaffected to his threats.

At the police station, Mithu learns that Mishti has returned home.

Sanam is on cloud nine when Mithu comes closer to give him a hug.

Mithu loses her cool when Mr. Chatterjee's presentation is filled with expletives.

Sanam falls prey to a trap set by Mr. Chatterjee to seek revenge and calls Adhu for help.

Sanam locks himself in the washroom after Mithu tries to scare him with a knife.

Sanam saves Adhu by cooking up a story to Mithu while Amar and Kranti arrive at the office.

Chanchal gives Kranti a strange solution to get rid of her fears.

Kranti's superstitious beliefs leave Sanam irked.

Adhu is on a mission while Mithu longs for her grandfather.

Sanam decides to expose Mr. Chatterjee in front of Mithu.

Sanam lands in severe trouble when Mr. Chatterjee complains about his late arrival to Mithu.

A disguised Adhu lands in trouble while Kranti tries to provoke Sanam.

After following Chanchal Bhabi's instructions, Kranti feels guilty for testing Sanam's patience.

Mithu threatens Sanam of filing a police complaint against him.

Sanam receives an astonishing piece of news at the office while Kranti foresees a strange vision.

Mr. Chatterjee and Sanam indulge in a fierce competition to impress Mithu.

Sanam rescues Mithu from a disastrous situation while Mr. Chatterjee's plan goes for a toss.

Sanam enjoys spending time with Mithu as they go on a date.

Sanam reveals his feelings to Mithu and storms out of her cabin.

Sanam feels honoured as Mithu appreciates him for boldly confessing the truth.

Sanam offers to help Mithu to dispose of Mr. Chatterjee's body in the forest.

Sanam and Adhu execute their plan of hiding Mr. Chaterjee's body while Kranti wakes up.

Mithu witnesses a terrifying nightmare at her office while the cupboard goes missing from Sanam's house.

Amar suspects Adhu's strange behaviour while Sanam offers unexpected help to Mithu.

Sanam lands in grave trouble after Kranti confronts him about the blouse.

A disguised Sanam meets Mithu at the office with a mysterious intent.

Mithu hatches an ingenious plan to expose Sanam.

Mithu plans a Goa trip with Sanam while the latter lands in trouble when Kranti makes an unexpected demand.

Sanam daydreams about his Goa trip with Mithu.

Sanam gets upset after Amar and Kranti decide to join him on his Goa trip.

Sanam is disappointed after his Goa trip with Mithu gets cancelled.

Sanam Is in Deep Trouble?

Sanam finds himself in trouble when Mithu tells him about visiting his house for Karwa Chauth.

On the occasion of Karva Chauth, a disguised Adhu meets Sanam and Mithu at the office.

Mithu makes a shocking demand while Adhu tries to prevent Kranti and Amar from meeting her.

Mithu invites Sanam to a card game at her place, despite knowing about his prowess in the game of cards.

Mr. Chaterjee and Mishti team up against Sanam to defeat him in a game of cards.

Mithu puts forth a strange demand after Sanam asks her to return the pendant.

Mithu decides to return the pendant while Amar's unexpected revelation leaves Adhu and Sanam restless.

Mithu files a police complaint against the pendant thief while Sanam brews a clever plan.

Sanam jumps at the chance to go out at night with Mithu for ice cream.

Amar is adamant to expose Sanam while he tries to pacify Kranti's mood.

Amar's spy spots Sanam with Mithu at a pub.

Sanam puts up a pretentious act to establish his loyalty while Kranti and Amar arrive at the park.

Sanam learns about Mithu's plan while Adhu romantically approaches Amar for a dinner date.

Mithu longs to meet her father while Sanam seeks Adhu's help.

Sanam tries his best to go out of the restaurant after noticing Mithu.

Sanam takes a sigh of relief after getting saved from a troublesome situation.

Amar confronts Sanam about his concern towards Mithu.

Sanam daydreams about getting romantic with Mithu.

Mithu requests Sanam to stay in her house for a night to assure Adi that they are married.

Sanam tries to persuade Adi to move on and forget Mithu.

Sanam disguises as Mithu’s fake husband, Rahul to get Adi off her back.

Sanam and Adhu run into Mithu and Mishti where the latter scolds Sanam.

Sanam tries to hide the newspaper from Kranti when Amar shows it to her.

Mithu seeks Sanam's help to secure her broken painting.

In a bid to escape from Amar, Sanam and Mithu land up in the local news!

Sanam asks Kranti for help so that Mithu can hide from Amar. But will they successfully hide from him?

Sanam and Mithu are delighted to finally be free from each other.

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Excuse Me Maadam FAQ's

The release date of Excuse Me Maadam is Sep 14, 2020.

Excuse Me Maadam scores a 7.68 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch.

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The star cast of Excuse Me Maadam are : Tushar Rungta, Sapna Sikarwar, Rajesh Kumar, Vishwanath Chatterjee, Anup Upadhyay, Sucheta Khanna and Nyra Banerjee.

Excuse Me Maadam is directed by Sameer Kulkarni.

You can watch Excuse Me Maadam online on Hotstar.

This show is available in Hindi language.

This show is available in Comedy and Family genres.


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