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Andal Azhagar

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Tamil | Release Date Sep 08, 2014

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About Andal Azhagar

Andal Azhagar was released on Sep 08, 2014 and was directed by Francis Kathiravan .This show is available in Tamil language. Rishikesh (Shiva), Ramya, Poornitha, Jacqueline, Stalin, Raju, Gemini Mani, Sudha, K. Natraj, Shanthi Williams, Suzane George and Reshma Pasupuleti are playing as the star cast in this show. You can watch the show online on Hotstar, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Andal Azhagar is available in Drama and Other genres.

Andal Azhagar Season and Episode Details

The counselor and collector families have a grudge on each other. An auction commences to decide who will win the right to fish in the village pond. The counselor’s family wins it. Azhagar and Sakthi further indulge in a fight on account of the auction. Will the fight stop?

Sakthi takes Azhagar home, where he sees Azhagar's sister (Revathi). Meanwhile, Sakthi’s friend (Poosari) asks him about Sakthi'scrush on Azhagar’s sister (Andal). Later, Andal calls and informs about her arrival in two days, which makes Sakthi delighted.

Sakthi is eagerly waiting to meet his sister Andal. Later, Sakthi and Azhagar welcome Andal and her friend with a dance. An astrologer predicts that in the next one year there could be issues on account of Andal’s early arrival.

Everyone welcomes Andal at home, while she distributes gifts to the family members. Sakthi meanwhile is feeling low. Andal tells Sakthi that she was unable to find a gift for him as she thinks her presence itself is a a gift for him. How does Sakthi react to this gesture?

Azhagar tries to impress Andal by playing kabaddi. Later, an astrologer predicts to Andal that she will love someone and marry him. On learning this, an angry Sakthi beats up the astrologer. Azhagar watches in shock. Will Azhagar be able to stop Sakthi?

Azhagar gets up early in the morning and leaves for college in order to meet Andal. He also tries to impress Andal by dancing in the bus. Later, the counselor and collector’s families get into a verbal argument at a function. Will Azhagar impress Andal?

Azhagar's father (Murugesan) reminds Azahgar of the past and is upset as Andal's father (Chidambaram) still refuses to accept them. Sakthi and Azhagar discuss their family issues. Andal's father (Chidambaram) later sees Andal speaking to his sister (Vadivu). He scolds her for doing so and takes her away. Will Azhagar be able to meet Andal again?

Azhagar is happy when he overhears Sakthi's conversation where he praises him in front of Andal. Meanwhile, the counselor’s family is excited about Azhagar’s sister's upcoming results. Azhagar's father feels he will be overshadowed once his daughter becomes a collector.

Azhagar is eagerly waiting for the newspaper in the shop to see the results. Meanwhile, Andal’s father feels good as Revathi does not pass the exams. Later, Revathi herself is in tears when the family members encourage her to try her luck again.

Sakthi is trying to console Azhagar’s sister but she gets angry with him. Meanwhile, Sakthi praises Azhagar’s driving skills. Later when Azhagar hurts himself, Andal treats him with first aid. Later, Sakthi's father (Chidambaram) mocks Revathi's failure and they challenge each other.

Sakthi meets Revathi’s friend Dinesh who comes to propose to her. She asks Dinesh to speak to her parents regarding their wedding. Meanwhile, Azhagar meets Andal and her friend at a juice center. Later, a group of guys tease Andal, and Azhagar picks up a fight with them. Does Azhagar take revenge?

Andal screams at Azhagar for his behaviour at the juice center while Sakthi appreciates him. Meanwhile, Revathi is at the bus stop when Sakthi offers to drop her. Revathi however yells at him. Later, Andal comes home late from the movie and her father (Chidambaram) scolds her.

The counselor’s family argues over a building that is already booked for Andal’s clinic. Revathi comes to know about her family's search for a groom for her. Later, Revathi tells Azhagar about Dinesh’s friend’s proposal. How will Azhagar react?

The counselor family finds out about Dinesh’s proposal and accepts it. Revathi’s father however has two conditions for the wedding. Meanwhile, Sakthi gets angry when one of Dinesh’s relatives enquires about Revathi’s character.

An emotional Azhagar gifts Revathi gold bangles for her engagement. Meanwhile, Sakthi meets Revathi and offers her a cup of tea. Later, Revathi gets engaged to Dinesh. But, Sakthi is depressed about Revathi’s engagement and drowns his sorrows with alcohol.

Azhagar joins Sakthi for a drink and also drops him at his house. A drunk Sakthi astounds everyone. Later Azhagar’s brother arrives to threaten the poor family for not returning the money. Further, the family decides to commit suicide.

The government forms an enquiry commission on Aarusamy to investigate the family’s death. Karthikeyan arrests Aarusamy for torturing the family and also for their death. Later, Aarusamy's men take revenge by trying to throw a petrol bomb on Karthikeyan's family. Will the family survive?

An angry Sakthi visits Aarusamy’s house and creates a ruckus there. Aarusamy scolds Azhagar over his friendship with Sakthi. Later, Azhagar meets Andal in the temple and the two of them share a light moment. Meanwhile, Aarusamy plans a revenge using Azhagar.

Aarusamy plans his revenge. He encourages Azhagar to fall in love with Andal and marry her. Meanwhile, Andal plans to watch the cricket match on TV which her father opposes. Azhagar impresses Andal by taking her to a TV showroom. See if Andal will be pleased by his gesture.

Karthikeyan advises Sakthi against spoiling Andal. Later, Sakthi meets Revathi and feels sorry while also confessing his attraction to her. Further he bumps into Dinesh and Revathi at the temple and feels jealous on seeing them together. Will Sakthi be able to control his feelings for Revathi?

Andal decides to go abroad for her future practice. Meanwhile, Azhagar’s father (Murugesan) meets Andal and her father (Chidambaram) in the temple when they have a fight and Murugesan faints. Chidambaram stops her from helping Murugesan. See what Andal does.

Azhagar’s mother asks for help as Andal rushes to provide the first aid for Murugesan. Meanwhile, Andal’s father is delighted about her profession. Later, Aarusamy posts the love letter without Azhagar’s knowledge to Andal’s house. How will the family members react when they receive the letter?

Azhagar meets Andal and Sakthi in his efforts to stop the letter from reaching Andal’s house. Meanwhile, the postman refuses to give the letter to Azhagar. They get hold of the wrong letter. Andal’s father (Chidambaram) reads the letter and is shocked by its content. What will he say to Andal?

Andal’s father informs Sakthi about the letter and asks for it to be shown to Andal. He tells him to put some sense into her. Sakthi is angry and decides to find the culprit. When Sakthi tells Azhagar about it, he fumbles. Later, Azhagar presents a book and Sakthi notices the matching handwriting.

When Andal checks the book, she tells Sakthi that the handwriting does not match with Azhagar’s. Meanwhile, Andal talks to Azhagar and warns him not to write such letters. Later, Sakthi’s father plans to end his position as the temple head. Will Sakthi stop him from taking such a step?

Andal tells her friend (Thenu) about the letter and also the reason for not telling her brother the truth about Azhagar’s letter. Meanwhile, Andal praises Azhagar for saving the lady and her daughter and also for admitting them in the hospital. Later, Andal walks away saying that she likes Azhagar.

Azhagar is praised by Andal for saving the lady and her daughter. Andal further discusses with Sakthi about Azhagar and talks about him being a wonderful person. Later, Revathi suspects Azhagar's activities and also thinks he might be in love with Andal. Is Revathi’s suspicion correct?

Revathi waits for Azhagar as he arrives drunk with Sakthi. Later, she gets angry at Sakthi for spoiling Azhagar and making him a drunkard. Further, Andal slaps Azhagar for behaving rudely towards her. Watch how Azhagar and Sakthi react.

The temple committee gathers to hand over charge to Sakthivel, but Aarusamy objects, saying his wife (Annam) should be put in charge instead. However, his pleas are turned down. Meanwhile, Andal and Sakthivel plan a trip to Kodaikkanal. When Sakthivel cannot reach Azhagar, Andal is worried.

Andal is worried about Azhagar and goes in search of him. Meanwhile, Sakthivel and Poojari talk about Azhagar ignoring them. Later, Revathi meets Andal at the temple to question her about the incident and they begin quarrelling with each other.

Azhagar meets Andal on a bus, but ignores her attempts to talk to him. Andal tells Sakthivel, who plans with Poojari to make Azhagar meet them. Kathi and Azhagar meet Andal on the way as she waits for Sakthivel. Andal tries to sort out differences between her and Azhagar.

Andal's father is angry when Azhagar's mother performs a pooja in a graveyard. Andal tries to pacify Sakthivel from confronting Azhagar’s family, while Revathi tells Azhagar to talk to Sakthivel and sort out the issue. Later, Revathi secretly takes Sakthivel’s number and calls him.

Both families come to the graveyard to perform the pooja, and clash with each other. A group of men arrive at the scene of the argument and talk about the grandfathers of Azhagar and Andal and their great deeds, declaring the graveyard a monument.

Andal telephones Azhagar but he ignores her calls. Later, while Azhagar and Kathi wait for Sakthivel, he arrives with Andal. Later, everyone has dinner together and shares some light moments. Meanwhile, Revathi collects money from the family as education fund for poor children.

When Sakthivel voluntarily donates Rs. 65,000, Revathi is shocked and wonders how to react. Meanwhile, Andal and her sister-in-law (Subadhra) discuss returning to America, but her father (Chidambaram) wants her to start a dispensary in the village. When Andal objects to it, her father is dejected.

When Andal tells her friend Thenmozhi about Azhagar ignoring her, the latter asks her to sort out the issues with him somehow. Andal calls Azhagar and apologises to him. However, she is not convinced and tells Sakthivel that he is still ignoring her.

Chidambaram snaps at Subha for accusing Vinod. Subha and Thenu advise Andal to seek Azhagar's help as no one in the family seems to trust him. Andal calls Azhagar and asks him to take her away. Andal and Thenu try to escape but Vinod waylays them.

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Andal Azhagar FAQ's

The release date of Andal Azhagar is Sep 08, 2014.

The star cast of Andal Azhagar are : Rishikesh (Shiva), Ramya, Poornitha, Jacqueline, Stalin, Raju, Gemini Mani, Sudha, K. Natraj, Shanthi Williams, Suzane George and Reshma Pasupuleti.

Andal Azhagar is directed by Francis Kathiravan.

You can watch Andal Azhagar online on Hotstar.

This show is available in Tamil language.

This show is available in Drama and Other genres.