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English | 1 hr 52 min | Release Date Mar 24, 2022

6.1 Digit Binge Rating

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About The Lost City

The Lost City Storyline

The Lost City 2022 is an action-adventure comedy film that revolves around a novelist- Loretta Sage who is a reclusive middle-aged author who writes amazing ...Read More

books. She along with her cover model must escape an evil billionaire and find an ancient city which is depicted in one of her books. 

The novelist writes romance-adventure novels which are portrayed by cover model Alan Caprison. Her publisher, Beth, asks her to go on a book tour with Alan in order to promote her latest book. After a disastrous start, they meet eccentric billionaire Abigail Fairfax. When Fairfax realizes that Loretta has based her books on actual historic research which he finds on a remote Atlantic Island. He is convinced that the lost island has the priceless jewel - 'The Crown of Fire’. When Loretta declines to help him decipher an ancient map to the treasure, Fairfax kidnaps Loretta and takes her to the island.

Alan, who loves  Loretta, recruits Jack Trainer, an ex-Navy SEAL turned CIA operative to help him find Loretta. He meets him at the island and coordinates a rescue attempt. Jack manages to free Loretta. The action-packed movie keeps you hooked and enthralled in the hunt for priceless treasure. The enjoyable movie will make you laugh and refresh your mood. 

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The Lost City All Songs List

01. T The Lost City

Graham Gold

6: 21
02. T The Lost City - Tomy Wahl Remix

Graham Gold, Tomy Wahl

6: 20
03. T The Lost City - DJ Lion & Just Julien Remix

Graham Gold, DJ Lion, Just Julien

6: 17
04. T The Lost City of D

Pinar Toprak

2: 32
05. P Pino Grigio on Ice

Pinar Toprak

1: 40
06. B Book Tour

Pinar Toprak

1: 35
07. T The Only Clue

Pinar Toprak

2: 07
08. Y You're Safe Now

Pinar Toprak

1: 56
09. T The Island

Pinar Toprak

1: 02
10. R Ruins Revealed

Pinar Toprak

1: 21
11. P People Eat Cake

Pinar Toprak

1: 48
12. G Gotta Go Up

Pinar Toprak

2: 25
13. H Highly Trained & Very Dangerous

Pinar Toprak

1: 47
14. C Contoured Scenery

Pinar Toprak

2: 25
15. H Hands out, Butt to Butt

Pinar Toprak

1: 17
16. A Alan Gets a Moped

Pinar Toprak

1: 45
17. H Hammock Extraction

Pinar Toprak

1: 17
18. S Set Your World on Fire

Pinar Toprak

2: 49
19. I It’s Not a Metaphor

Pinar Toprak

1: 26
20. W Watch Your Step

Pinar Toprak

4: 02
21. T The Tomb

Pinar Toprak

3: 36
22. F Fairfax Escapes

Pinar Toprak

2: 00
23. D Dulcius Ex Asperis

Pinar Toprak

2: 16
24. G Got Your Back

Pinar Toprak

2: 53
25. A A New Adventure Beginning

Pinar Toprak

3: 22
26. T The Final Countdown

Pinar Toprak

1: 13
27. D Danza De Dos

Pinar Toprak, Cheche Alara

2: 29
28. B Bolerito De La Isla

Pinar Toprak, Cheche Alara

1: 33
29. L Lagrimas Sin Fin

Pinar Toprak, Cheche Alara, Cecilia Noel

2: 24
30. S Stage Mishap (Bonus Track)

Pinar Toprak

0: 0
31. B Book Trailer (Bonus Track)

Pinar Toprak

1: 42
32. A Artificial Satellite

Jaime Stracke

4: 41
33. C Charlie

Jaime Stracke

5: 05
34. E Easy To Get Money

Jaime Stracke

2: 54
35. M Moonlight Sister

Jaime Stracke

2: 10
36. N Now

Jaime Stracke

2: 15
37. T Two Snow Feet

Jaime Stracke

3: 07
38. V Venus In Rain

Jaime Stracke

5: 03
39. W When Did You First Notice the Tail?

James Newton Howard

1: 04
40. T There's a Car Waiting To Take You To Moscow

James Newton Howard

1: 50
41. F Follow the Trail Wherever It Leads You

James Newton Howard

2: 30
42. B Blonde Suits You

James Newton Howard

4: 59
43. S Searching Marta's Room

James Newton Howard

2: 23
44. T Ticket to Vienna

James Newton Howard

1: 45
45. T Telephone Code

James Newton Howard

1: 10
46. S Searching Nate's Apartment

James Newton Howard

1: 04
47. C Can I Trust You?

James Newton Howard

3: 06
48. S Switching Disks

James Newton Howard

6: 00
49. S So What Next?

James Newton Howard

3: 45
50. D Didn't I Do Well?

James Newton Howard

8: 48
51. E End Titles

James Newton Howard

9: 30
52. s sugar


1: 52
53. s sunthru


2: 07
54. a all the stars


3: 04
55. n no one but you


2: 09

The Lost City Trailer and Promotional Videos

How Sandra Bullock Got Brad Pitt to Join ‘The Lost City’
  • The Lost City | Journey of a Jumpsuit Featurette (2022 Movie) – Paramount Pictures

Popular Dialogues

  • Are these your snakes? – Dash...No, they were just here. – Bad guy

  • This is not a romance novel. – Loretta Sage movie quotes from The Lost City

  • I feel like a nerdy figure skater. – Loretta

  • Do I need to be wearing a glitter onsie? – Loretta

  • You know, you are not Dash, right? He is a character I’ve made up. – Loretta

  • I called her a human mummy. – Alan quotes from The Lost City

  • I should go with you, just for back up and awesomeness.

  • Did you chloroform me? Do people actually do that? – Loretta...It’s a classic for a reason! – Fairfax

  • Time to shine, Loretta, sex book writer! – Fairfax movie quotes from The Lost City

  • Who? Your many cats? – Fairfax...I don’t have any cats. – Loretta...Somehow that makes it sadder. – Fairfax

  • I have a hampster, @sshole! – Loretta

  • Only a fool chooses their horse by it’s color.- Jack movie quotes from The Lost City

  • Can I at least do the part where I go, “shhhh… you’re safe now.” – Alan

  • Why are you so handsome? – Loretta...My dad was a weather man. – Jack

  • Squeeze in, do a kegel or something! – Alan

  • His brains are in my mouth- I can taste his thoughts! – Alan movie quotes from The Lost City

  • Nana, hey slut!- Pratt movie quotes from The Lost City...Uh uh. – Beth

  • Jungles eat people like us. – Loretta

  • I’m feeling faint. They are sucking my soul out. – Alan

  • Why is it warm here? Are you peeing? – Alan...Just… go around it. – Loretta

  • I’m like a blood Jamba Juice! – Alan

  • Don’t flex! – Alan, That’s my hoo hoo. – Loretta

  • It’s Latin. It means “its sweeter after difficulty.” – Loretta

  • I touched your engorged sacks. – Loretta

  • I’m going to ask you something- tell me the truth. Have you ever murdered anyone before? – Beth

  • How could I be embarressed by something that makes so many people happy? – Alan

  • How do they keep finding us? – Loretta, You’re like a walking disco ball! – Alan movie quotes from The Lost City

  • Please mansplain sexism to me. -Alan, I’m a woman, I can’t mansplain.- Loretta, Um, I’m a feminist. And I believe a woman can do anything a man can do. – Alan

  • This is so much better than your books. – Alan

  • I always thought, why can’t your personal tank have a mini bar? – Fairfax

  • If we don’t hear from you, Fabio’s going to die. – Fairfax

  • I got your back, girl.

  • Can’t come out of the gate with the Throb. – Loretta movie quotes from The Lost City


1.Ryan Reynolds was originally sought after for the lead male role, marking this a reunion with Sandra Bullock after The Proposal (2009) but a deal couldn't be reached and Channing Tatum was cast.
2.The premise for this film is very similar to Romancing the Stone (1984).
3.Filmed in the Dominican Republic.
4.Brad Pitt's character of Jack Trainer is a nod to the film that this is a loose remake of 'Romancing the Stone' (1984). In that film the lead character was called Jack Colton and Mary Ellen Trainor, the wife of Robert Zemeckis (who directed it), has a small role. Mary Ellen died in 2015 aged 62 so 'Jack Trainer' is a nod to the original film.
5.As a Paramount Pictures movie, The Lost City is expected to debut on the Paramount Plus streaming service about 45 days after its release, just like the studio did with A Quiet Place 2, Jackass Forever and Scream (2022).
6.Although they played a couple, Sandra Bullock is 16 years older than Channing Tatum
7.Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum both had starring roles in two films that were theatrically released in the United States on the same day, June 28, 2013. For Bullock, it was The Heat (2013). For Tatum, it was White House Down (2013).
8.First film to used without the byline in the Paramount Pictures logo, and the first film under the Paramount Global ownership. Paramount Pictures' parent company ViacomCBS was remained as Paramount Global on February 15, 2022.
9.After making a cameo in Brad Pitt's movie Bullet Train (2022), Sandra Bullock befriended Pitt and saw an opportunity for a fun casting, which led to Pitt accepting a cameo in this movie.


  • Budget

    $68–74 million

  • Box office collection

    $62.6 million

  • Satellites Rights

    Paramount Pictures

  • Production Details

    Fortis Films, 3dot Productions, Exhibit A

  • Official Site

    Twitter Facebook

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The Lost City FAQ's

The release date of The Lost City is Mar 24, 2022.
The Lost City scores a 6.08 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a good movie to watch.
Crash, Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner, Speed, Crash, The Prince of Egypt, The Unforgiveable, Infamous, Aningaaq, Demolition Man, The Proposal, Gravity and Bullet Train are the popular movies of Sandra Bullock.
The Lost City of D and Band of Robbers are the popular movies of Adam Nee.
The star cast of The Lost City are : Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Brad Pitt.
The Lost City is directed by Adam Nee and Aaron Nee.
You can watch The Lost City online on Netflix and Prime Video.
This movie is available in English language.
This movie is available in Comedy, Action, Romance, Other and Adventure genres.

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