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Secret Superstar

Bollywood | Drama | Dance & Music

Hindi | 2 hr 29 min | Release Date Oct 17, 2017

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About Secret Superstar

Insia Malik dreams of becoming a singer, but the nearly violent conditions at her home and her father’s dismissal of such a career prevents her from being one. Her mother Najma is persistent though; she sells off her jewels to bring a laptop that Insia uses to upload a single under the alias ‘Secret Superstar,’ and under the cover of a niqab. Her video goes viral and she catches the attention of Shakti Kumar, a music director from Mumbai, who invites her to the city to start a career professionally. In this while, Chintu Parekh confesses that he likes Insia and she acknowledges and reciprocates his feelings, just as Farookh finds out the truth behind the laptop and the lost jewels, who turns violent on Najma. Insia throws off the laptop in rage and decides to contact Shakti Kumar after distrusting him at first and later contacts his ex-wife’s lawyer to prepare divorce papers for Najma that Insia keeps. 
With Chintan’s help, Insia escapes to the city and begins her journey. It takes off even more when she sings the original song instead of its remix for Shakti’s team, which yet again moves the world. She is nominated for Best Female Singer. In this time, Insia also tries to persuade her mother to sign the papers, which Najma strongly condemns. Insia learns her mother’s perspective and her struggle and decides to forgive her despite. 
Things turn sour when her father is offered a job in Riyadh, and he forces the family to move with him. Insia is distraught and incredulous that her mother had known this all along. She bids farewell to Chintan, and at the airport has to dump her guitar because Farookh believes it as extra weight. He turns against Najma, who is now tired of all the pain she’s carried and finally stands up for herself. She signs the divorce papers, leaves Farookh aghast and angry, and asks Insia to contact Kumar to attend the award show. 
Secret Superstar doesn’t win, but the winner offers up the award to Insia, who is revealed as the face behind the YouTube channel. Insia accepts it with wide eyes and dedicates the award to Najma, the true reason for Insia’s birth and progress. 


Secret Superstar was released on Oct 17, 2017 and was directed by Advait Chandan .This movie is 2 hr 29 min in duration and is available in Hindi language. Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Raj Arjun and Aamir Khan are playing as the star cast in this movie. You can watch the movie online on Netflix, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Secret Superstar scores a 7.8 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant movie to watch in the Bollywood, Drama and Dance & Music genres.

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Secret Superstar FAQ's

The release date of Secret Superstar is Oct 17, 2017.

The star cast of Secret Superstar are : Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Raj Arjun and Aamir Khan.

Secret Superstar is directed by Advait Chandan.

You can watch Secret Superstar online on Netflix.

This movie is available in Hindi language.

This movie is available in Bollywood, Drama and Dance & Music genres.

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