Bachelor Movie (2021)

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Tamil | 2 hr 55 min | Release Date Dec 02, 2021

6.0 Digit Binge Rating

Bachelor : Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Songs

About Bachelor

Bachelor Storyline

The protagonist of the movie Bachelor is ‘Darling’ a deeply flawed guy who is careless and selfish and doesn’t care what others think ...Read More

of him. The movie portrays him as an aimless youngster from Coimbatore, who is working in an IT firm in Bangalore, and staying with his friends. He is enjoying the freedom of earning his own money for the first time, and living all by himself free from the restrictions that living with one's family brings. The only thing he is concerned about is partying, drinking, and maybe getting a girlfriend. 

He meets Subbu, who is a friend of a friend who is working in his office. Darling sees Subhu as a prospective girlfriend, he starts following her around and worms his way into sharing her flat. She is shown initially as wise to his ways, but can’t help falling for him. They soon end up in a live-in relationship. The storyline takes a turn when Subbu becomes pregnant and wants to keep the baby, however, Darling is not ready for the responsibility and insists she gets an abortion. The movie is an engaging watch that highlights the modern-day lifestyle and choices of millennials. 

Bachelor was released on Dec 03, 2021 and was directed by Sathish Selvakumar .This movie is 2 hr 55 min in duration and is available in Tamil language. G.V. Prakash Kumar, Divyabharathi, Nakkalites Arun Kumar, Munishkanth and Bagavathi Perumal are playing as the star cast in this movie. Bachelor scores a 7.5 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant movie to watch in the Drama genre

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Bachelor All Songs List

01. L Life of Bachelor

A H Kaashif, Navakkarai Naveen Prabanjam, Asal Kolaar

2: 34
02. P Pachigalam Paravaigalam

G. V. Prakash, Navakkarai Naveen Prabanjam

3: 33
03. A Adiye

Dhibu Ninan Thomas, Kapil Kapilan

4: 32
04. K Kavan

Navakkarai Naveen Prabanjam

1: 32
05. K Kaadhal Kanmani

G. V. Prakash, Swagatha S Krishnan

4: 52
06. M Mauj Ki Malhare

Sadhu Sushil Tiwari, Superwoman, Chaittali Shrivasttava

5: 15
07. T The Newly Weds

Patrick Doyle

1: 31
08. S She's Back

Patrick Doyle

2: 04
09. A A Single Bullet

Patrick Doyle

1: 38
10. I Immortal Longings

Patrick Doyle

1: 11
11. A Abu Simbel

Patrick Doyle

3: 07
12. C Come with Me

Patrick Doyle

3: 28
13. S Suspects

Patrick Doyle

2: 00
14. O One Last Cork

Patrick Doyle

2: 27
15. G Goodnight Jacks

Patrick Doyle

3: 40
16. A Alibi

Patrick Doyle

2: 24
17. S Someone Is Dead

Patrick Doyle

1: 37
18. I Inheritance

Patrick Doyle

2: 49
19. Y You Killed Them

Patrick Doyle

3: 39
20. L Let Poirot Work

Patrick Doyle

1: 04
21. O One Final Interview

Patrick Doyle

3: 13
22. W Was Someone Hurt?

Patrick Doyle

3: 03
23. I I Wasn't Thinking

Patrick Doyle

4: 53
24. I I Needed Him

Patrick Doyle

2: 39
25. P Perhaps

Patrick Doyle

3: 16
26. T The Cost of Love

Patrick Doyle

2: 14
27. D Death on the Nile

Patrick Doyle

4: 55
28. W We Go Way Back

Jackson Wells, Nicholas Gofas, Ava Cobb, Alex Osman

0: 0
29. C Credit Where Credit's Due

Jackson Wells

2: 24
30. Y Your Daddy Has Returned

Jackson Wells

1: 34
31. S Super Straight

Jackson Wells

2: 44
32. B BleepBleepBloopBloop.mp3

Jackson Wells

2: 32
33. M Melissa's Theme - Grustle Edition

Jackson Wells

2: 32
34. M Max's Milk

Jackson Wells

1: 14
35. A Andy's Announcement

Jackson Wells

0: 0
36. D Dropped Like Gwen

Jackson Wells

2: 26
37. C Crash and Burn and Die a Horrible Death and Stuff

Jackson Wells

1: 26
38. I I Have Lots of Sex

Jackson Wells

3: 26
39. D Dope A$$ Song

Jackson Wells, Nicolas Haub, Rafe Brady

1: 24
40. B Battle Pass

Jackson Wells, Giovanni Salsa, Derrick Woods, Ben Williams, Ayden Stallings

0: 0
41. M Max on Mic

Jackson Wells, Ayden Stallings, Nicholas Gofas

1: 02
42. W Weapon of Ass Destruction

Jackson Wells

3: 33
43. W We Took Turns

Jackson Wells

2: 37
44. N Not the Middle One

Jackson Wells

1: 48
45. H Here We Go

Jackson Wells

1: 23
46. W What Tension?

Jackson Wells

2: 08
47. I Inflatable Lobster

Jackson Wells

3: 03
48. W West

Jackson Wells, Alex Osman, Ava Cobb

0: 0
49. G Gallery of the Stoned

Jackson Wells

2: 36
50. T The Last Time

Jackson Wells

1: 49
51. S Something's Wrong...

Jackson Wells, Jantmor

2: 09
52. E End Credits Where Credit's Due

Jackson Wells

5: 16

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Popular Dialogues

  • Contact list lo enni vandhala perlunnay ani kadhu, Avasaram ainapudu mana emotions ni share, cheskodaniki manakantu okaru undali.

  • Meeru emannaru..? Kaapuraniki kavalsina yekaika eligibility sardhukupovadama…? Inkokati undi, “Romance” adhi asalaina eligibility.

  • Parathi okkallu premisthunna ani cheppe valle…,Kani entha mandi aa premanu chupisthunaru…?

  • Romance ante gadhiloki velli talupulu esesi padi nimishallo muginche pani kaadhu…’Romance ante premani chupinchadam.

  • Mogudu pakkana unnantha sepu, kotlu kavali antaru…,Sampadinchadaniki elthe nuvu pakkana lev antaru,kastha premini chupiyadam telisthe renditlo edi luxury ani telusthundi kada..!

  • Anni okari daggara dorakavu ani statements istharu, “okari daggara dorakakapothe, inka ekkada dorakadhu.”

  • Iddaru santhoshamga undali ani pelli chesukoni, okarini okaru badha pettukuntunnaru…,Aa badhani ela teechalo nearpinchakunda sardhukupo sardhukupo antunte, elago bathiki chavu annattundi.

  • Kaapuram patha padakunda fresh ga undalante,oka great romance kavali..!!

  • Tana body tanadi mathrame kadhu vachevadidi kuda ani amdamandhamga healthy ga unchadam lo entha romance undi..? Mogudu pakkana unnappudu kaburulu puduthune undali ani oka ammai korukodam lo entha romance undi..? ila aalochinchadam dirty aithe konchem dirty mind undali…!!

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