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About Apocalypto

Jaguar Paw and his companions of his tribe meet a group of refugees of war in the Mesoamerican forests, who seek their permission to pass through the woods. The next morning, their tribe is overrun by Zero Wolf’s raid and warriors who are torching houses and capturing people as slaves. Paw rushes his wife Seven and his son to a nearby pit with some rope, making arrangements so that the two evade capture. He returns to his tribe but finds many people dead. He is captured as the rest of the survivors. Paw eyes the pit as he is pushed forward, and one of the raiders cuts the rope to the pit out of suspicion.

Zero Wolf leads them to the Maya city, threatening death to Middle Eye when he attempts to kill one of the captives. The city is dead of crops, wealth, health, and a little diseased girl spoke of death to the civilization at the Maya practices. The men are herded in front of the Maya royalty, who order the captives to be prepared for sacrifice to please the Gods.

Two members are cut to death, and a solar eclipse saves Paw’s life. But he notices the look between the King and the priest and understands that this sacrifice is a political sham show. The raiders take the survivors to the woods and offer freedom if they are able to escape the raiders’ arrows. Paw suffers an injury but manages to escape, and vows to kill his raiders—which he does in time, along with other natural hazards.

He accidentally kills a leader’s son and thus keeps pace in being chased. His pursuers and Paw reach the beach where they spot Spanish conquistadors. Paw makes his escape as the raiders stay frozen in terror at the new invaders. He seeks out his family, who are on the verge of near death but finds and saves them.

Paw embraces his youngest newborn son and watches the Spanish ships over the water with his wife. They don’t approach them and instead move further into the woods to make a new beginning.

Apocalypto was released on Dec 07, 2006 and was directed by Mel Gibson .This movie is 2 hr 12 min in duration and is available in English language. Gerardo Taracena, Raoul Max Trujillo, Dalia Hernández and Rudy Youngblood are playing as the star cast in this movie. You can watch the movie online on Prime Video, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Apocalypto scores a 7.8 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant movie to watch in the Action, Drama and Adventure genres.


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Popular Dialogues

  • 1.I am Flint Sky. I have hunted this forest from the day I came of age. My father hunted this forest with me and before me. ...

  • 2.I'm sorry. The balls are useless.

  • 3.You fear me? So you should. All you who are vile. ...

  • 4.I am Jaguar Paw. This is my forest.

Movie Awards and Nomination

  • Academy Awards, USA (2007)
  • Oscar [Nominee] Best Achievement in Makeup: Aldo Signoretti,Vittorio Sodano
  • Oscar [Nominee] Best Achievement in Sound Mixing: Kevin O'Connell,Greg P. Russell,Fernando Cámara
  • Oscar [Nominee] Best Achievement in Sound Editing: Sean McCormack,Kami Asgar
  • BAFTA Awards (2007)
  • BAFTA Film Award [Nominee] Best Film not in the English Language: Mel Gibson
  • Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (2007)
  • Saturn Award [Nominee] Best International Film
  • Saturn Award [Nominee] Best Director: Mel Gibson
  • American Society of Cinematographers, USA (2007)
  • ASC Award [Nominee] Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases: Dean Semler
  • Awards Circuit Community Awards (2006)
  • ACCA [Nominee] Best Foreign Language Film
  • Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards (2007)
  • Critics Choice Award [Nominee] Best Foreign Language Film
  • Capri, Hollywood (2007)
  • Capri Italian Worldwide Award [Winner] Aldo Signoretti,Vittorio Sodano
  • Central Ohio Film Critics Association (2007)
  • COFCA Award [Winner] Best Cinematography: Dean Semler
  • Chicago Film Critics Association Awards (2006)
  • CFCA Award [Nominee] Best Foreign Language Film
  • Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain (2008)
  • CEC Award [Nominee] Best Foreign Film (Mejor Película Extranjera)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards (2006)
  • DFWFCA Award [Winner] Best Cinematography: Dean Semler
  • DFWFCA Award [Nominee] Best Foreign Language Film
  • Golden Eagle Awards, Russia (2008)
  • Golden Eagle [Nominee] Best Foreign Film: Mel Gibson
  • Golden Globes, USA (2007)
  • Golden Globe [Nominee] Best Foreign Language Film
  • Imagen Foundation Awards (2007)
  • Imagen Award [Winner] Best Supporting Actor - Film: Gerardo Taracena
  • Imagen Award [Winner] Best Supporting Actress - Film: Dalia Hernández
  • Imagen Award [Nominee] Best Picture
  • International Online Cinema Awards (INOCA) (2007)
  • INOCA [Nominee] Best Makeup and Hairstyling
  • INOCA [Nominee] Best Non-English Language Film: Mel Gibson
  • London Critics Circle Film Awards (2007)
  • ALFS Award [Nominee] Foreign Language Film of the Year
  • Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA (2007)
  • Golden Reel Award [Winner] Best Sound Editing for Music in a Feature Film: Dick Bernstein,Jim Henrikson
  • Golden Reel Award [Nominee] Best Sound Editing in a Feature Film: Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement: Sean McCormack,Kami Asgar,Scott G.G. Haller,Jessica Gallavan,Lisa J. Levine,Linda Folk
  • North Texas Film Critics Association, US (2007)
  • NTFCA Award [Winner] Best Cinematography: Dean Semler
  • Online Film Critics Society Awards (2007)
  • OFCS Award [Nominee] Best Cinematography: Dean Semler
  • Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards (2006)
  • PFCS Award [Winner] Best Cinematography: Dean Semler
  • Premio Berenice (2007)
  • La Chioma di Berenice [Winner] Best Makeup in Film: Aldo Signoretti,Vittorio Sodano
  • Satellite Awards (2006)
  • Satellite Award [Nominee] Best Motion Picture, Foreign Language
  • St. Louis Film Critics Association, US (2006)
  • SLFCA Award [Nominee] Best Foreign Language Film
  • Utah Film Critics Association Awards (2006)
  • UFCA Award [Nominee] Best Non-English Language Film


1. While filming a 170-ft. waterfall for Jaguar Paw's jump scene, a real cow that was trying to cross upstream went over the falls. It emerged at the bottom alive and dazed, banging along rocks near the bank. Mel Gibson and crew were certain the cow was done for. After a local man swam into the river and calmed the cow, it climbed up on the bank and began eating grass as if nothing had happened.
2. Many substantial speaking roles were filled by Mayan people who had never acted before. Sick Girl, who curses the hunting party as they and the captives pass right before entering the city, was played by a seven-year-old who lived in a dirt-floored hut in a village similar to Jaguar Paw.
3. Mel Gibson claimed that Rudy Youngblood was genuinely running from the jaguar, which was only kept from reaching him by a tether. Gibson added, "You can't train a jaguar."
4. During filming, severe flooding in Southern Mexico displaced at least 1 million people. The crew helped with flood relief.
5. The white powder being mined and processed is lime, which is used for building. It is dangerous if inhaled, causing irritation and inflammation. The workers who are covered in the lime dust have a brief life expectancy, as can be seen by the worker who is coughing up blood. The substance is caustic enough that it is used to accelerate the decomposition of corpses.
6. The teaser trailer for the movie has an almost entirely different cast than the one that ends up in the film.
7. (at around 35 mins) As a teenager, Mel Gibson was once called "almost" by an older boy, a deep insult. That inspired the line in which a headhunter calls Jaguar Paw "almost."
8. Mel Gibson turned down the lead role in World Trade Center (2006) to direct this film.
9. Special care was taken to protect the digital cameras from the unpredictable Mexican rainforest climate. They were covered with space blankets to reflect the extreme heat. The temperature was closely monitored via thermometers added to the cameras. For shooting at a waterfall, the cameras were put in specially-built Hydroflex splash bags designed by Pete Romano.
  • Budget

    4 Crores

  • Box office collection

    894 Crores

  • Filming Location

    Las Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico

  • Production Details

    Icon Productions,Mayan Ruins,Touchstone Pictures

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Apocalypto FAQ's

The release date of Apocalypto is Dec 08, 2006.

Apocalypto scores a 7.84 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant movie to watch.

Sound of Freedom, The Mexican, Come Out and Play, Get the Gringo and Presencias are the popular movies of Gerardo Taracena.

Hacksaw Ridge and The Passion of the Christ are the popular movies of Mel Gibson.

The star cast of Apocalypto are : Gerardo Taracena, Raoul Max Trujillo, Espiridion Acosta Cache, Iazua Larios, Bernardo Ruiz, Antonio Monroy, Jonathan Brewer, Dalia Hernández, María Isabel Díaz Lago, Rudy Youngblood, Maria Isidra Hoil, Morris Birdyellowhead, Ricardo Diaz Mendoza, Israel Contreras, Richard Can, Mayra Serbulo, Amilcar Ramirez, Lorena Heranandez, Fernando Hernandez, Carlos Emilio Baez, Itandehui Gutierrez, Rodolfo Palacios, Sayuri Gutierrez, Hiram Soto, Antonio Monroi, Israel Rios, José Suárez, Ariel Galvan, Carlos Ramos, Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza, Marco Antonio Argueta, Javier Escobar, Aquetzali García, Abel Woolrich, Nicolás Jasso, Ronaldo Eknal, Miriam Tun, Rafael Velez, Diana Botello and Joaquin Rendon.

Apocalypto is directed by Mel Gibson.

You can watch Apocalypto online on Prime Video.

This movie is available in English language.

This movie is available in Action, Drama, Historical, Adventure and Suspense and Thriller genres.


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