Best Mini LED TVs to buy in India

Updated on 20-Jun-2024

Mini LED TV technology has greatly enhanced the quality of LCD TVs. While mini LEDs in the backlight have traditionally been confined to the premium TV segment, we are now seeing mid-range options surface in India. If you are considering buying a mini LED TV in India, we will list some of the best options available and also discuss details that will help you make an informed choice. Let’s start with the basics.

What are mini LED TVs? How are they different from micro LED TVs?

Mini LED is a type of backlight technology for LED LCD TVs. LCD-based TVs rely on a backlight to produce light, as they are not self-emissive. This means that instead of emitting light themselves, LCD panels pass on the light generated by a backlight located behind the screen. In the mini-LED TV backlight, clusters of tiny LEDs are positioned directly behind the LCD substrate ( and not on the edges). These mini LEDs are typically grouped into numerous local dimming zones, allowing for more precise control over brightness and contrast as compared to edge-lit or even some FALD LED LCD TVs. 

In comparison, OLED and micro-LED technology are self-emissive and don’t integrate backlight or LCD substrate. This means each sub-pixel can fire its light or turn off completely, resulting in excellent contrast. 

Mini LED technology is almost always coupled with QLED for refining colours from the backlight and achieving a wider colour gamut. You can get mini LED TVs with VA LCD and IPS LCD panels from popular brands.  

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Are Mini LED TVs the same as TVs with Full Array Local Dimming (FALD)?

While all mini LED TVs have full array local dimming (FALD), all TVs with FALD are not mini LED TVs. A FALD TV also has an array of backlight LEDs positioned directly behind the LCD. However, mini LEDs are much smaller, allowing for more dimming zones and more precise backlight control. 

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Advantages of Mini LED TVs

Mini LED TVs can get brighter than OLED displays, resulting in impactful HDR highlights in properly lit environments like living rooms. They can deliver higher luminance for the full screen rather than just a portion of it (like OLED TVs). This is also one of the reasons why Sony is opting for Mini LED as flagship technology for its TVs instead of OLEDs starting in 2024.  

Since there is no risk of burn-in as in OLED displays, mini LED TVs don’t need protective dimming mechanisms. This means your display will not gradually go dimmer if you have been watching bright scenes for 10-20 minutes.  

Mini LED TVs offer better contrast and precise backlight control as compared to all other popular LED LCD TV technologies. 

Mini LED TVs are available at more accessible price points as compared to OLED and QD-OLED displays, especially when it comes to large panel sizes above 65-inch. 

Disadvantages of Mini LED TVs

OLED TVs still offer pixel-level dimming and better contrast. This is also why OLED displays are still favoured by enthusiasts who prefer a dark viewing environment. 

The effectiveness of mini LED TVs depends on the efficiency of their local dimming functionality. Improper implementation of this feature could lead to artefacts such as blooming or clipping of shadow details.

Local dimming performance depends on multiple factors including the number of dimming zones, a processor that splits the input signal between the display and backlight, the LED driver IC and the quality of LEDs. The most important factor is however the local dimming algorithm of the brand. A proper algorithm makes the right compromise between suppressing blooming and shadow details while avoiding visible fluctuations in backlight. 

Best Mini LED TVs to buy in India

Now, let’s talk about some of the best Mini LED TVs that you can buy in India. 

Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN85D

Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN85D is the affordable 2024 mini LED TV from Samsung that comes with some AI-powered features for upscaling, HDR remastering and more. During our testing, we noticed that the TV suppresses blooming artefacts well and does a great job of handling dark HDR scenes. Bright HDR scenes were also quite impactful. Samsung adds a colour-accurate Filmmaker mode for purists. This TV offers a decent set of connectivity options and impressive audio from its 40W speakers. There are quite a few features for gamers like HGiG mode, Freesync Premium Pro, Motion Xcelerator, and more. On the downside, Samsung TVs don’t support Dolby Vision HDR which is now quite popular across streaming apps.

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Samsung Neo QLED QN90C 4K Smart TV

Samsung has an extensive portfolio of mini LED TVs in its Neo QLED series. Just look for options with Quantum Matrix Technology. The Samsung Neo QLED QN90C is not the flagship model (that would be QN95C) but it is a high-performance TV that offers great picture quality at a relatively low price. You can also consider older-generation options like Neo QLED QN85B which are now available at discounted prices.  

Samsung Neo QLED QN90C is powered by Neural Quantum Processor 4K and supports a 120Hz refresh rate. Samsung is still adamant about not supporting Dolby Vision, but you do get HDR10 and HD10+ support. There is also Dolby Atmos audio with top-channel speakers for an immersive experience.

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LG QNED 90T is a premium mini LED TV that is powered by α8 AI Processor 4K with support for 120Hz refresh rate, VRR, and all popular HDR formats. LG’s QNED technology combines QLED film and Nanocell film in front of its mini LED backlight to enhance colours. The TV has 40W audio and LG also launched a companion soundbar to compliment the TV. LG also has a WebOS renew program for the interface where it will pass on major interface refreshes to its consumers over the next five years.

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TCL C755 combines Quantum Dots enhancements with a mini LED backlight for a very attractive price. The TV comes with over 500 Local Dimming Zones (for the 65-inch model) and supports all popular HDR formats. The panel supports a 144Hz refresh rate and TCL’s game accelerator can further boost it to 240Hz. Other gaming features include HDMI 2.1 connectivity with ALLM and FreeSync Premium Pro VRR. 

TCL claims 1300 nits of HDR brightness and support for Dolby Vision and other popular HDR formats. The AiPQ 3.0 processor powering all the image processing on the TV is backed by ample 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. 

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TCL C825 mini LED TV

The TCL C825 is an affordable mini LED TV that you can buy in India. It has QLED technology for a wide colour gamut, supports a 120Hz refresh rate for seamless visuals, and integrates a 50W soundbar for an immersive audio experience. It supports all popular HDR formats including Dolby Vision IQ but the peak brightness is limited to 500 nits. For gamers, there is HDMI 2.1 connectivity with ALLM and eARC, VRR, FreeSync support and Wi-Fi6. 

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Hisense U7K

Hisense U7K is another aggressively priced mini LED TV with 384 Full Array Local Dimming Zones and support for 240Hz refresh rate. Apart from a high refresh rate display, the TV also offers support for FreeSync VRR and ALLM VRR to enhance the gaming experience.  On the connectivity front, it offers two HDMI 2.1 and two HDMI 2.0 ports, with HDMI 3 supporting eARC, along with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. The TV supports Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ and HDR10 and has a powerful 49 Watts audio output from the 2.1 channel speaker system featuring a subwoofer.

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Toshiba QLED TV 55M650MP

This 4K mini LED TV offers a 4K UHD 60 Hertz display with 120 local dimming zones and Quantum Dot Color technology for wide colour gamut support. The display reaches 600 nits of peak brightness and supports Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HDR10. Audio features include 49 Watts output, 2.1 channels with REGZA Bass Woofer, and REGZA ZR 360 Surround Upscaling Dolby Atmos. 

The TV runs VIDAA OS which in our experience feels quite limited, so you will have to rely on streaming dongles to upgrade the software experience. Connectivity options include 3 HDMI ports, eARC, CEC, 2 USB ports, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and a 3.5mm earphone jack. 

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Mini LED TVs from Sony and LG

Sony and LG have also launched mini LED TVs in India, available in large panel sizes that you can purchase from retail stores. Sony’s offerings, the Bravia X95L and Bravia X95K are available in India in large 85-inch sizes but come with exorbitant prices.

LG also provides mini LED TVs in its QNED range but most of these have 75-inch or larger displays and are not readily available online. In 2024, LG also added a 65-inch QNED 90/90T mini LED option to its India portfolio which we have updated in the list. These include the LG QNED86 and LG QNED99, which are also quite expensive.

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